Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Adam Schiff Show

by Al Benson Jr.

Good evening folks. Welcome to the Adam Schiff Show, brought to you by Nancy Pelosi and friends in the Demoncrat Party who refuse  to have a formal impeachment vote on getting rid of Donald Trump. They say they don’t need such a vote, that they can do whatever they want with no stinkin’ vote needed.

And the chief interlocutor and prevaricator of the show, Adam Schiff, agrees with her. He doesn’t need to do things according to the book, according to standard  precedent. Schiff is simply above all that. Like most of the power elite in this country he can do what he wants.

If those that sponsor his dog and  pony show tell him to push the fake narrative of impeachment for Trump, Schiff, as the willing emcee on his show is more than happy to do that. He  feels that will help his ratings and keep him in the limelight and prevent his show from going the way of the do-do bird.

Schiff has had some “interesting” people on his show. George Soros operative and CFR member Fiona Hill has been one of his main attractions. She told him everything he wanted to  hear–in spades! It made  his whole day. As for its accuracy, what difference did that make? When you’ve been told to push for Trumps impeachment on your show, you take your info from whatever sources you have to. Accuracy has little to do with it. You have to come up with what the show’s producer and director want or you won’t be on the show anymore. Simple as that!

To  enhance his image as one of the nation’s chief Trump haters, Schiff has, so we’ve been told, amassed a whole coterie of fake whistleblowers who have damning evidence against Trump. Of course, for security reasons, most of them won’t ever testify, and for those that do, it will be secret testimony behind closed doors and the public will only ever see the few dribs and drabs that Schiff feels might do Trump major damage. That such “offerings” may well be taken out of context goes without saying. But, hey, if Schiff tells us they are the gospel truth we have to believe him, right?

After all, would the chief prevaricator on the Adam Schiff Show lie to the public?  If you can’t trust that paragon of prevarication, Adam Schiff, then who in government can you trust? So, is Schiff trustworthy? Just ask Hillary Clinton, who would undoubtedly give him a ringing endorsement. After all, he’s trying to get her presidential throne back for her.

Right now Schiff is high up in the pecking order of the Democratic Party. His show has high ratings among “those people.” Of course its ratings are not quite as high among other groups, but then, those other groups really don’t matter. They are all made up of deplorable types, the off-scourings of the earth, those nasty people over there on the political right that the Demoncrats and their Big Tech friends seek to have banned from the internet. Why have them banned? Because they tell the truth, that’s why and in this day of Adam Schiff extravaganzas telling the truth has truly become a revolutionary act-one that Schiff and friends dare not let the public as a whole see.

The public is supposed to learn to depend on presentations like the Adam Schiff Show to get their “truth” from–and heaven help them if they refuse to do that. If they won’t learn to knuckle under and tune in to the Adam Schiff Show daily, why Beto O’Rourke, that phony Mexican Irishman will come and take all their AR 15s away! So there! Take that you rotten deplorables!

4 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Adam Schiff Show

  1. I just read your reply to the last comment, NO you were not too heavy handed with the humor . Those people in congress ( all the Democrats and some of the Republicans ) have some very real problems from the shoulders up ! I cannot help but to believe that normal people across the country are sick of listening to the garbage generated by the MSM and the Dems .

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