What Was Steve Bannon Doing In Poland?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

After my recent article on Steve Bannon and the Deep State I received several comments from readers pertaining to Mr. Bannon.

One comment came from a gentleman who is quite conversant with the machinations of the Deep State and its agenda for the rest of us and for the world.

I will quote here what he said to me because I think it shows us a tactic the Deep State has used in the past and, it would seem, is still using. He said: “During a recent visit to Poland, the anti-communist group, Go Against the Tide, showed me a video of Steve Bannon in Poland advocating drawing closer to Russia in order to counter China. This is the same tactic the Insiders have used over and over again to help one communist country as a foil against another. They have used this tactic several times vis-à-vis China and Russia but they also used it with Yugoslavia. In this manner they  help build up communist countries in the name of fighting communism!!!”

I hadn’t thought about this for awhile, but now that I reflect on it, I believe this man is right on the money. Thinking back thirty years or so, I can recall this tactic having been used. Some people, who probably knew better, would say “If you want to help stop what the Russians are doing then just get in there and support Red China and they will act as sort of a buffer to Soviet aggression.” Yeah, right! You are going to support one communist country so it can help you put the brakes on another communist country! Come on folks, get real. This is nothing more than letting Brer Fox into the henhouse so he can make sure no racoons bother any of your chickens!

In the name of “fighting communism” you end up aiding and abetting it. You can say what you want about Putin, but I have never forgotten that he was a KGB operative–and you don’t just walk away from that anymore than you just walk away from the CIA. Does anyone reading this honestly think John Brennan just “walked  away” from the CIA? If he did, why was his security clearance not revoked? I heard that Trump ordered that to be done but that his order somehow never quite got carried out. Surprise, surprise!

So what is Steve Bannon doing in Poland playing what used to be (and probably still is) a communist game? I’m sure inquiring minds would love to know.

A big part of Donald Trump’s problem is that his administration is literally riddled with Deep State operatives, probably so many he can’t even begin to count them all, and some of them he has put there himself, only to get rid of some of them later, but not all and not enough!

If he really is going to drain the swamp then he has to start getting rid of these people wholesale, and not just one here and there, which is what he has been doing up to this point. He gets rid of one and there are nine more to take his place.

How many Obama appointees are there still in his administration? I wish I had a dollar for everyone! I’d be able to take my wife out to dinner every night for a month! Yet Trump has seemed almost ambivalent about these people, as if, now that he’s president, they can’t do anything more to hurt him.

I assume with all these “whistleblowers” lining up to pass along secondhand information about him to Shifty Schiff maybe he is getting a rude awakening all of a sudden. He’d better. If he doesn’t then we may end up with Hitlery in the White House way before the 2020 elections, which she has been positioning herself to run in as I write this.

Sound far out? It ain’t! The Deep State is planning on getting rid of Trump–any way it has to.  Impeachment would be easier, but if for some reason that doesn’t work, they are more than prepared for whatever else they have to do, up to and including what they did to JFK.

As for Steve Bannon, I still wonder who’s paying his freight–and for what reason?

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