Steve Bannon and the Deep State

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Back in 2018 the informative New American magazine did two separate issues, one in January and another in August, dealing with the Deep State and its evil machinations. If you never read these, you need to. I have a few copies of both issues on hand which I would be glad to send out to concerned people for the cost of postage–probably about $3.00. I would send them out for nothing if I could afford to do that but, with my finances, it is not possible.

In this vein, I noted an article on the Zero Hedge web site this morning, October 6th, which quoted former Trump advisor, Steve Bannon, as saying that the concept of “Deep State is a conspiracy theory for nutcases.”

I must admit, since he left the White House, I have often wondered who was paying Bannon’s freight, as at times he seems to be all over the board on various issues.

Almost as if he realized he needed to blunt his comment about the Deep State, he followed up with “There’s nothing ‘deep’ about it. It’s right in your face.” To some extent he’s right there. It is constantly in all our faces, but it is just subtle enough that most folks don’t  quite recognize it for what it is.

The Zero Hedge article noted that: “Of course, many define the ‘deep state’ to include a group of powerful, unelected individuals calling shots while their servants carry out their agenda at all levels of government.” I get the distinct impression from Bannon’s comments that he doesn’t quite see it that way. Maybe he should. After all, he’s “been there and done that” so to speak, so he should know. Maybe he does know and, knowing, has decided to back off. Some folks do that. Safer for them that way.

Bannon’s remarks are found in a new book by James B. Stewart, which will be published day after tomorrow (Oct 8th).

Breitbart News just published an article entitled Lessons of Impeachment, from Watergate to Monicagate to Bidengate.  The Guardian noted this and it quoted Breitbart when it said: “And so when the New York Times informs us that the whistleblower works for the CIA–the former domain of Trump-hater John Brennan–and is thus ‘non-political’ well, that’s good for a Virgilian belly laugh. Indeed, when one considers the legal craftsmanship of the report,  it’s obvious that the whistleblower had a lot of help in the researching and writing of the document. —Breitbart.

The article closes with this: “Yes, this is the deep state in action, and it’s out for blood.”

That being the case one can hardly label the Deep State as any kind of “conspiracy theory for nutcases.” Rather, it is more of a demonic entity with an agenda toward destroying all those who dare to oppose what it seeks to do. Like every other “entity” the Deep State has a god that directs where it is to go and what it is to do along the way.

At the risk of sounding obtuse–do I  need to explain to you all who the “god” of the Deep State is?

And also, news has just come from that, in light of Comrade Joe Biden’s disintegrating presidential campaign dear old Hillary is positioning herself for yet another run at the presidency. After all, she was denied her rightful place on the throne when that upstart Trump beat her out. The fact that he won legitimately makes no difference whatever. Hillary is entitled to be president. It’s her turn now and she’s been waiting for it since 2016.

As far as the theological implications of this, you have to know that the god of the Deep State is the god of Hillary Clinton.

3 thoughts on “Steve Bannon and the Deep State

  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    Deep State trying desperately to silence, get rid of Trump. The more Trump speaks out, the more of the Deep State he exposes. And yes many are elected officials, working for those non-elected bodies that dominate the Deep State and their agenda. And no, no need to explain who the “god” of the Deep State is.

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