CBS Just Loves The Southern Poverty Law Center

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Anyone who has done the least bit of homework knows about the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama. It is about the most anti-Christian, anti-Southern and anti-Confederate organization out there, except maybe Antifa or the Communist Party.

So it should come as no surprise that CBS (affectionately referred to in some quarters as the Communist Broadcasting System) should continue to promote the idea that the SPLC is a credible source when it comes to listing hate groups. The SPLC does list some groups that are hate groups, but it lists a great many more as hate groups that really are nothing of the kind.

A recent article by Bob Adelmann in the New American Magazine for December 16th deals with this. Mr. Adelmann noted: “As CBS News was developing its complaint against Fidelity Investment’s charitable fund, it considered information gleaned from the Southern Poverty Law Center as accurate. The gist of the complaint was the Fidelity shouldn’t allow its charity’s funds to go to ‘hate groups’ on SPLC’s HateWatch list, which included the Family Research Council (FRC). When informed of this smear Lieutenant General (Ret.) William G. Boykin, the FRC’s executive vice-president responded in part: ‘Today’s Southern Poverty Law Center is aggressively anti-Christian and morally bankrupt–both inside and out. The SPLC has been imploding from within, with its own former employees saying the group is racist, bigoted, and rife with sexual misconduct and discrimination. The problems have become so significant  that employees are currently seeking to unionize…It should also not be forgotten that the SPLC was connected in federal court to domestic terrorism when the shooter who attacked the Family Research Council in 2012 pled guilty to the crime while confessing that he relied on the SPLC’s discredited ‘hate map’ to target FRC. The Southern Poverty Law Center is so corrupt that it simply cannot be relied upon as a source.'” And yet CBS has no problem relying on it as a source. Considering that CBS is part and parcel of the Establishment’s Fake News agenda we should expect nothing else from them.

And Adelmann continued: “Surely CBS knows that the intent of the SPLC isn’t just to unfairly lump conservative groups in with hate groups but to destroy them by destroying by innuendo their credibility among their donors.

Mark Potok, former SPLC spokesman said: “We see this as a political struggle. We’re not trying to change anybody’s mind. We’re trying to wreck these groups. We’re trying to destroy them. Not to send them to prison unfairly or to take their free speech rights away, but as a political matter to destroy them.” We are not supposed to recognize in his commentary that by destroying groups they disagree with the SPLC is, to all intents and purposes, destroying their free speech.

Let’s don’t kid ourselves here. Any political or religious group that is to the right of Che Guevara and speaks out about anything is bound, sooner or later, to  end up on the SPLC’s hate list.

On August 23, 2018 Kyle Smith did an article on in which he noted that the SPLC was “essentially a fraud.” Smith noted in his article, which was quite lengthy, that “Former Vanderbilt professor Carol Swain, who is black, wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the group had ‘smeared’ her after she questioned the SPLC’s ‘misguided focus.’  Mark Potok, then the SPLC’s national spokesman, denounced her as ‘an apologist for white supremacists’ in a story published on the front page of Swain’s local newspaper, the Tennessean.” 

And Smith further observed: “Today the SPLC typically hauls in (as it did in 2015) $50 million. In its 2016 annual report it listed its net endowment assets at an eye-popping $319 million…News that has anything to do with the South or with race has proven to be a bonanza for the SPLC;…”

Speaking of the tragic events in Charlottsville awhile back, Smith stated that: “The SPLC’s publicity machine turns such events into gold, creating the impression that we’re forever a week away from a neo-Nazi takeover or a rebirth of the KKK. As both the Nazis and the white-bedsheet fans have done the SPLC the disservice of fading into tiny remnants of  themselves, the SPLC is forced to find new monsters,  designating the likes of Rand Paul, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Ben Carson as extremists.” As I said earlier, anyone even remotely to the right of some identified communist is automatically fair game for the SPLC, no matter how ludicrous the accusation might be. New SPLC “monsters” keep the coffers full if the SPLC can just con enough worried liberals into donating on a regular basis to combat hate groups and white racists.

In retrospect, Smith observed that: “The SPLC has become a kind of Weimar Republic of hate inflation. It’s list of ‘hate groups’ looks increasingly like a way of attacking ordinary conservatives.” Smith has hit the nail squarely on the head here. This is exactly what it is. A way of shutting down or at least minimizing those you disagree with under the noble guise of “fighting hate” when actually you are the real hater, not those you oppose. This is the standard cultural Marxist technique and the SPLC practices it to perfection–as long as useful idiots like those at CBS continue to give them a totally unearned credibility.

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