The “New” Old Dominion–made in Red China

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

For the last few years now, some of us have watched with a degree of alarm as the entire northern half of the state of Virginia seemed to be tilting more and more to the left. At first I thought this was probably due to the fact that lots of people who worked in Sodom on the Potomac had moved over into northern Virginia and had strongly influenced the demographics there. Others felt the same way and that was and is part of the problem–but not all of it by a longshot.

Seems that there was lots of political activity going on in the Old Dominion that many of us were not even aware of. Which goes to show you that no matter how much you try to keep on top of things, you can never keep up with all of it. And the older you get the harder it gets. Which is one reason we need more up and coming young folks to come along and stand in the gap–and mostly they are not there.

Just this week I read an article from The New American magazine for November 22, 2019 by C. Mitchell Shaw. Mr. Shaw interviewed long time political analyst Trevor Loudon, who explained why things are not all that kosher anymore in the Old Dominion.

Mr. Shaw noted: “Virginia, known–among other nicknames–as the birthplace of a nation, has a long history steeped in the pursuit of liberty. Now, with the results of recent elections, Virginia is in the hands of Democrats for the first time since 1993.” There was a time, decades ago, when that would not have been all that bad. But with the flagrant leftism of the current Democratic Establishment, it ain’t all that good.

Mr. Shaw observed that: “This switch from Red to Blue is the result of years of work on the part of pro-Chinese communists and well connected ‘fellow travelers.’ In fact, the co-executive director of a group with pro-Chinese Communist connections openly claimed credit for flipping Virginia, stating that the plan for socializing Virginia was ‘put in motion years ago.’  That co-executive director is Tram Nguyen and her organization is New Virginia Majority (NVM). Nguyen’s boast took the form of a November 6 op-ed piece for the New York Times.” 

Nguyen said that her group has  spent the past twelve years “to reach voters of all colors, women, low-income workers and young people where they are, which has made it possible for us to develop a robust base of support along Virginia’s so-called Urban Crescent from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads.”

And Mr. Shaw stated: “So NVM targeted minority neighborhoods (which are statistically lower-income neighborhoods) with a pitch for voter registration and an increased voter turnout tied to the promise of more money and benefits from the public till. The result was exactly what they hoped for. Those newly-minted, low-information voters turned out en masse and placed Virginia squarely in the clutches of the Democrats.” And don’t forget, the key term here is “low-information voters.”

This was exactly what the NVM wanted–low-information voters who didn’t know upside down from inside out and who wanted lots of free stuff handed to them. And Shaw accurately observed that: “To refer to NVM as having  pro-Chinese communist connections is no exaggeration.  As Trevor Loudon revealed in a recent article on the groups activities leading to the Virginia upset, NVM’s pedigree includes pure-bred Maoist elements. Loudon explains that ‘NVM is a front for Liberation Road, known until April this year as Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), the United States’ most influential Maoist organization.”

There is lots more to Mr. Shaw’s article than I can cover here. And there is quite a bit of info about this out there on the internet. This is not something that was done nor hid “underneath a bushel.”

The real tragedy of all this is that the state of Patrick Henry, R. L. Dabney, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson is now, for all intents and purposes, under the control of Maoist influences using the Democratic Party as a cover for their agenda in Virginia. And don’t kid yourselves that Virginia is the only place their Maoists are at work. They have groups in North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona so I have heard.

Interesting that they are doing so much here in the Old South, and most of it most folks are totally unaware of. We here in the South really do need to wake up and smell the coffee! Could it be that when the Maoists finally take over here in the South they want to make sure all our monuments, flags, and culture are gone so there will be no problem whatever replacing what we had with what they have? Something for Southern patriots to reflect on. Could be that all our cultural problems here are not domestic ones.


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