What Does the Term “Progressive” Mean?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Another reflection from when I was still in hospital.

Well, Comrade Obama finally endorsed Sleepy Joe Biden for president. Better late than never I guess. He said Biden was the most “progressive candidate.”  Let us not kid ourselves, or anyone else. The term Progressive means socialist–and in todays stifling political climate, socialist means communist.

Let us also no kid ourselves that Joe Biden will really be the president. Oh, he may hold the office but you have to know he won’t be calling the shots. Often Biden can barely string two sentences together without a major gaffe. Even the CNN propagandists have looked askance at some of what he has said. Can anyone in his right mind believe Biden will be the real president?

Hardly! He will be little more than a figurehead. Others behind the scenes will put their words in his mouth and hope they come back out making some sort of socialist sense. Make no mistake. Someone behind the curtain will move their Marxist agenda, hopefully using Biden as the front man.

This is how the game will be played. If he gets to the point where all he can do is babble, then “his” agenda will be presented to the public in written form or presented by some mouthpiece pretending to speak for him, but really speaking for those leftist forces that use Biden as their figurehead president.

It will be pure political theater, folks, but beware of, and be ready to oppose the far-left schemes that will be presented through it. I wonder, at this point, who Biden will be told to name as his vice-president. That may have a lot to do with how this game is played.

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