Socialism Dehumanizes People

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Years ago, when we lived in West Virginia, I can recall hearing a conversation between two people, one of which was a socialist, though he would not have recognized that fact. One of his comments during the conversation was that he thought “everyone should make (earn) the same” amount of money. The other person tried to explain to him that “it doesn’t work that way.” I doubt if the erstwhile socialist grasped that, but it’s true. You can’t expect a doctor or a teacher to work for the same wages as a custodial engineer (janitor), yet that was what the socialist expected and it really bothered him that others made more money than he did.

This is one of the problems of socialism. Socialism does not raise people up. Rather is suppresses them under the false guise of raising them up. And the people that promote it, like Bernie Sanders, realize that. Bernie is a millionaire, which means that he has no plans to ever live under the dictates of the system he promotes. He, as part of the ruling elite, is above all that. So don’t expect him to practice what he preaches to you.

There were a couple interesting articles by Michael S. Rozeff on this week, one on 1/26 and the other on 1/27. Mr. Rozeff noted: “The socialist teaching is familiar because America has already gone down that road ever since the New Deal of the 1930s and even before.” Mr. Rozeff is especially right about the “even before” part. The truth is we have had varying degrees of socialism in this country going back to the founding of the Republican Party in the early 1850s and then throughout the War of Northern Aggression, where Mr. Lincoln employed the use of socialist and communist generals to wage his war of aggression against the lawfully seceded Southern states. Lincoln was a centralizer and the socialists of his day loved him for that. So socialism and its pernicious influence has been around in this country for awhile.

Mr. Rozeff goes on to explain the rationale of socialism. He says “The socialist program is sold under the heading of justice or social justice. The socialist enterprise has a charitable ring to it, a do-good ring to it. How can anyone be against helping others, the less fortunate, as Christian morality asks?  Socialism sounds Christian and it feeds off the charitable impulse and Christian teaching, or parts of it. Yet socialism is godless. It pretends to aim for the dignity of every person, through supplying a minimum standard of living for everyone. But where is the bounty to come from that’s being distributed to all? It must come from those who produce it. Socialism forces producers to give up goods. Socialism is not a voluntary endeavor, and that alone makes it the antithesis of a Christian charity.

I recall, years ago now, a Christian pastor I knew who had an understanding of what socialism really was, made the statement: “If you decide to do something on your own to help someone, that is Christian charity. If the government forces you to do it, then it is communism.” I can’t argue with his rationale.

Rozeff states: “Theft occurs against someone’s will; no one volunteers to be robbed. Hence, there is no way for one group of people to authorize theft against another group and make it right. Socialism claims that such theft is right, or, more accurately, altogether ignores that theft is its philosophy and acts as if it’s right to take goods away from some people and give them to others. In contrast, Christian teaching does not approve of theft…” Therefore, Christian teaching cannot approve of socialism.

Rozeff then noted what should be obvious. He said “Socialism consciously dehumanizes in its quest for equality. It’s proud of it and advertises it as a great virtue and plus for socialism. The human being is reduced to a number and a real ID. Everyone is forced to conform to the same systems, like single-payer Medicare for All. Socialist propaganda hides their anti-humanity behind such slogans as equality and social justice. These are for the gullible…The ruling socialists are entirely uninterested in the individual person and the freedom of that person. They are entirely anti-spiritual and godless…Although promising otherwise, socialism actually aims to dehumanize the human being.” I doubt if anyone could have said it any better. In an earlier article I said that socialism was evil. Mr. Rozeff’s commentary more than bears out my earlier contention. Christians that support socialism have got a real problem, and, because of those that do, the church has a real problem.

5 thoughts on “Socialism Dehumanizes People


    And folks, here’s my direct experience, after a bullet fired by a soldier sitting atop a tank was removed from my arm, with the Utopian paradise socialism has created:

    Today, note the contrast, after capitalism has taken over, this is the former socialist paradise:


    2. See it! >>>


    Lastly, for clarification, Christian morality directly descends from Jewish morality.
    Whereas the Christian says Do unto others as you would have others do onto you; the Jews say, Do not do to others what you don’t want others to do onto you.
    Whereas the Christian commands An eye for an eye; the Jewish sages clarified it to mean do not take a life for an eye. That punishment must fit the nature of the crime – no more, no less.

    Greetings to all American Patriots from a very Christian foreign country that loves America so much that Ronald Reagan has, next to the nation’s parliament, the most prominent spot.

    It is a nation 100% allied with America, arguably one of two nations, the other being Israel.
    In fact Israel is alone in the entire mid Asian continent that defends Christianity and gives shelter to refugees.

    Socialism is worse than godless. It is a mental disorder you can see with your own eyes right above.

  2. Something very interesting I have grown to recognize more and more. Often, when people have an idea they know others won’t accept, they take great pains in how they “package” their ideas, pointing to this and that. But they never follow the rabbit all the way down the trail. They move from this information to that, flitting here and there (To some degree, they know their audience.). They might quote famous people, point to successes in other countries (which really are not), and attach meaning from cause and effects which aren’t really causes and effects. **But I’ve noticed something else, and this took many years to realize. When someone (anyone) talks, I look in their eyes. I watch their facial/body language. I listen to their words: carefully. And in them, I know when the other is honest and from the heart, misled, or purposefully disguising a concept for their own purposes, whether it’s to be seen “in the know,” “lead discussions,” or actually promote an ideology which the rabbit never travelled. I never trust the pure intellectual. Understanding is the key. And someone dependent upon a system will not speak against that system so long as it works for them. But that’s not what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to seek long-term solutions which is in the constitution.
    Socialism cannot work and never has. But there must be a reason why some people like the idea. Either they’ve never lived in a socialist country, have had others rearrange their reasoning processes (miseducation), react emotionally to things and as such are not able to think clearly, have allowed themselves to believe, or simply have an agenda which begs other questions.
    I’ll take this time to share a part of the rabbit trail. Let each reader think for themselves. Let’s say, in a good neighborhood, low on crime, there is a family (Mom, Dad, two brothers and two sisters, both parents working, but someone is always home when the children are done with school.). While Sandy, the twelve year old is running a small jewelry making business, Johnny starts a lawn-mowing business (I use this because that’s what I did.). So, he goes around the neighborhood, gaining more lawns. With time, and doing good work, he has many lawns to care. Eventually, a friend wants in. The friend wants a certain amount of money. But Johnnie explains that unless they make more profit, he can’t give much. But if they make more, then more money can be had. Of course, money always has to go back into the business, to pay for gas, broken lawn mower blades, tools, and more, repairs included. Of course, they might find a neighbor who can fix engines and such for less. But there’s more. The money they make is dependent upon the neighbors working and having money. And they cannot charge more than what customers are willing to pay from their hard-earned dollars.
    What I’ve just shared is a rabbit trail. You follow the lines of reason, understanding, and actual life. America is a land of freedom with responsibility. Yes, we do things to help others, but minimally is wiser. Don’t do for others what they can do for themselves. With things like medicine, there are reasons that cost is so high. It doesn’t need to be. It wasn’t always. And we can’t live by fear of “what ifs.” We can only live by what is and what works, always following the rabbit.
    For readers, I would strongly suggest reading the words of the founding fathers and the federalists. But don’t look for intellectual reasoning. Don’t look to be wise in your own eyes. Don’t look to be respected by others for your insights. Socrates never cared for adulation. He just followed the rabbit. He reasoned. And if something made sense, he examined it further.
    For a country to be successful, people have to be individuals thoughtful to family and friends. We can never allow others to do the thinking for us. We can never allow others to say they will care for us with other people’s money. To some degree, this is necessary. That’s why we have things like insurance. But we have to be careful how far a good idea is taken. It used to be, when someone in the neighborhood was going through a rough time, the neighbors helped. And this is good. But no one was looking for a free lunch. And this is a big difference.
    For those learning and on the fence, continue following the rabbit trail.

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