The Sleeping Giant–Back to Virginia–Governor threatens to enforce gun control laws but not certain others–Part 8

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The new leftist governor of Virginia plans to rigidly enforce new gun control proposals but there seem to be other laws in Virginia that he will just look the other way in regard to. You might consider this hypocrisy but you have to remember this new governor is a cultural Marxist and so his agenda is to enforce laws that will contribute to the spread of Marxist tendencies in Virginia and sort of ignore some of those laws that will not. To normal folks this constitutes hypocrisy but to the cultural Marxist it makes perfect sense. Learn to understand how they think.

Back on 12/12/19 there was an article on that noted comments by C. Todd Gilbert, the outgoing house majority leader.  The article said: “Gilbert also says Northam is a hypocrite for saying counties will face ‘consequences’ if they don’t abide by new gun control laws, given the fact that several newly elected commonwealth’s attorneys backed by George Soros…have indicated they won’t be enforcing some state laws, without a peep of complaint from the governor.” Sounds like ol’ ex-Nazi collaborator George Soros bought himself lots of politicians in Virginia. So the question arises–will these people work for the interests of those that supposedly elected them or will they work for the interests of George Soros? That’s a rhetorical questions. We already know the answer. The good folks in Virginia have been had–simple as that!

Gilbert is quoted as saying: “They were quite open about the fact that they weren’t going to enforce certain laws, namely marijuana laws and other things they were just going to choose not to  enforce, and they were hailed by the Left as being on the cutting edge of progressivism. You didn’t see the governor threatening any of those folks with taking them out of their jobs and bringing in the Attorney General to prosecute cases instead of them. But something like this, where we are talking about a constitutional right, not even something that’s an issue to state policy or not, where state policy is about to run afoul of the United States Constitution, and all of a sudden we have to come in and fire all the police and replace them with prosecutors who won’t enforce it. I just think they are really setting themselves up for a very bad outcome in terms of dividing Virginia into two Virginias.”

I saw an article on the other day that stated that the governor in Virginia would really love to start a shooting war in Virginia–provided he can get some patriotic citizen to open the ball by firing the first shot. Then he can claim that all law-abiding gun owners there are domestic terrorists and he can even call for UN assistance! Sounds like Fort Sumter all over again! Do you get the feeling we’ve been here before?

An article on for January 2, 2020 by Cam Edwards observed: “Gun control will be Ralph Northam’s political Vietnam if he continues down this road, and calling in reinforcements in the form of the Virginia National Guard would only provoke another crisis, both  within the Guard itself and in the Second Amendment–sanctuary communities where they would be dispatched. If Northam actually called out the Guard, he’d be the first governor to use military force to restrict the exercise of a constitutional right since Arkansas governor Orval Faubus called out the National Guard to block the steps of Little Rock Central High School rather than allow the school to be integrated in 1957.”

Edwards continued: “With his attempt to force local commonwealth’s attorneys and sheriffs in Second Amendment sanctuaries to enforce his unconstitutional gun laws,  Governor Northam is setting himself up for a catastrophic failure. In fact, there’s no way for Northam to win the fight he seems intent on picking with Virginia gun owners and Second Amendment sanctuaries…First of all, the Second Amendment–sanctuary movement is morally just…The Second Amendment–sanctuary movement isn’t about curtailing rights, but rather about protecting their free exercise…Ultimately, it’s the people in these Second Amendment–sanctuary communities who are the last line of defense against the infringement of their rights, but thankfully we have several other defensive options at our disposal. We can even thank today’s Virginia Democrats for providing a blueprint to follow. Call it passive resistance, not Massive Resistance…Meanwhile, although Governor Ralph Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring, and various and sundry Virginia Democrats have railed against the Second Amendment–sanctuary communities for turning the rule of law upside down,  sowing chaos and making mischief, they’ve not said a word when these fellow Democrats have decided when certain laws won’t be enforced. They seem to simply believe it’s different when Democrats do it…Since Virginia Democrats have given commonwealth’s attorneys the green light to ignore portions of state law they don’t agree with, why shouldn’t sheriffs have that same authority?”

Good question, why not indeed? Seems we have more than a bit of a double standard here, but then, for cultural Marxists, the double standard is the rule of the day–one standard for them and their friends and yet another standard for the rest of us ordinary deplorables.

Let us fervently pray that Governor Northam’s monumental double standard here may come back to take a very large chunk out of his Marxist posterior.


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