The United Nations–a blasphemous religious organization

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

In his book Freedom on the Alter, author William Norman Grigg noted, on page 157 that: “Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the prophet of the French Revolution, insisted, ‘no state has ever been established without a religious base.” Much as I hate to agree with the likes of Rousseau, he is correct on this one point. Religious faith, of one sort or another is prevalent in every human endeavor, even where people either deny it or don’t realize it.

Grigg observed that “This was true of the murderous Revolutionary French regime, which…was based Rousseau’s ‘civil religion,…”

In a blasphemous attempt to make the United Nations palatable to Christian folks in this country, Robert Muller, former U.N. Assistant Secretary General, said “If Christ came back to earth, his first visit would be to the United Nations to see if his dream of human oneness and brotherhood had come true. Muller has suggested that the UN itself symbolizes the ‘body of Christ’ and that people worldwide should ‘display the UN flag in all houses of worship’.”

It seems that Muller felt that one world government was also a major step toward one world religion. To compare the true Body of Christ, the Christian Church, to the United Nations is truly a blasphemous undertaking. In a sense you can say that the true seeds of the United Nations were sewn in the barbaric French Revolution. Which revolution also spawned the socialist 1848 revolts in Europe that sent so many communists and socialists to this country to try to help Lincoln accomplish here what they had not been able to do in Europe. To anyone capable of serious reflection it should be doubly obvious that there was nothing “Christian” about any of this!

These are the people that want to take over the rearing of your children, whether in public schools or otherwise. According to a UNICEF motto “Every child is our child.” And that is the attitude of the United Nations.

Grigg has said that “For millennia, political elites have sought to destroy the social primacy of the family as a means of aggrandizing the state. Within the warm fuzziness of the catch-phrase ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’ resides the malignant ambition to destroy the divinely ordained family as an independent source of social authority.”

If you want to do a little research on the UN, then check out whatever you can find out about UNESCO and UNICEF. UNESCO has been so egregious that this country refuses to fund it anymore now that Trump is in office. He should just quit funding the United Nations altogether, as a more anti-American organization does not exist anywhere, except for the Democratic Party in this country. They might give the UN a run for its money when it comes to blatant anti-Americanism!

And when it comes to the tearing down of our Second Amendment, just check out where the UN stands on gun control/confiscation. Check out “The UN and gun control.”

I realize I am asking folks to do a little homework on this go-round, but sometimes if you look some of this stuff up and see it for yourselves it might be a tad more potent than just having me tell you about it.

Rousseau had some rather disturbing ideas about public education. Grigg noted: “The role of public education, he declared,  was to imbue children with a reverence for the state as a ‘tender mother’ and teach them ‘to will nothing contrary to the will of society…’.” Public education was supposed to teach kids to be subservient to the state (or to the United Nations).

October is the anniversary month for the United Nations, in fact, if I recall, the 24th is the actual anniversary. Many have accused the United Nations of being “anti-god” but that is not quite accurate. The United Nations worships a god, but it is not the God of Holy Scripture. The UN is not anti-god. Rather it is anti-Christ. There is a big difference, and Christians need to become aware of that big difference.

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