The George Soros “Whistleblower” In The White House

by Al Benson Jr.

The Trump White House was penetrated by one of globalist George Soros’ paid informants way back in 2017. Mr. Trump has always had difficulties getting people for his administration that do not have a One World Government worldview. He has come up with a handful of real doozies in the past couple years that both he and we would have been much better off without. His “Make America Great Again” theme is the absolute last thing on their agenda and often it seems as if it takes him awhile to figure that out.

Case in point: Fiona Hill, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations who was invited into the Trump White House by former National Security Advisor, Gen. H. R. McMaster–also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations–yet another person Trump would have been better off without! Maybe what Trump needs is a list of the current membership of the CFR so he could check out prospective new cabinet members to see if they are on that list. If he finds some that are, maybe he should give them roundance when it comes to picking new people for his  administration.

Regarding Fiona Hill, Eren Moreno wrote, on 6/6/17, on that “Hill is known for supporting Soros-funded efforts to flood Europe with Muslim refugees from the Middle East, despite concerns expressed by leaders in Hungary and Poland that the Muslim migrants will fundamentally transform Europe into a Sharia-law continent hostile to European values.” That was the last thing Trump needed, but he got it anyway. A bit more research on Hill’s background could possibly have avoided a costly error. Some of those pastors that follow Trump should pray for discernment for him in this area, but, then, most of them may not know anymore than he does. So we all end up suffering because of lack of discernment and almost total historical ignorance.

I’m not sure that Ms. Hill is still in Trump’s White House, but whether she is or not, the damage there has been done. It now turns out that, according to Soros mole, Fiona Hill is the second White House “whistleblower”  involved in the “Ukraine witch hunt” against Trump.

According to for October 12th, “Now, Hill is set to testify before Congress in an investigation laundering operation that conceals the origins of evidence called parallel construction. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: They claim the so-called whistleblower needs protected identity and whatever they say must be accepted as the word of God

Step 2: A partisan investigation is begun, led by known globalist hacks and anti-Trumpers such a Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.

Step 3: A ‘bait and switch’ occurs where the  very conspirators posing as 3rd party witnesses pretend to be caught up in the investigation and reluctantly are forced to testify–despite the fact that all other real named parties and documents show the exact opposite to be true.”

According to Alex Jones “What they’re doing is illegal. They’ll be the anonymous tipper themselves or the anonymous whistleblower and then use those protections to keep their anonymity. Then they’ll trigger the fake investigation and then be called as a witness because they’re considered a person of knowledge by the committee run by the corrupt Adam Schiff to help concoct the entire scheme in the beginning.”

In other words, the entire thing is a scam to fool the public into thinking their impeachment inquiry is genuine when, in reality, they are running this big scam so they can try to remove Trump from office while passing off the idea that it is really official–when nothing could be further from the truth!

The U.S. House has not approved any formal resolution authorizing a formal impeachment investigation, but Schiff and his socialist cronies are proceeding as if it had. They insist they have all the authority in the world to subpoena all the documents they want from anyone they want them from and claim they don’t need a full House vote on impeachment to do all this. Trump says they won’t get anything from the White House until they take a formal vote in the House to impeach–something they seem hesitant to do for some reason. So Schiff and crew are trying to run a bluff and claim they can do it anyway. It’s kind of a “if we can’t blow them away with our trenchant logic then we’ll just have to baffle them with our BS” situation. And, in all honesty, I think Schiff and company have got lots more BS than sound logic.

No one should give these charlatans the first document until they  launch a formal impeachment proceeding in the House that puts every representative on record, public record, as to where they stand on impeachment. I wouldn’t trust this slimy crew with anything less than that–and even then you’d have to watch to see they didn’t fudge the numbers!


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