Communist Chinese Influence

by Al Benson Jr.

Red China influences our “news” media. They influence our universities. They influence our communications.

Red China seeks to create a system where our economic systems are reliant on them. When they do that, they control us. They pressured the World “Health” Organization to sit on info about their virus–not that they had to work real hard to do that. No doubt the WHO was more than willing. There was an article in the May 4th issue of the New American magazine entitled The WHO is communist. Very informative article, it gave back ground on the last two heads of the WHO, both of whom are Marxists.

Red China knew back last October that something was amiss concerning this virus,  yet they sat on this info and made double sure nothing about it got out. China has also been accused of cyber-hacking in an attempt to steal our research on cures for their virus.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Tony Fauci, one of Trump’s leading health advisors, is a big fan of Tedros and the WHO. Talk about a fox in the henhouse! Fauci seems to portray himself as totally apolitical, yet you have to wonder–as he goes out of his way to apologize for Tedros and the WHO–is he really that naïve, or is something else at work here–such as getting Trump to restart our huge funding for WHO?

PBS and some other US companies are now taking their cues from Red China–(see Chris Fenton’s Feeding the Dragon. They are little more than apologists for the Red Chinese. I wonder how long their companies will continue to exist is Red China gains world domination.

The Democratic Party in this country is notoriously pro-Chinese Communist. They would rather side with the Chinese Communist Party than with patriotic Americans.

In what almost has to be farcial, Red China has pledged $2 billion to “fight” the virus they are responsible for unleashing on the world. For what they have cost our country alone, $2 billion ain’t even chicken feed!!! This is nothing more than a Chinese Communist propaganda ploy designed to fool the naïve, because no one but them is stupid enough to buy it. However, their stool pigeons in our “news” media will buy it and run with it–showing all and sundry whose side they are really on.

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