Workhorse For the New World Order–Public Education Part 2

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of  Directors, Confederate Society of America

The very last thing the promoters of the New Word Order want is an educated populace capable of critical thought and able to question what they see going on around them in a critical way. They long ago found a solution to that thorny problem. They foisted upon us a system of public education with compulsory attendance that was guaranteed to keep our kids ignorant and stupid so they could never be able to think critically enough to ask those embarrassing questions that need to be asked of the ruling establishment. This situation has gone on since the mid-1850s and it shows no sign of abatement in our day. If anything it gets worse.

In the first article in this set I quoted Gary D. Barnett from an article on his own internet site. Today I quote from another of his articles that appeared on for November 23rd.

In referring to public education Barnett has said: “An evil exists  in our midst, and this evil entity created a nationwide system that allowed a process of mass indoctrination to take root. In order for this phenomenon to capture the psyche of an entire people, a diabolical plan was necessary, and implementation of that plan had to be sold to the public in order to gain popular support. In other words, collusion by the controlling elite and the government was necessary for this deception aimed against the American populace to succeed. And succeed it has.”

Barnett observed that “Compulsory schooling began  in the mid-nineteenth century, and was the brainchild of the ruling elite monopolists of the day, those led by John D. Rockefeller. The goal was to limit the intellectual growth of the general population in order to create an obedient society of workers without the motivation to question the ruling class. This was necessary in order for the corporate oligarchs to gain and keep control over the people, and by the early part of the twentieth century, this plan was in high gear. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace while plotting this deception had decided after the end of World War 1, ‘they must control education in the United States’ in order to accomplish their mission. They realized this was ‘too big a project to do alone,’ so the ‘Rockefeller Foundation was approached,’ and the two began working together to take over the education system. The Rockefeller Foundation was to handle the domestic side, and the Carnegia Endowment  was to handle the international side. As time passed, the Ford Foundation and the Guggenheim Foundation were also involved.” You might, at this point call it public education via foundations.

Does anyone actually think that there was any meaningful parental input into this process? I’m kidding, right? Of course there wasn’t. Parental input into what was being taught to kids was the last thing desired by the elites that were guiding the unfortunate destinies of coming generations.

Some of this was investigated in 1953 by the Reese Committee, but not nearly enough and the committee was somewhat hamstrung in its efforts. It did get some information out there, though.  Barnett noted that: “The Committee’s  inspection of the Carnegie minutes  was staggering to say the least, and exposed the goal sought by tax-free foundations that ‘America’s future should be one of collectivism administered with characteristics of American efficiency.’ In other words, build a mediocre society that could function only at a level that would allow for an elite monopoly control of war, the economy, politics, and education, all with little interference by the voting public.” And Barnett stated that: “When these elites design the education system, and their puppets in government run it, the commoners have little chance of retaining any freedom or control of their own destiny. That is the state of this country today.” He’s right!

Given the current state of education today in public schools, do you honestly think going to parent-teacher groups and meetings is really going to accomplish anything? The real agenda for what your kids are indoctrinated with has long ago gotten to the point where parental input is so miniscule as to be non-existent. You have no real say over what the public schools will force on your kids and if you think you have, then you are deceiving yourselves. The only way you will ever have any input into what they are taught is if you take your kids out of public schools. A solution I would heartily recommend, otherwise your kids end up being at the mercy of public school educrats and change agents.

If you think the public school system will ever be reformed you are kidding yourselves. That’s never going to happen. Ask the folks in Kanawha County, West Virginia how the public schools there were “reformed” after their textbook protest there in the mid-1970s.

I recently came across an article on for November 5th of this year. Dr. Haynes is a Ph.D. She observed that “Recently I wrote a missive about the policy brief by the National Center On Education and the Economy which found the American workforce to be the worst educated in the world. Now we have proof that high school graduates read worse than those in 1992 and two out of every three students are unable to read proficiently.” Her article noted that US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos slammed the educational establishment for this abysmal performance.

Is that really all Ms. DeVos can do, rail at the federal education department that she is the head of–an educational department that should never have been formed to begin with? Haynes noted that the Common Core Curriculum has been an abject failure. Of course it has. That’s why they are still using it and that’s why they will continue to use it–because it doesn’t teach kids anything except how to fail. So the federal education change agents will continue to use it because it is fulfilling their wildest expectations–a totally dumbed down body of students, reduced in most cases to one degree above blithering idiots! That’s their agenda for your kids! Haven’t you figured that out by now? All these new educational gimmicks that don’t seem to work, but yet they still keep using them and adding more new ones that don’t work either, and none of them ever gets removed? Have you ever even begun to wonder why it seems to work that way? Maybe you should!

In their book Crimes of the Educators Sam Blumenfeld and Alex Newman have a chapter entitled Common Core Standards: An Educational Fraud. This is a book I would recommend. It was published by World Net Daily and gives you all manner of documentation about public schools you ought to have, especially if you have kids still in them.

There is only one solution to the public school problem–get your kids OUT of public school as soon as possible. There are other alternatives–good Christian schools and home school programs. You need to start checking into these. Leaving your kids in public school if you are able to do anything else, is a certain recipe for educational disaster!

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