The Sleeping Giant in Virginia, Kentucky–and now Texas–Part 5

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement continues to grow. It is interesting in that it is a little different due to conditions in each state that it flourishes in.

In Virginia you now have a leftist governor and state legislature, no doubt to the influence and money of Michael Bloomberg. In Kentucky you have a new Democratic governor but the legislature is not necessarily in his corner and though there are Democrats waiting in the wings there with a whole raft of new gun control bills there is no guarantee that they will automatically get all they want. In fact, we can fervently pray that they get none of what they want.

Then there is Texas, “the lone star State of Texas” one of our favorite spots in the country. Guns have pretty much been a way of life in Texas–and that ain’t all bad no matter what the anti-gun crowd tells you.

As of December 9th of this year there are 34 Texas counties that have joined the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement. There are a couple in the southwestern part of the state, though a couple others have backed off from doing that, but there is a whole batch of counties south of Dallas and Forth Worth that have adopted Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances.

A brief article on observed that: “Earlier this year, Gun Rights Watch reported on a handful of Second Amendment Sanctuary movements going on in the western border regions of Texas. These were primarily focused on the need for protection of citizens against a large number of foreign nationals unlawfully entering our country via the poorly protected Southern border in those areas. That part of the state leans a bit more left than the rest of the state, however, and two of those attempts eventually failed by slim margins. Since then, localities on other parts of the state have taken notice and have begun passing similar measures. Backed by growing coalitions of activists for the right to keep and bear arms, these resolutions have been both increasing in frequency and an improved success rate.”

I might suggest here that part of the reason for failures in counties near or on the border is probably due to the influx of foreign nationals in those areas, some of whom probably vote and who can almost be guaranteed to vote on the leftist side of the spectrum. This is one reason why both the Democrats and other assorted socialists have been so in favor of an open borders policy and so opposed to Trump’s wall. They realize that if they can funnel enough illegal immigrants in here they will end up changing our culture into something usually only tolerated in third world countries.

And with all that  socialist influx will come more and more vociferous calls for gun control–even in Texas. It’s no secret that the socialists among us have been working to turn Texas into a blue state like they did in Virginia. Blue state legislators do not, in most instances, represent most of the people in their states, except in mostly urban areas and so us folks in mostly rural areas get outvoted by the guys in the big cities who all seem to have leftist agendas of one sort of another.

Texas has lots of counties so more of them really need to join the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement.

Where I am in Louisiana we have a Democrat governor and so far he has not touched the gun control issue. Louisiana is a very pro-gun state and, at this point, the chances of getting gun control measures at the state level passed are slim to none. If that changes I am sure some sort of Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement will spring up in our parishes here.


3 thoughts on “The Sleeping Giant in Virginia, Kentucky–and now Texas–Part 5

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Just a bit of an update on what is going on in Texas with the Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement

    Actually, I live in one of the most sparsely populated areas in Texas (and maybe even the world). We have local politicians here who are really republicrats but run as demopublicans simply because they can not possibly get elected if they run as republicans.

    The determining factor is the Hispanic population, a very large portion of which are democrats. The county commissioners court is mostly Hispanic. In fact, recently the Sheriff attempted to get the commissioner’s approval for a Sanctuary 2nd Amendment County and was voted down by the Hispanic element on the board. — jtl, 419

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