Michael Bloomberg Is Opposed To “Average Americans” Owning Guns

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has taken some trouble to check out Bloomberg on the internet. He is yet one more leftist radical that wants to deprive you of your Second Amendment rights. The big difference is that he, like George Soros, is a very well heeled leftist radical.

In an article on https://bearingarms.com for January 3rd, author Cam Edwards says of Bloomberg: “Gun control sugar daddy and Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg was asked on Thursday at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas and took the opportunity to blast the crazy idea that the ‘average’  American has the right to bear arms for self defense.”

Bloomberg said: “You just do not want the average American carrying a gun in a crowded place.” Edwards noted in his comments on Bloomberg that “Secondly, Michael Bloomberg enjoys the protection of a virtual phalanx of armed guards. Personally, I think that’s great. Most of us, however, can’t afford our own private security teams. We are our own bodyguards. If Bloomberg seriously believes that only police should have the power to draw a gun in self defense or in defense of another,  he should replace his armed guards with a troupe of mimes instead.”

You have to realize a couple things about Mr. Bloomberg. For one thing, he has not the vaguest notion of what the average American has to live with or through on any given day. What’s more, he doesn’t give a tinker’s damn. Bloomberg is a Deep State elitist. That means he thinks he should be able to pontificate to us ordinary folks about how we should live and what we should or shouldn’t do. What we should do is what Mr. Bloomberg says we should do and we shouldn’t do what he doesn’t like–such as owning private firearms. Self  protection should only be for Bloomberg and his radical leftist coterie and not for the rest of us because, you see, to Bloomberg, we really don’t matter. We are totally unimportant in his scheme of things. Therefore if someone shoots one of us before the police can get there–so what?

Bloomberg wants to deny to us what he wants for himself and those in his chosen circle of radical friends. To him, they are important while we are totally immaterial.

You see, Mr. Bloomberg is a gun grabber. He hopes of total gun confiscation all across the country and he is willing to do his bit toward that end. The fact that he is at odds with the Second Amendment bothers him not at all. He is typical of just about all the gun grabbers in this country. They want to deny any protection to anyone other than themselves because they are the really important folks while the rest of us are so much trash, to be exploited by them where possible and then thrown on the ash heap of history when they are done with us. You have to wonder just what “god” Bloomberg worships. It sure ain’t the God of Holy Scripture.

Seems to me I recall a recent article where Bloomberg said his efforts at gun control/confiscation should assure him a place in heaven. I have news for you, Mr. Bloomberg. What you have done won’t guarantee you a place in Heaven, though it may well help you to acquire a spot in the other place–the one no one in his right mind really wants to go to.

If you really want a place in Heaven then you need to look at and believe John 14:6 in the New Testament. That is what tells you how to get to Heaven and that is the only way you, or any of us, will ever make it. Your puny efforts at gun control just won’t cut the mustard. But, then, you, in your elitist arrogance will probably never accept the “way, the truth, and the life.”

I will say this for you, Mr. Bloomberg–your efforts need to be resisted–and they need to be resisted by all those ordinary, average folks you look down your long elitist nose at. If enough good folks are willing to work at it, the Lord may use their efforts to defeat your leftist agenda and it will be a great day for the country if that happens.


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