Political Correctness–the enemy of humanity

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Recently financial and investment advisor Doug Casey was interviewed and the article dealing with that interview was posted on http://www.lewrockwell.com for November 16th of this year.

Mr. Casey dealt mostly with the subject of political correctness and noted, quite accurately, that those who consciously promote that plague are “enemies of humanity.” I couldn’t agree more. Mr. Casey observed how, over the centuries, language changes, which is something we all have noted in passing. But, regarding the language of political correctness, he says: “This is different. It’s not an organic change. It’s an attempt by people who see themselves as the ruling class to not just influence the way the proletariat speaks, but the way they think. Or perhaps I should say the way they feel. Thinking is hard work, but even an imbecile can feel.” He makes a good point here. Many of our so-called “hot button” issues today are geared to appeal to the emotions and not the intellect–to get people all worked up emotionally over some issue before they have had time to really think about it. This is political correctness to a T!

And Casey continues: “Political types–absolutely including the ‘woke’ brigade and so-called Social Justice Warriors–specialize in appealing to the emotions, not the intellect. It makes sense when you are  trying to sway the mob. If people actually thought about the notions the wokesters promote, they would realize it was just claptrap to manipulate and swindle them. It’s smarter to sway their emotions. The mob acts on their feelings, which you can excite with a 30-second sound bite and a picture….The degradation of language is very important. It’s not a question of just being able to express yourself. Language facilitates your ability to think. If the enemy–and these people are actually the enemies of humanity–capture the language they almost automatically win the war.”  Where George Orwell intended his book 1984 as a warning about what was to come, the politically correct gurus have turned that around and use his book as an instruction manual to train the useful idiots among them about how to neuter our thought processes. Sound scary? It is, moreso when you understand what they are doing. They are working at making our next generation into blithering idiots.

Casey stated: “These people share Big Brother’s psychology and way of thinking. They want to use language to control the way people act and feel…This is happening everywhere, but especially in almost all the universities and colleges. It’s one of the many reasons why I have, for many years, urged people to think twice before spending four years and a small fortune, going to college…It’s one reason why I urge high school students not to go to college. Even back then, almost 40 years ago, it was a misallocation of time and money for most people.”

Mr. Casey noted: “But today it’s much more serious. Colleges and universities have  been totally captured by socialists, collectivists, cultural Marxists–call them what you will. And they are a corrupting influence.” Casey knows whereof he speaks. And he continues to warn us–at least those who will listen.  He says “Now the virus is not  only much more virulent than it was during the 60s and 70s, but it’s  much more widespread and much more ingrained in society.” And what he says after that is what should make all of us, especially Christians, especially concerned. He says” “And it doesn’t just start in college. It starts in high school, and even grade school today.” Did you get that–grade school? Your kids are being fed political correctness, which is part of the plague of collectivism,  in grade school! What defense do you think the average nine or ten year old has against this? Especially if it is part of the curriculum?

He asks a penetrating question toward the end of this interview. He asks “How do you convince hundreds of millions of people not to be busybodies? To think, not feel? To analyze the actual meaning of what teachers and demagogues say? The answer is: You can’t.  The degradation has been going on a long time. You don’t reverse a trend overnight–assuming you can change its direction at all.”

And while all this moral corruption has been going on, the church has mostly been asleep–the slumber of the totally unaware–who are so convinced that their “rapture” is going to deliver them out of all this that they just don’t give a rip! What happens when they find their “rapture” is little more than a Scofieldian heresy and isn’t going to “save” them from having to deal with the real world? That will be where the rubber really meets the road!

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