Red Ralph’s War Against The South

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

We have already seen how the gigantic pro-Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia has had, and will have, no bearing whatever on Red Ralph Northam’s plans to institute gun control/confiscation in Virginia. As I stated in a recent blog, Red Ralph would not care if 99.9 of the people in his state were diametrically opposed to gun control. He would seek to implement it anyway because gun control/confiscation is a major tenet of the socialist revolution he is seeking to impose on Virginia. That’s right, I said Socialist Revolution. Might as well call it what it is. No sense pussy-footing around it. Socialists almost never manage to take over or retain control of territories where people retain their weapons. The weapons have got to go so socialism can remain. Dwell on that pleasant thought just a bit so when someone in your state who is in favor of abortion wants to implement some form of gun control because it will “save lives.”

That being said, I maintain that Red Ralph’s war against the good citizens of Virginia goes even deeper than his efforts to disarm them. Not only does he want to disarm them, he also wants to disenfranchise them from their Southern heritage, of which gun ownership is one part. He can’t do it all at once, so he had to start someplace, and the gun issue was as good a place for him as any. People can’t defend their heritage if they can’t defend themselves.

If you look at the demographics in Virginia you will realize that the areas most in favor of gun control are those in the northern part of the state–those areas adjacent to Washington–the great cesspool of the country. Northern Virginia has, in effect, become a giant bedroom community for carpetbaggery from Sodom on the Potomac.

I can remember the first time I was ever in northern Virginia. It was way back in the late 1950s. My Dad and I had visited Washington, and I wanted to go over into Virginia just to see it. We went over into Fairfax County and talked to some of the folks we ran into there. They let us know, politely, that we were south of the Mason-Dixon Line  and that they were proud of their Southern heritage. I doubt you would find much of that kind of sentiment in northern Virginia today.

When I look at the efforts in Charlottesville to remove Confederate statues and the efforts at Washington and Lee University to remove Robert E. Lee’s name from the school and Red Ralph’s agenda to try to remove the statue of Lee from Washington, and to remove Lee-Jackson Day as a holiday and replace it with “Election Day” I am forced to conclude that Red Ralph’s war against Virginia and its citizens includes much, much more than just gun control. Red Ralph is at war with Virginia and its Southern heritage and culture. These he hopes to destroy.

A basic mainstay of Southern culture is love of place and family, of caring for your children  and raising them up to do what is right and good. Hence, Red Ralph is in favor of infanticide–killing a newborn baby shortly after its birth if, for some reason,  the mother decides she wants to do this. Abortion is horrendous enough, but then killing them after they have been born has got to be a new low, yet Red Ralph sees nothing whatever wrong with this –as long as the baby is kept “comfortable” until its planned demise. Such a horrible idea is yet one more swipe at Southern culture.

So now you have a Democratic legislature in Virginia that is more than willing to go along with all this stuff. I have been informed that there were several districts in Virginia where the Republicans did not even field candidates but just left it to the socialist Democrats to win them by default. Laxity on the part of the Republican establishment–or a purposeful effort to let Red Ralph and his socialist cohorts capture the legislature and the State House? No one ever said all the socialists were Democrats. Before, during, and after the War of Northern Aggression there were lots of socialists who were Republicans. Donnie Kennedy and I wrote a book about them, Lincoln’s Marxists.  Socialists, even today, are still socialists, regardless of party affiliation.

So Red Ralph’s war against Virginia includes much more than his attack on the guns of Virginia. It includes an attack on the history, heritage, and culture of Virginia. Virginians who are astute enough to realize this will need to devise ways of combatting what he is trying to do to your state that will encompass more than just the gun issue, not that you can ignore that issue by any means. But, in context, you must realize that he is also attacking your culture and you will need to address that issue and point it out to those who may not have thought along those lines.

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