Was Lincoln the First Deep State President?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Given the way Lincoln sought to govern I think the title of this article is a legitimate question. He had the soul of a socialist dictator, a prerequisite for being part of the Deep State. He most definitely had an agenda worked out before he even got into office–and a big part of that agenda was his plan to break the armistice with the Confederate States of South Carolina and Florida and reinforce both Forts Sumter and Pickens with troops and then blame the South for “starting” the war.

The establishment media in the North endorsed what he was doing, just as the mainstream media in our day endorses all the socialist Democrats are now doing in their attempt to take Trump down. The “news” media, then as now, was bought and paid for. There were exceptions, but the problem was that the exceptions were exceptions. Just like today!

Lincoln’s view of the foundations of the country would have been one any Deep Stater in our day would love. Lincoln disabused himself of any idea that the individual states seceded from Great Britain. Nothing so simple as that for Lincoln. No,  for him, the undissolvable Union had always existed, way back before the states were even thought about. One big and growing monolith–manifest destiny at its greatest!

Awhile back I read an article on http://www.quebecoislibre.org from way back in August 15, 2008 by Chris Leithner in which he dealt with Lincoln and his attitudes about slavery and the war. Leithner said of Lincoln that: “Abraham Lincoln, then, was not the Great Emancipator: he was the Great Warmonger and imperialist, the Great Racist, the Great Taxer-and-Spender, the Great Corruptionist, the Great Incarcerator and the Great Vandal of the Constitution. He was a war criminal and America’s worst-ever president.” Maybe worse than Obama, even, though that would be hard to imagine. Maybe they’d tie for first place among worst presidents. The point is, though,  that all the things here that Leithner accuses Lincoln of are all major hallmarks of the Deep State mentality. It’s the way they all think and operate today. So was 1860 any different? Not so’s you’d notice.

In regard to the War of Northern Aggression, Leithner notes that “…perhaps the most despicable (lie) of all is that the War of Northern Aggression was necessary. Only war, say its mythologizers and apologists, could have ended slavery.  The truth, of course, is that it was a war of choice and not necessity.” And it was Lincoln’s choice–he wanted the war so badly that he broke the armistice with two Southern states to get us into it. I noted as much in my article for this blog on October 22nd, in the book review I posted on that date.

Wars have ever been a tactic of the Deep State, wars to divide and conquer, wars that do not really need to be fought, but wars that make the denizens of the Deep State and their friends lots of money and gain them lots of influence and power in areas they have no business in. The Deep State and its Neo-con allies will keep us fighting in the Middle East until the end of the next millennium if they have their way. Were  Lincoln and the promoters of “Manifest Destiny” any different?

And were there people other than Lincoln that wanted a war? History would seem to indicate there were. I’ve read articles about seven different state governors in the North that pushed Lincoln to go to war. And what about some in Lincoln’s own cabinet and in Congress that so hated the South they were willing to do anything to see the South destroyed? Lincoln was not all by his lonesome here. He had lots of war-mongering companionship, from Edwin Stanton to Thad Stevens to Ben Wade and a whole host of apostates in the North too numerous to mention here. There were even a handful in the South that probably constituted what we refer to as the Deep State of the 1860s.

Leithner’s article noted to absurdity of “the war was fought to free the slaves” narrative when he observed: “On the day that hostilities commenced at Fort Sumter, only the seven states of the Deep South had seceded, there were more slaves within the Union that outside it and Lincoln hadn’t the slightest intention to free any of them.” He maintained that position until after the Battle of Sharpsburg when it became advantageous for him to start prattling about emancipation–mostly to keep Britain and France from helping the South out. All of a sudden emancipation became the new Deep State reason for fighting the war. That lie has been maintained by the Deep State ever since and has become their main vehicle for tearing the South and its heritage down.

Don’t for a New York minute think the Deep State doesn’t want to totally destroy the South and all she has stood for. That destruction is the first part of their agenda to tear this country down. And now we are beginning to see even more of the Deep State’s “hate America” campaign, much of it promoted by leftist thugs like Antifa.

So, no, the Deep State is not new. In one form or another, it has been around since at least the French Revolution. It reared its head in this country noticeably in the 1850s with the advent of the new Republican Party and with the coming on the scene of Lincoln and his socialist buddies from Europe in 1848 and thereafter. Now it’s out there trying to take Trump down. It seems that the more things change the more they stay the same.

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