Red Ralph? And Then There Are The “Gun Nuts”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of  Directors, Confederate Society of America

The article for November 8, 2017 by Joe Schoffstall on started out with the headline Northam Win Fueled By Money From Obama-Backed Group, Steyer, Bloomberg.

And the writer noted: “A group backed by former President Barack Obama and headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder poured $1 million into the Virginia gubernatorial race in support of Democrat Ralph Northam, who on Tuesday defeated Republican  Ed Gillespie. Other prominent liberals, including progressive mega-donor Tom Steyer and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, also devoted large sums of money and resources into the effort to elect Northam.”

Let’s cut to the chase here and do away with all the pettifogging terminology that is thrown at us to confuse the issue.  These people mentioned here are all radical socialists. The difference between them and outright communists is merely a matter of degrees. Northam has had lots of expensive help from the far, far Left to get to where he is and, had he been any different from those Leftists who spent millions to get him into office he might have disavowed such Leftist aid. That he didn’t do that shows you where he really is.

The article continued: “Tom Steyer, a liberal billionaire environmental activist, initially vowed to spend $2 million on the Virginia gubernatorial race through his group NestGen America. ‘This is the race of the year’ Steyer told the Washington Post in August. ‘It seems like there is a struggle for the hearts and minds of Americans right now, and it’s taking place as much in Virginia as anyplace else in the United States of America.’ The struggles for the hearts and minds of Americans he is prattling about is the struggle between militant socialism and the free enterprise system, which he seeks to dispense with by supporting the efforts of Leftist politicians like Northam.

Then there is Michael Bloomberg, who “spent $1.4 million in support to Northam via Everytown for Gun Safety, his gun control group in the form of campaign donations and in-kind contributions for advertising, polling, staff and volunteer expenses, records show.”

And, to top all this off, there was good old George Soros, yes, that George Soros, the liberal (read that socialist) billionaire, who is a large donor to the Latino Victory Fund, “group that came under fire for releasing an anti-Gillespie ad depicting a Gillespie supporter chasing minority children down streets and alleyways in a pickup truck. The ad was ultimately pulled following the terrorist attack in New York City that left eight people dead.” So this sort of thing is what you learn to expect from those that have supported Northam.

Yet another article on told readers what they can expect from many legislators that are supposed to represent the voters of Virginia. The article, posted on 1/7/2020 observed: “Two Fairfax County Democrats were caught on a hot mic railing against Second Amendment supporters Monday as members of the state Senate and General Assembly gathered in Richmond ahead of the upcoming  legislative session. Senator Dave Marsden, and Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn, Speaker Designate of the Virginia House of Delegates, were overheard on a live feed debating whether or not it was worth their time to stick around and hear from their constituents before rolling out sweeping gun control and confiscation bills, a key piece of the Democrats’ 2020 legislative agenda.” One said: “Are you going to stick around for the 10 o’clock gun nuts?”  To which the other one replied “Those people are crazy.”

This interesting bit of commentary will give you some idea of the contempt your elected representatives hold the voters in. They don’t care to hear what you have to say, It won’t affect in the least what they plan on doing. No matter what you all say or how effective it is, their minds are already made up. You will get gun control/confiscation whether you want it or not because the gun control program is already a major part of the agenda and they will implement it no matter what anyone says.

When it comes time for all the anti-gun control folks to give their testimony, I would urge all the pro-gun organizations to put forth their most well informed and best educated speakers to make their case. At the same time, realize that many of these legislators don’t really give a tinker’s damn what you will say no matter how well you say it. Their minds are already made up and they will refuse to be confused with the facts. They do not want the facts and they do not want the public at large to have the facts, so don’t be surprised when they pay no attention. I am not saying folks should not show up and speak out. They should–and the more the better. But, in the final analysis, you all are going to have to fall back on your Second Amendment Sanctuary counties and whoever your sheriffs can deputize to protect your Second Amendment rights because, in my opinion, the state legislature won’t give you the time of day!


8 thoughts on “Red Ralph? And Then There Are The “Gun Nuts”

    • It’s the same here in Upstate NY. Andy(aka Mario, Jr) & his buddies are pushing us out. I’m not sure were it is much better.
      As a side note, I’m reading a book called “I’m from the government & I’m here to kill you”. Wow! The Feds are out of control & have been for decades! Maybe a century.

      • “Maybe a century.” Yep, America died the day General Lee walked out of that courthouse. That was the day that it became “militarily” official (with the murder of some 600,000 Americans–the modern day equivalent of 5.5 million), from that day forward the FedGov was to be the sole judge of the limits to its own power. It should not surprise anyone to know that it has since judged that there are no limits to that power. Think nullification and secession!

  1. Sounds like an interesting book and the title seems pretty much on target given where we seem to be at today. I realize you all up there have had your problems with the anti-gun fraternity.

    • Yes we have had our problems. The book I mention is written by a lawyer & chronicles government crimes. I just finished reading the chapter on “Ruby Ridge”; wow! It doesn’t matter which party is in power.

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