A Real Whistleblower Testifies (not these phonies we are getting now)

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

This material is from Greg Hunter’ USAWatchdog.com and it has to do with a former CIA officer, Kevin Shipp. This article appeared on the Zero Hedge web site for October 7th and there was a video with it where Kevin Shipp was interviewed which I strongly recommend your watching. It is worth your time and you will learn much about this impeachment charade now taking place.

The article noted: “Former CIA officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the so-called whistleblower the Democrats are using to try to impeach President Trump is part of another Deep State hoax. This is not a whistleblower. Let’s just start with that. This is a leaker…”

Mr. Shipp made some very revelatory comments when he also said: “This person did not have anything to blow the whistle on. Everything written in this document is written not by this leaker, but by attorneys, and it is hearsay. There is no evidence in it whatsoever. It is not a whistleblower complaint. He did not go through proper channels. He went directly to Congressman Adam Schiff, and people have got to understand this is another shadow government Deep State operation actually trying to remove the President…what they craftily did was put him under the whistleblower statute so he could not be investigated. The mysterious sources he was using could not be investigated, and that’s their plan…This is another criminal operation to impeach Donald Trump…This is very similar to a KGB or SVR operation.” And Shipp went on to say that a hoax of this magnitude “could not be perpetrated on the public without the help and coordination of the mainstream (MSM).

In other words, Shipp is telling us something about the prostitute press we all should have figured out long ago. Under the guise of providing us with “balanced” news, they are just flat out lying to us. The mainstream media is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Deep State–the American Pravda, as it were.

Shipp stated: “This leaker, plant got this false information and gave it to Adam Schiff,  and then they created their own news stories about this. Then the whistleblower used those news stories  to try to add credibility to the garbage he’s put in the complaint…”

Remember, this is the same Adam Schiff who claimed he had scads of evidence proving Trump was guilty of collusion with the Russians during the 2016 election that Hillary was supposed to have won. It would seem that if Schiff had this mountain of evidence against Trump he should have eagerly provided it to Robert Mueller so he could have used it in his “Russian collusion” witch hunt. But, for some mysterious reason, Schiff did not do that. And he didn’t do that because he didn’t have any evidence. In other words, Mr. Schiff is an unmitigated liar. So, if he lied about that, why wouldn’t he lie about all this impeachment stuff? He would–and has!

I don’t know if Mr. Shipp is accurate on this next point or not. I hope he is. He seems to feel there will be criminal charges brought against several who took part in the Russian collusion hoax. He seems to feel that one of the first to be charged will be former CIA Director, John Brennan. Lord hasten the day!  He also seems to think that Brennan will “roll over and sing like a bird.”

He said: “I thing John Brennan will roll over on James Clapper. I think John Brennan will roll over on Jim Comey. I think John Brennan will roll over on the coup itself when he’s looking at the rest of his life in prison…He’ll roll over on Obama. This comes down to saving his own skin…” I really hope Mr. Shipp is on target here. These political criminals have been getting away with stuff for decades.

If they are not made to pay for their crimes–then there is no justice in this country anymore.

Update:  An article on http://www.lewrockwell.com for October 8th by James Howard Kunstler stated, quite accurately, that: “The machinations of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff in this latest ‘whistleblower’ affair pulsate with skullduggery. Are we to suppose that they will march out one ‘whistleblower’ after another whose identity–or very reality–will remain secret through these proceedings?  This is the sort of thing you get in Spanish inquisitions and Soviet show trials. Until recently, all Americans had very  firm objections to kangaroo courts and star chambers  where the common-law safeguards of due process are thrown out the window. If the standoff goes to the Supreme Court, we’ll surely get another crusade to disqualify Justice Kavanaugh.”

Most Americans didn’t like kangaroo courts and inquisitions until the Demoncrats discovered how they could use them to game the system and tear down our constitutional guarantees. Now the Democrats are all in favor of these, if it will forward their agenda to tear the country apart–which is really all they are all about! Voters need to remember this in the next election–if we even get to that point!

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