“Enjoy Americana Now–Made in China”

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, after another 21 days in the hospital I am home again-for who knows how long. The doctor says this time it’s all taken care of. You’ll forgive me if I don’t quite trust his word. He’s only been wrong the previous three times so why should I believe his this time?

But I took lots of notes while in there and I will try to pass some of it along before my next stay in there.

As more and more about this Red Chinese virus comes out it becomes more and more apparent  that Red China had full knowledge of what the effect of their virus would be. The Chinese Communist government forbid Chinese from flying to other parts of China from Wuhan but they freely allowed them to fly all over the rest of the world. That fact alone should tell you something. They wanted to make damn sure they shared their killer virus with the rest of us. This is known as Communist generosity!

Now the Red Chinese are using the same old Soviet Communist party line of trying to blame America for the spread of the virus. How typical this is! It is classic cultural Marxism–blame others for what you yourself are doing.

I watched one Fox News commentator who said that China’s current practices might signal the end of globalism. Lord hasten that day!!!

Red China knew how deadly this virus was in early December, and yet they concealed that Some of their own doctors tried to get that info out and the Communist government “persuaded” them, physically and otherwise, to “forget” to pass that info along. Communist China did not want Corona Virus info to reach the rest of the world. Why?  So China could jockey itself into the most important political situation worldwide. The Chinese Reds plan to rule the world–just like the Soviet Reds did.

The intelligence services of 5 countries (5 eyes) have released a 15 page report detailing how very much aware Red China was early on about the potential destruction of this virus.

Folks, don’t kid yourselves about how “accidental” the release of this virus was. It wasn’t!

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