Is AOC Just Another Shill For The UN?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

If you look closely at AOC’s Green New Deal you get the funny feeling you’ve seen and heard some of it someplace before she touted it. If you got that feeling when you first heard about it, you were right. You had heard some of it before, someplace else, and where you heard of it before was in the United Nations Agenda 21 scam, er, I mean scheme.

Daniel John Sobieski wrote, in an article on on October 23rd of this year that: “In a piece on Watt’s Up With That, Nancy Thorner calls the Green New Deal ‘the boldest tactic yet to advance U.N. Agenda 21: …Enter the Green New Deal, the boldest tactic yet, as proposed by AOC when the Democrat Socialists took control of the House in the 2018 midterms. The origins and the purpose of the Green New Deal are not unlike the positive-sounding objectives of Agenda 21: to protect the environment  and make a better life for all of us.  In that the forces of Agenda 21 were becoming both impatient and scared because after 27 years Agenda 21 had not yet been realized, coupled with the growing apprehension that people around the world were starting to wise up to the real nature of Agenda 21, permitted the cloak of deception to be removed to reveal the true goals of the Green New Deal, socialism and global control as a way to advance Agenda 21.'”

If such is true, and it does seem to be, then you have to ask yourself–Is AOC just another highly paid political shill for the United Nations? Just because she is in Congress would not rule that possibility (probability) out. AOC is a raving socialist. The UN is, to put it charitably, a socialist entity.

Mr. Sobieski observes: “Something wicked this way comes, and it is called the Green New Deal. The direct descendant of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, it will, if fully implemented, complete President Obama’s promised fundamental transformation of America from the land of the free to the home of the impoverished and enslaved.” That’s what Obama, with his Marxist proclivities, had in mind all along. He just didn’t dare tell you that, otherwise many of the useful idiots that voted for him might not have and he needed their votes to get in so he could transform us into the socialist entity he and his handlers planned for us to become.

Needless to say, part of Agenda 21’s wonderful plan for our lives is the doing away with private property. Karl Marx would have loved them for this. It was part of his plan for this country back in the day. That and the doing away with the Christian faith. Even today the UN is still working on that one. In my last article I noted that the UN was not anti-religious–it was and is anti-Christ. Its god is the god of this present world system.

After all, if we are to have what Agenda 21 calls “sustainable development” then we must dispense with all private property because private property leads to “social injustice.” Where have you heard that lately? Probably from some of our socialists in Congress!

Know one thing about these socialists in Congress. None of them are truly their own persons. They are all bought and paid for shills for some “authority” higher than themselves. Don’t be naïve enough to think they are there to help those that voted them into office. That’s a truly foolish notion. They are there to further the agendas of those who rule over them, whether it be the Deep State or the United Nations, or George Soros, or whoever, and in the final analysis, is there any difference between any of those mentioned in this sentence? They all have the same worldview–and the same god.

An article by Alex Newman in The New American for October 21st noted: “Despite globalism-skeptic President Donald Trump being in the White House, the United Nations is behaving more like the global government it seeks to become. Indeed, in recent years, the UN has continued escalating its attacks on America on subjects ranging from immigration policy and border security to abortion, health care, and the protection of God-given rights. It is now at the point where senior UN officials are barking orders at the U.S. government as if America were a mere administrative unit in what globalists describe as the “New World Order.” And the battle may be heating up.”

One thing bothering the UN is the tendency of some states here to begin passing pro-life laws that restrict abortion. According to the United Nations killing pre-born babies is a human right. Not many folks seem to realize that the United Nations they were taught to love in public school advocates the killing of pre-born babies as a “human right.” In fact, you could look at the frenzy to kill unborn babies in our day as a modern form of Molech worship, which probably not bother the UN nearly as much as the worship of Jesus Christ seems to.

None of these issues is, at root, political–they are all theological issues. And unless more Christians in this country begin to wake up and smell the coffee, they may well end up being on the wrong side of some of these issues. When these issues are viewed in a theological context, I can see very little in the United Nations that a Bible-believing Christian can support–and much they should oppose.


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