It’s Now “Racist” To Tell The Truth

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, you needed to know that it wouldn’t be long in coming.

That darling of the radical Left, Kamala Harris, has introduced a bill into the Senate that would make it a crime to label the Chinese virus we have all been subjected to as the “Wuhan Virus.” Such labeling would automatically be deemed “racist”  while I supposed if we called it the “Trump Virus” that would be perfectly fine.

Does Comrade Harris realize how she is trying to infringer on our First Amendment rights? I’m sure she does and frankly I am also sure she doesn’t give a damn. That she is trying to exonerate her Chinese Communist comrades should be blatantly obvious and it would appear that she’s okay with that. It will make her comrades in this country and China happy and it should also show any discerning person just exactly where Comrade Harris’ loyalties really lie.

Whether her racist resolution passes or not, as far as I am concerned this will always be the Chinese virus–and if she doesn’t like that, then she can stuff it!

It has also been documented by some patriotic commentators that professors at several American universities are actually on the Chinese Communist payroll. I guess, in some quarters, you could say that there is value in a college education–but value for who? Certainly not for most American students!

Universities that employ professors whose first loyalty is to Communist China need to be exposed and those professors in them whose first loyalty is to the Chinese Communist Party need to be shipped out of this country and back to the Communist country where their true loyalties lie. They are the ultimate last thing we need here trying to subvert the loyalties of our young folks.

Our leftist problem in universities is not a new thing. I wrote about it five decades ago, as have lots of other folks. Most folks just ignored what we said. That’s getting harder to do nowadays. Maybe the people that just choose to ignore this truth deserve the young Marxists they will inherit down the road unless they wake up and start being really selective as to where they send their kids to college.

I suppose that next it will be deemed “racist” to expose Communists teaching at our universities. Stay tuned!

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