Marxist Educational Indoctrination and White Privilege

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

There was an article on for November 8th that dealt with financial problems in Argentina. Right in the middle of the article the writer observed: “Things are definitely in crisis in Argentina. But the fact is that just about every other country in the world is heading in the wrong direction–at a faster or slower rate–certainly including the United States, Canada, and countries in Western Europe. The socialists, the fascists, and the jingoists are in the ascendance all over the world. There are many reasons for this. One is that Marxist-oriented professors have been indoctrinating the younger generation in high school and college for decades. The left has totally taken over educational systems everywhere. The average person has been inculcated with perverse and destructive ideas about economics, politics, philosophy, and ethics from roughly age 6 to age 22. It’s hard to get these things out of their heads once they’ve learned them in their youth.”

The author makes a valid point here. The question that comes to my mind is, in all these decades of Marxist indoctrination in high schools and colleges that has gone on, where were the Christians who should have, in some measure been aware of all this? The vast majority of them seem to have put their kids in these schools to swallow the Marxist indoctrination–and seem to have been totally unaware of it. Some of them even upbraided my wife and I for refusing to subject our kids to it.

I am afraid the Christian faith in this country has been severely tampered with–and most Christians don’t, even today, have the first clue! I wish it were not so, but sadly, it is. Now the chickens are coming home to roost. And how many of these Christian young folks who spent their educational lives in public institutions of “learning” have become good little promoters of socialist doctrine and don’t even realize it? And their parents don’t even realize it because they went through the same process. How many good Christian socialists do we have out there that have been schooled in the doctrines of Marx or Gramsci more than they have in sound biblical doctrine? More than we would willingly admit, I am afraid.

There was an article on on November 9th of this year by Lee Duigon. I don’t always agree with all of Mr. Duigon’s historical viewpoints, but in this instance, I think he got it right. He wrote about public schools and white privilege. He wrote the article in April of 2018. He wrote: “George Washington University, for one, has held a seminar on ‘Christian Privilege,’ which is sort of like ‘White Privilege’ and has to be abolished. Christians in America–that would be the majority of Americans–have all these ‘unmerited perks’ that must be done away with if we’re ever to create Utopia. GWU is here to lead the jihad.” Duigon continued: “Our wonderful high schools don’t want the colleges getting all the glory; and at a high school in Nebraska, they’ve done something about that. They’ve put up a poster in a classroom saying ‘Republicans = Nazis.’ Do these schmendricks even know what a Nazi is? Like, it’s short for ‘National Socialist.’ Yes, socialist. No, they don’t know: ‘Nazi just means anyone who’s not them, and is therefore really, really bad.”

Kids who have been thusly miseducated could have quit school after the fifth grade and not been anymore ignorant than these kids.

I also came across an article on by a high school student, Owen Rickert, from April 20th of this year. The title of the article is What White Privilege Lessons Did to My High School. Mr. Rickert seems to be a cut above the average high school student. In his last year of high school one of his assignments was to write a speech about a topic of his choice. His topic was “Division” and it was about “…how identity politics ruined the last few years at the high school I attended.”

Rickert notes how he was raised in a conservative home and his dad was strong in his conservative beliefs. It seems his dad, to his credit, took pains to point out to his son the leftist bias in network news. Because of this, Rickert said: “It was often pointed out, while watching the news, and reading articles, the obvious slant toward the Left. Because of this it was easy to recognize when topics were being presented in school that were favorable toward the beliefs of the Left.” Due to his dad’s worthwhile tutoring  Rickert was able to recognize leftist propaganda in high school. Which fact tells you there is leftist propaganda in high schools. And you can bet the farm that Rickert’s school is not the only one with this ongoing problem. His school is one of way too many across the country that foist this garbage on mostly unsuspecting students. Rickert was one giant step ahead of most of his peers in that he had been taught to recognize leftist propaganda for what it really is–propaganda–not education.

Rickert had some interesting thoughts on all this. He said: “All homeroom teachers were required to discuss the idea that ‘privileged people need to stand up for the minority students to ensure their safety and well being. Minority students included anyone that was not white, straight or Christian. The absurdity is how, within an instant, we were all separated into groups that we had not recognized prior to this. Some were labeled as victims while others had a superior position just by being born. From then on, relationships changed…An issue was created over a problem that never existed…Again, the (school) administration knew they had power over us, and they foisted their agenda with the knowledge there would be no repercussions…These specific events, along with many others, tipped me over the edge. I understood that nobody, parents or students, no matter how furious they were, was going to do anything to challenge the indoctrination.”

Rickert pretty much sums up here the reason Christian people need to get their kids out of public schools–because no one is going to do anything to challenge the leftist indoctrination going on in those schools. Folks, this is right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Right from a student who has been exposed to the leftist propaganda so rampant in public schools and has recognized it for what it is.

Thankfully, in Rickert’s case, seeing the leftist propaganda in living color in school “cemented” the conservative beliefs he had been raised with. But he lamented: “I fear, though, for those who do not recognize when they are being manipulated by the liberal agenda that many schools, public and private, are forcing on the students.”

As for the teachers in these schools, how many can afford to lose their jobs, their tenure, their retirement benefits, by speaking up and exposing what the schools are doing to our children under the guise of education? No Christian parent who is in any way able to do otherwise should allow their kids to be educated by those that are the sworn enemies of the Christian faith. This fact should be obvious, but in our day of leftist change and propaganda, it does not seem to be, especially to evangelical Christians.

Who Gets to Teach Us Our History–and do they have an agenda?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Those among us that follow history long ago came to the conclusion that much of what we were taught as “history” really wasn’t. Much of it was propaganda parading as history. Much of it ended up compromising the truth in order to present to us a world view that was neither historical or accurate and which was intended to lead us down a historical garden path.

It is impossible for us in our day to have a correct historical world view if what we have been taught as history turns out to be inaccurate–and the inaccuracy often turns out to be on purpose. Unknowing inaccuracy can be excused. Willful inaccuracy is treason to the truths of history.

In this mode, I want to deal with the American Historical Association. It is, so we are told, “the oldest and largest society of historians and professors of history in the United States.” The group was founded in 1884 and received a congressional charter in 1889.

Its first president was Andrew Dickson White. You might be tempted to say “Well, that’s interesting, but so what?” Stay tuned. You will find out.

Historian Antony C. Sutton wrote a book that was published by Liberty House Press in 1986 called America’s Secret Establishment–An introduction to The Order of Skull & Bones.  From what I can find, this book is still available from an outfit called which seems to have lots of books for sale that would not fit the mode of the ruling historical establishment.

If you can get this book, you need to read about The Order of Skull & Bones. There are connections to the American Historical Association.

Sutton who was a research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, from 1968 to 1973, has noted, on page 1 of this book that: “During the past one hundred years any theory of history or historical evidence that falls outside a pattern established by the American Historical Association and the major foundations with their grant-making power has been attacked or rejected–not on the basis of any evidence presented, but on the basis of the acceptability of the argument to the so-called Eastern Liberal Establishment and its official historical line. There is an Establishment history,, an official history, which dominates history textbooks, trade publishing, the media and library shelves. The official line always assumes that events such as wars, revolutions, scandals, assassinations, are more or less random unconnected events. By definition events can NEVER be the result of a conspiracy, they can never result from predetermined planned action.”

In other words if the history does not conform to the Establishment version of “history” it just gets ignored, or attacked, depending on which works best. You might say that the history you are subjected to has been sanitized so that you only get what the Establishment (Deep State) wants you to get and you are subtly warned away from anything other than that. It sort of works like a literary version of shadow banning, something my blogs on the internet have been the victims of.

You recall that I noted earlier that Andrew Dickson White had been the first president of the American Historical Association? Andrew Dickson White was a member of The Order of Skull & Bones.

Sutton observed on page 62 that: “In the 1850s, three members of The Order (of Skull & Bones) left Yale and working together, at times with other members along the way, made a revolution that changed the face, direction and purpose of American education. It was a rapid, quiet revolution and eminently successful. The American people even today, in 1983, are not aware of a coup d’etat. The revolutionary trio were: Timothy Dwight (49) Professor in the Yale Divinity School and then 12th President of Yale University. Daniel Coit Gilman (52) first President of University of California, first President of Johns Hopkins University and first President of the Carnegie Institution. Andrew Dickson White (53),, first President of Cornell University and first President of the American Historical Association. This notable trio were all initiated into The Order within a few years of each other… They immediately set off for Europe. All three went to study philosophy at the University of Berlin, where post-Hegelian philosophy had a monopoly.”

Do you begin to see the leftward direction our history education started taking in this country as early as the 1850s? Most of the Establishment “history” we have been taught since that time ain’t really history. It’s what passes for history, presented to you by people who have a vested interest in making sure you don’t accidentally stumble on too much real history. And all this started before the War of Northern Aggression. Do you begin now to see why our history regarding that horrible struggle has been so blatantly off in left field? The real truth about that doesn’t fit the Establishment line, so it has to be buried and us poor rubes have to be taught that it was really a war to “free the slaves.” And, if the “evil” South gets destroyed in that narrative, why so much the better.

Most of what our kids get taught about our history in public schools and universities would better be described as political drivel. We had best be about teaching our kids to look for other sources of historical material than those recommended by the Establishment. Otherwise our kids will learn no real history at all. And removing them from state schools is a great place to start. The Establishment’s version of our “history” is guaranteed to be the death knell for upcoming generations if we do not work to reverse that trend and make sure the kids start getting real history.

Dumb ’em Down Gradually (or the parents may wake up!)

by Al Benson Jr.

In their informative book Crimes of the Educators Sam Blumenfeld and Alex Newman noted, on page 190 that “In John Dewey’s 1898 plan to dumb down America, he wrote, ‘Change must come gradually. To force it unduly would compromise its final success by favoring a violent reaction.'”

There is a lot packed into that one little statement. First, the authors note, not inaccurately, that social programmer (not educator) John Dewey had a plan to dumb down students. We also see that his plan was being put into effect much earlier than most folks want to think about. Most people want to think, or have been conditioned to think, that the problems with out public schools only started in the last forty years or so and that before that, everything in public education was “pie in the sky by and by.” Those who have studied public education realize that view is seriously misinformed. What Dewey was trying to do should make us realize, (though it probably won’t) that public education in this country had serious problems before any of us were even born! I contend that it  had major problems literally since day one, when Unitarian Horace Mann and socialist Robert Owen were touting how successful it  would be in straightening out the human race and creating a heaven on earth. Those people may actually have believed that, or they may just have hoped the gullible people who listened to their poppycock believed it. Some may be tempted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not all of us are willing to go quite that far.

With my suspicious mind I think Dewey knew what he was doing to the children of America, and to their parents, when he said they needed to do all of this gradually so they would not compromise its success by causing a violent  reaction.

Dewey realized what he was planning to do could well provoke a negative reaction by parents if he went too far too fast and so he was willing to adopt the lobster in the pot technique by turning up the heat gradually enough that most folks would not be aware of it. It worked too.

Radical leftist ideology was gradually introduced into the public education sphere, gradually enough that most parents, even Christian parents, were not  aware of what was going on. That handful of discerning parents that did see the handwriting on the public school’s wall and tried to warn those around them of where it was all going were easily shouted down by the school establishment as alarmists and “conspiracy theorists” who claimed they saw leftists behind every school desk or in every book locker. Actually, there were no leftists in book lockers–but the leftist doctrine for public “education” was in those book lockers! It still is. Only the leftist doctrine has now become mainstream.

The first time people began to have a clue about all this was during the Kanawha County textbook protest in West Virginia in the 1970s. Dewey’s disciples finally decided that it was about time for them to “let it all hang out” in public school texts and that, after over eighty years of gradual socialist indoctrination most parents would be ready to accept their educational hogwash. They guessed wrong!  The parents in Kanawha County were not ready for their educational hogwash and they let the establishment know that in no uncertain terms.

As time went on it became apparent to the educational establishment that they had erred and so they chose to correct their error, not by backing off of their leftist bent, but rather by making sure the textbook protest was beaten into submission–literally!

To some degree that worked. It kept most evangelicals out of the protest and made sure protesting parents realized that part of their “reward” for protesting rotten textbooks might just be a billy club across your back or shoulders, administered by more-than-willing “law enforcement” officers. Even all that couldn’t prevent the formation of new Christian schools in the area–though had the education establishment been able to find a way to prevent them it would have. After all, your kids belong to “the state” don’t you know! Ask Hillary. She’ll tell you. Or even Beto O’Rourke might have been persuaded to holler at you “Hell, yes, were coming to take your kids if you refuse to put them in public schools!”

Blumenfeld and Newman made an interesting statement on page 201 when they said: “The steep decline of Christianity in America can be directly attributed to the public schools, which have become the parochial schools of atheism.”

I have watched over the decades as Christians have staunchly defended what goes on in public schools and chastised those of us who refused to submit our children to them as being outdated, anachronistic, and simply out of touch. Frankly, it bothers me no end that so many Christians choose to defend the system that is working to rob their children of their faith, culture and heritage and is becoming ever more militant in the way it does that. And many of them get mad at their brethren who try to warn them of what’s going on.

If there is any hope for the future of this country it will come from those who see the educational dilemma for what it really is and start providing a Christian education for their children so their children can learn to work at building a Christian education for their children. Short of enough Christians being willing to do that, this country is gone!