Not Ashamed Of The Confederate Flag

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

We have a First National Confederate Flag flying in our front yard. It’s a pretty flag and I enjoy seeing it waving in the breeze on a windy day, which we get a lot of at this time of year. To the best of my knowledge it is about the only Confederate flag in the neighborhood. There used to be several more but, one by one, they have disappeared as the pressure from politically correct Marxist types has increased in the past couple or three years.

Many folks, it would seem, do not fully understand where the pressure to remove our flags really comes from and so, in the interest of “being nice” they automatically cave in when someone tells them how “racist” our flags are. Never having been taught how to research, they have no idea how to reply or respond when someone informs that of how really terrible our flags are. Rather than respond that they don’t really know all that much about their own history they simply remove the flag to avoid arguments with those who have, in many cases, been trained to make them feel guilty about their own culture and heritage. Easier that way. No hassle, and the far Left wins yet another small victory in their battle against Southern heritage and history.

This morning a gentleman from a local home health group stopped in and in our conversation he asked if that was a Confederate Battle Flag I had flying in the front year. He thought it was. I explained to him what it was and we had a brief but interesting conversation. I told him which Confederate flag it was and let him know I was not ashamed to fly a Confederate flag in our yard. Actually, over the past few years I have flown a few different ones and the First National was the one I happened to be flying right now.

He surprised me, in that he recognized that the War of Northern Aggression was fought mostly over economic issues and not over the ever-popular “slavery” issue. I don’t know where he was educated but wherever it was, he didn’t get his level of knowledge out of his school “history” book. It’s refreshing now and again to run across someone who realizes that slavery was not the total sum knowledge of what the War was all about. So few, even here in the South, seem to grasp that cardinal fact, due to their “educations” or lack thereof.

Awhile back, I flew the battle flag for the Army of Tennessee out in the yard. It was up for several months and in all that time, one man, and only one man, asked me if it was “some kind of battle flag.” No one else had a clue.

I have a friend up in one of the New England states that, from time to time, flies a couple of Confederate flags in his back yard. More folks down here need to start doing that again. Admittedly, there are other ways to express your love for your Southern heritage besides flying Confederate flags–but that is one way of doing it.

We cannot afford to let the Marxist Left steal our heritage by our refusing to speak up or stand up and defend it, and this is  what they are counting on–being able to cow the average Southerner into “sitting down and shutting up” so people won’t bother him. We have got to be willing to be bothered enough to stand up for what we believe in, or should believe in. The same principle applies to our Christian faith. We need to speak up for that also, not in a nasty or vindictive way, but in a way that lets those who are critical know who we are and what we believe. If they don’t like it, I’m sorry, that’s tough, but we do not need to be browbeaten for what we believe if we have the ability to defend it. And defend it we must–in both instances!

For those that wish to learn more about how to defend their Southern heritage and history, you should check out  home of the Southern Victory Campaign. And ask about getting a copy of The Southern Defender.

Over the years I have found it interesting that the biggest and most vocal antagonists to Southern heritage, culture, and history have practically all been on the political and theological Left. The recent article I did on this blog about Plantation Weddings is a glaring example of this. The “civil rights” group trying to do away with plantation weddings here in Louisiana has, in leadership positions, three people who are on the far Left politically. Two of them were co-founders of this supposed civil rights group. If this group has far Left leadership then you have to wonder how many of these other anti-Confederate, anti-Southern groups also have far Left leadership and far Left foundations, and just who funds these groups.

Many may say, at this point, “I’m not sure I want to know” but if you are at all concerned about your heritage, both for you and your kids and grandkids, then you ought to at least make some effort to know. I guarantee  that you may not like what you find out but you do need to know! 

Once you begin to find out who is trying to do all this stuff to you and your progeny then you will begin to realize that this is not all just coincidence, not just happenstance, but is in reality all a well coordinated vehicle to destroy your history, culture and heritage so they can replace those with the Leftist aberration they believe in and want you to be forced to believe in, along with your children.

Folks, if you want to preserve your culture and history for your children to appreciate then start doing the homework and finding out that you have a history and heritage worth preserving. Check out some of the articles on this blog for the past few years and also check out some of the blog articles on  There is some excellent material on that site. The webmaster goes out of his way to provide really relevant historical and political commentary.


2 thoughts on “Not Ashamed Of The Confederate Flag

  1. As a descendant of Confederate soldiers who fought, died and were thrown into the Union’s most cruel northern prisons and camps, I would like to correct many who claim the flag shown in this and almost every other article written by both Marxist revisionists, and even otherwise honest American writers and authors who have been over time brainwashed to the True Facts of history.

    That flag was “the BATTLE FLAG” of the Confederate military, not the national flag of the Confederacy. It is very different from the battle flag. See URL

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Brother Al, I suspect that most of your neighbors don’t even know what the Confederate Flag looks like.(It is NOT the Battle flag that takes and is still taking most of the heat). I’d go further and say that they probably do not have a clue that there was 4 “official” flags of the Confederate Government.

    Our (you and me) job is to educate them. Ou rah! And we are grateful to have you on our side. — jtl, 419

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