Ugly Southern Politicians

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The Kennedy Brothers, in their informative book Punished With Poverty had a chapter, chapter 11, in which they dealt with the death of Southern statesmanship. Needless to say, that death has had a deleterious effect on the South, all the way from 1866 thorough our day. We have, as long as most of us have been alive, been subjected to politically correct politicians here in the South, and both parties must share in the burden of guilt for that.

On page 142 the Kennedys note: “From that point forward, (1965) the South fell under the leadership of ugly politicians.” They were not referring to the physical characteristics of said politicians but rather to the policies those politicians enacted, most of which have been anything but beneficial to the South at large.

One of the most prominent of these ugly politicians of late has been the former governor of South Carolina, Nikki (Nimrata) Haley. Her hasty actions after the tragic shootings in that black church in Charleston, in pulling down the Confederate Battle Flag from the grounds of the state capitol in South Carolina started a nation-wide stampede among politicians and their leftist hangers-on to purge the South, and other places as well, of all Confederate flags, monuments, and statues that continues to this day. How many Confederate monuments have been literally pulled down, or taken down in secret, at night, in places like New Orleans, Dallas, Virginia, North Carolina, and other places in the South–all because leftist or just plain cowardly politicians have decided it was time for them to go, regardless of what the local folks wanted.

And I am sure, in Ms. Haley’s case, it was seen as something she could do to ingratiate herself with the Republican political establishment, in hopes of gaining herself a better position at the Party’s national level. Whether that worked for her or not I don’t know, but I do know that she has been on Facebook and the internet of late  promoting herself for something. She leaves such a bad taste in my mouth I have not bothered checking out exactly what she is trying to do. But you can bet the farm that, whatever it is, it will benefit her political career, with no benefit to the South as a whole.

The Kennedys commented on her actions by observing: “The removal of that Confederate flag at South Carolina’s state capitol and her endorsement of the Republican establishment’s candidate (Marco Rubio) were rewarded with a nationwide address in reply to President Obama’s State of the Union speech in 2016. In her response she viciously attacked  the character of those who opposed Obama’s policies–that is those who were supporting Republican presidential primary candidates  who were opposed to the Republican establishment and its donor class. This is but a continuation of the betrayal of the white South by the Republican Party that has been going on since 1965.  Republican President Nixon sent word to the NAACP and other left-wing groups to not worry about his so-called ‘Southern Strategy.’ His spokesman told them, ‘Watch what we do not what we say.’  The Republican Party establishment viewed the white South as captive to the GOP because there was no other place for Southern conservative votes to go.”

With Trump in office the situation may be a little different than it was then, but the Republican establishment is no different. Most of them hate Trump because he has not been “one of the boys.” When the Bush’s came out and admitted they would probably vote for Hillary in 2016, you had to know that the Republican establishment was no different than the Deep State, was actually a part of it, right along with the Democrats, the lying media, Hollyweird, and all the rest of the leftist loonies. Such people will never benefit the South and never intend to. They view us all as “deplorables” right along with Hillary.

And the Kennedys also noted that: “In the 2014 Senatorial elections in both Mississippi and Louisiana the national Republican Party dumped millions of dollars into the campaign to defeat popular senatorial candidates who represented a threat to the state and national Republican establishment. The sad truth is that both national political parties are ardent defenders of the political status quo–a system of government (the Federal Empire) that provides them with unlimited perks, privileges and power.”

The Kennedys have stated, also, that: “As bad as the betrayal of the white South by the Republican Party has been, the betrayal of the black South by the Democratic Party is far worse. Black Southerners have been the recipients of more lies (unfulfilled promises) from politicians than any other group in America.”

Americans, as a whole, have not been taught how to discern between what politicians say and what they do. They have been conditioned only to respond to hot button issues and not taught how to reflect on what politicians tell us and how to ask those politicians the difficult questions–the ones they don’t really want to have to answer.

Here in the South we have been taken for granted, and until we learn what the political establishment is really all about, that is not about to change.

3 thoughts on “Ugly Southern Politicians

  1. The truth few choose to talk about is the fact that there is no longer a Democrat Party and a Republican Party in our U.S.A. There are only Liberals and Conservatives. And, this apparently confuses many Americans when it comes time to vote. If you are a Liberal who do you vote for? If you are a Conservative who do you vote for? And, this problem for voters give our nation’s controlling majority to a political party who’s leaders, not chosen by the People, but by the Party are exactly the opposite of who many citizens prefer as our citizen’s delegates to the Federal Government… It is a sad state of affairs and much confusion.

  2. Al,
    You are correct. Party labels no longer make any real difference, as the real leadership of both parties is controlled by denizens of the Deep State. This is a problem the voters somehow need to come to grips with.

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