Reflections on Political Assassinations

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Today is the 56th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas, Texas. Like most folks, I can remember where I was that day when I first heard Kennedy had been shot.  I didn’t particularly care for Kennedy. I didn’t vote for him, wouldn’t have voted for him if he’s lived to run for a second term. He was no saint. However, having said that, I would not have wished for him what happened to him.

He made someone in the Deep State mad enough that they decided he had to go–and they made sure he did. As for Lee Harvey Oswald, he was the ultimate patsy. I read an interesting comment this week from a newspaper editor here in the South. He said: “And though I don’t want to reinvigorate an argument about whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, you’ll never convince me in a million years that Oswald rattled off three shots in less than six seconds with a bolt-action rifle, twice striking a moving target.” It’s a good comment, made by someone capable of serious thought. Not too much of that around nowadays.

Most folks capable of serious thought have concluded that the Warren Commission Report we were fed is a crock.  The Deep State concluded that the gullible public needed some official explanation of the assassination and so they gave us this charade version of what is supposed to have happened. And even then, as now, most of the public didn’t buy it.

I’ve read three or four books on the Kennedy assassination over the years. Most, I think, had some truth, and the list of possible scenarios for the assassination is as long as your arm. I am convinced that, in that long list of possible reasons and actions, the truth is buried somewhere, but the list is long enough that most folks will not pick the true answers out of the hodge-podge. I don’t think that is accidental.

Years ago I read Jim Garrison’s book about the assassination and some of the characters involved in it. I think Garrison was on to something. He brought one of the people he felt was involved to trial and the jury acquitted the man in record time if I recall correctly. Which fact proved to Garrison that it was an exercise in futility to try to get these people to trial. The same scenario would only be repeated again and again. After that he sort of backed off. He figured out what the game was and realized that if he continued the Deep State would probably add his name to the assassination list.  I don’t have Garrison’s book anymore. I think I may have loaned it to someone that did not return it. Suffice it to say here that the Warren Commission Report was a farce.

I have done considerably more research on the Lincoln assassination and, again, suffice it to say that the official government version of that event, was the Warren Commission version of Lincoln’s demise. About the only thing they got right was the fact that Booth shot Lincoln. The rest was a “cunningly devised fable” put out by the Deep State of Lincoln’s day to beguile the public so they would not do any real digging as to who did, or didn’t, do what. The Deep State of Lincoln’s day did to Lincoln what the Deep State in Kennedy’s day did to him.

There were different reasons in both cases, but one thing is evident. Both presidents, somehow, slipped off the rails and ended up doing things the Deep State did not want done and so both paid the ultimate price for their political “indiscretions.”

Kind of shows you who really runs the country, doesn’t it? And let’s face it, that ain’t the people we voted in to run the country. We have, in effect, a shadow government that really runs the country, for their own benefit, not ours, and they are going to make sure they hang on to their power, even if that means taking out a president here and there.

That brings us down to our current president, Mr. Trump. He has done several things the Deep State does not approve of, which is one reason we have had the “Russian collusion” hoax and now the “Impeachment hoax” and if this one does not work out for them I am sure there will be another hoax down the road apiece. The public seems to be more aware of this stuff now than they used to be, so the Deep State’s explanations for all of it are not flying too well anymore. If the Deep State’s efforts to stop Trump do not work out as planned, you have to wonder if the Deep State will end up using the Lincoln and Kennedy solutions to deal with him. I pray God that such does not happen, but we all need to  realize that the “powers behind the throne” mean to stay in power, no matter who sits on the throne.

It would behoove the public to learn more about the Deep State and who really runs the country, and there are some places you can do that.

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