Communist China’s Designs On The United States

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Does Communist China have designs on and plans for this country? They always have, and those designs have not gone away with the supposed collapse of communism in the early 1990’s.

Way back in June of 1986 there was an article in the New American magazine by Kirk Kidwell entitled Reagan and The Red Dragon which dealt with the U.S. State Department’s conciliatory position toward Red China. Mr. Kidwell noted: “The Administration’s proposal alarmed a number of conservatives. ‘The sale of advanced avionics to Red China is another step in the U.S. State Department’s long history of accommodating the interests of the United States and the interests of freedom to Communist goals and programs.’ So said Senator Jesse Helms.” Helms also said that: “Red China is not a reliable ally. The West will rue the day it did anything at all to strengthen China’s Communist government.” Of course one has to remember that one of the State Department’s star employees in his day was a man named Alger Hiss. Anyone remember Mr. Hiss–the Communist spy?

Of course I realize that even mentioning the name of the New American magazine is enough to automatically get this article removed from certain venues, but the truth is still the truth, even though Big Tech in this country seeks to cover it up. Over the years I have kept a file of articles about Red China’s designs to weaken and ultimately destroy the West. And anyone who thinks they ever ceased those designs is naïve.

The leopard has never changed his spots. Even PBS Radio, has to admit that.  In a web article by Courtney Vinopal on Oct 3, 2019 the headline reads: In China’s film industry, the Communist Party is in the director’s chair.

The article states: “The Chinese government wants to send the message that representing their country should take precedence above anything else, Rosen said,  and that actors who find themselves in the crosshairs of the authorities will often ‘go overboard in praise of the Communist Party’ in order to keep working. Over the past decade,  China has focused on its home-grown film industry as part of its broader efforts to build up its creative industries overall. These efforts have proved immensely profitable; China is soon expected to surpass the U.S.  and Canada as the world’s No. 1 film market, and a number of Chinese film companies have signed lucrative deals with Hollywood studios in recent years.” Stop and look at this last statement. No matter what anyone says or what they deny, that means that Hollywood is going to be strongly influenced by the government of Communist China. If you are a moviegoer you might start to look for hints of that influence–subtle and not so subtle. This sort of influence is one reason my wife and I no longer go to the movies.

I don’t need to pay some theater chain somewhere exorbitant ticket prices so I can be propagandized rather than entertained–and there is a difference!

The article continues: “Disney is not going to offend China–they’ve had so much invested there, with theme parks, etc. and their films,…” Disney may well offend American parents anymore–some of their recent offerings have done so, according to comments I have read, but they  won’t dare offend the Communist government in China. There was a day when you could trust Disney movies to be pretty much wholesome and entertaining. I remember that day. It no longer exists.

There was also a recent article (12/12/18) on by Robert Kraychik. This article observed that “Former Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) told Breitbart News that China uses technology and finance as tools to globally project its  communist ideology.  Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour asked McCotter about recent developments related to China’s giant telecommunications company Huawei. Huawei’s CFO, Meng Wanzhou, was released on bail by a Canadian court  on Tuesday after being arrested on Saturday in Vancouver, Canada.”

The article continued: “(Communism) is antithetical to the progression of human nature, and the prosperity and salubriousness of human nature’ stated McCotter. ‘When you understand that the (People’s Liberation Army’s) former general founded Huawei, and you understand what they were up to, if you understand the influence and operations run by (people) like Ceausescu and his regime, you understand what Huawei was. Huawei is not a private entity, because communist ideology does not allow it to be a private entity. Everything is owned by the state, and you’re allowed to use it at their leisure, at their whim. So these are front groups. These are not separate organizations. So they are going to be used to get  into the technology of the West, and those countries of democracy.”

McCotter noted of the Chinese Liberation Army that “they have a division of cyber warfare, and so this is something that has been long planed, and it’s just a progression…So when you look at it, it’s been part of an overall comprehensive effort.”

In other words, even with the so-called “collapse” of communism, the Red Chinese have never ceased their efforts and agenda to undermine the West, and especially the United States. This is something we today need to grasp. Those people are still out to do us in–and now they have help from many in our own Congress and the prostitute press in this country.

All the radicals in our own Congress are shouting that Trump has committed treason. What they are actually doing is blaming him for the sins they have committed. So when it comes to treason, maybe we should look a little closer to home. Many may be tempted to think that our own Congress and Red China have nothing in common. Sorry, but I am not one of those. I think they have more in common than we’d like to think.

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