Trump Committed “Treason”–This from a Council on Foreign Relations Member!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

According to USA Today a former Massachusetts Governor, William Weld, has accused President Trump of treason over the so-called “Ukraine scandal.” I won’t spell out here what I think of Weld’s accusation except that it can be best described by an eight letter word beginning with the letter B, that is not used in polite company.

Needless to say, Comrade Weld plans on running against Trump in this next election, supposedly from the “right.” What a laugh! While Weld is a Republican that doesn’t mean he is challenging Trump from the right. There have been many Republican socialists in this country since the 1850s.

I tried to find out if William Weld was any relation to the abolitionist, Theodore Weld, that married one on the Grimke Sisters, those radical abolitionist females from South Carolina. My search in that area did not turn up anything, but, then, maybe I missed something. If anyone else comes up with anything in that area, please let me know. It would fit perfectly with the world view of Mr. Weld.

According to Arthur Thompson’s latest book In the Shadows of the Deep State, William Weld is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. That fact alone means he has no interest in American sovereignty, which he sees as being subsumed into some sort of One World socialist government, because that is the real agenda of the CFR. That being the case, who, then, is Mr. Weld to be howling about treason? Can you not say about the CFR that here is an organization that, although it would be the last to admit it, is subtly working to  reduce  this country’s sovereignty?

I think their efforts in this area are every bit (and more so) as treasonous as anything Donald Trump may have engaged in. Weld seems to think Trump should be executed for what he has done regarding Ukraine. Interesting that the political left, and some on the “right” seem to have no problem whatever with what Joe Biden and his son did over in Ukraine and how Biden threatened to pull political aid from that country unless they quit investigating his son’s unethical dealings over there. But who needs to be aware of all that? Nothing to see there, folks! Just ask Joe Biden, he’ll tell you! The left has a fetish about jumping on anything Trump does, all the while totally ignoring what those among their own number are doing.

I could just label the leftists as scumbags, but then, that might be a real insult to the legitimate scumbags of the world.

Professor Tom DiLorenzo commented on this situation on the LRC Blog this morning (9/23/19). The title of his brief comments was Bloodthirsty New England Elitist Jackass. A fitting title, I thought.

Professor DiLorenzo observed: “I speak of course of Bill Weld, who says that Donald Trump should be executed for treason. I assume by treason Weld, who has spend most of his adult life as a government employee, means the ‘crime’ of refusing to be ruled by the New England  Yankee elitists like Weld who have ruled over America since 1865. (One of his ancestors was one of the very first students at Harvard in 1650 and another was an officer in Lincoln’s army.”

And DiLorenzo continues: “Council on Foreign Relations member Weld reminds me of his 19th century predecessors who ‘worshipped’ the self-described communist, and murderous martyr John Brown, and who gleefully participated in the mass murder of their fellow citizens in the Southern states by the hundreds of thousands for having the audacity of opposing being plundered by the New England Yankee mercantilist  elitist. Perpetually angry. Spitting mad. Entitled. Calling for the death of those that refuse his rule. A perfect example–almost as perfect as Hillary Clinton–of what Clyde Wilson calls “the Yankee Problem in America.”

And folks, we do have a “Yankee problem” in America–but that does not include lots of good Northern folks who have much the same world view as most Southern folks–they just want to be left alone to live their lives in peace.

But the Yankee/Marxist types amongst us are not about to let that happen. They mean to rule, by any means necessary and they do not care a tinker’s damn about what we want. Their agenda is to promote and push on us what they want. And our agenda must be to stand up and resist them. 

To let them get away with their evil designs without resisting those evil designs is nothing more than being tantamount to complicity.


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