The Coup–Part 2

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I just spent five days in the hospital so I was away from my computer and my normal sources of news were not available to me. I did manage to  pick up Fox News and so was able to keep somewhat  abreast of what went on and what I saw was not good.

I watched all of this impeachment scam and watched the Demoncrats spread bald-faced lies about what Trump said and did. I fail to see how anyone with even half of their mental capacities can remotely believe anything those people say. I spoke to the pastor of a church recently and his comment was “The Democrats are just nuts now.”

I think he was on target. The Demoncrats still have one agenda–the overturning of the results of the 2016 election and the installing of Comrade Hitlery on the throne. Although they will deny that, it is their sole agenda. Hitlery was supposed to win for the Deep State and complete the ruin of this country as we know it.  Sadly for her and them she didn’t get to do that so they have tried to implement several versions of Plan B to be rid of Trump.

The latest version was the one outlined in the Mueller Report, which ended up being a total bust and it became evident that Mueller obviously didn’t even author it. Just goes to show you that even the denizens of the Deep State screw up once in awhile–thanks be to God.

The first part of the Coup to dispense with that upstart Trump failed miserably. So now we arrive at the second part of this Coup–the impeachment of that upstart Trump. If this part of the Deep State’s Coup to overthrow the legitimate president of this country somehow ends up in failure, we may not want to ask what the Deep States next move will be. Three guesses!

One thought to take from all this. Believe nothing the fake news media tells you about this. It will all be lies. Believe nothing any of the Demoncrats tell you about any of this. They and the fake news media are the biggest liars in the country and as of now their total agenda is to keep the public totally in the dark as to what this is really all about–the total destruction of legitimate government in this country.


4 thoughts on “The Coup–Part 2

  1. Mr. Benson
    I’m sorry to learn of your illness and hope you have recovered.
    I can’t tell you how much I and others appreciate your articles !
    Thomas Fleming


  2. Could not agree more. The democrat play book is worn out,I know I am not alone when I say that I am sick of listening to all of the evil the Democrats have uncovered about Trump. They all need to go crawl under a rock somewhere !!!
    I trust you are doing better, we need to keep you on the job……..

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