Whose Side is Fox News On?

by Al Benson Jr.

Martha McCallum on Fox News recently interviewed Richard Haas of the Council on Foreign Relations. While Haas was forced to admit that Red China’s behavior regarding the virus it loosed on the world was pretty egregious, he nonetheless stopped way, way short of advocating that we stop dealing with them.

Our stopping any dealings with Red China would put a big dent in the globalist agenda the CFR has as its main project and so Haas said that we must now look for “new international organizations” that will assist us in dealing with Red China. That’s a pile of bovine fertilizer.

So why is a commentator on Fox News interviewing the head of the CFR? Fox News shouldn’t be having anything to do with the CFR.

In spite of having a handful of good, patriotic commentators on, such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, you have to start to wonder just whose side Fox News is really on.

5 thoughts on “Whose Side is Fox News On?

  1. Pretty sad that all the ‘news’ has to pick sides. A bunch of partisan propagandists masquerading as journalists. The REAL unbiased reporters who exemplify what journalism is supposed to be you can count on one hand.

  2. It’s good to see you back up and swinging . Fox has gone down hill, way down the hill, in the last few years. Tucker Carlson’s show is the best they have , some of the other shows I just can’t handle . I think all of the fake news sites have done a pretty good job of striking fear in the public with their coverage of the virus. I also think there will be a loss of Democratic voters this fall over all of the restrictions Dem. politicians have imposed , that is my hope .
    Take care of yourself.

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