The Culture Killers

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

They came to destroy Southern culture and history–and you said nothing because you were not a Southerner. Then they came to destroy all American culture and history and you, again, said nothing because, even though you lived here, you were not an American. So let me ask you a question, if you are someone with a legitimate culture and history, what in the world makes you think they won’t get around to coming after your culture and history? Well? Just because they haven’t gotten around to you yet doesn’t mean they ain’t coming! Maybe you need to think about that. If they totally destroy American culture and history then who will be left to help you defend yours?

Don’t all answer at once now!

Many of us have noted the  planned destruction of our culture here in the South. Although many of us have resisted it, not enough have gotten off their beds of ease to assist us. Much too easy just to stay at rest and let the reality shows help us drift off into nirvana or wherever it is they take us.

Has anyone ever stopped to think that the real reason for reality shows and much of the  other drivel on the tube is to keep you from doing anything constructive toward preserving the culture and history God has bequeathed to you? Hadn’t even thought about that? Maybe you should!

Much of what is presented to us by the media, be it the news media or the entertainment media, is meant to destabilize us, to render us useless as anything but “useful idiots” for the leftists and Deep State types to move us around on their New World Order chessboard however they will.

For you Southern folks that this article makes uncomfortable, good! Maybe you will begin to realize you need to do something to make sure your grandchildren even have a history and heritage. If you don’t, mark my words–it will be gone!

For those that do become concerned, why not check out the Sons of Confederate Veterans website, especially a new project by the SCV called Make Dixie Great Again. With a little effort you should be able to find the SCV website and this project herein mentioned. I would urge you to check it out. Find out what you can do to help.

Also check out the website for The Confederate Society of America. They have a blog on their site with some great educational articles–stuff you need to be aware of, stuff you can pass along to your kids to help them get educated. If you think your kids will be educated about your real history and heritage in public school, forget it. In that hostile environment they will be miseducated about their real history and heritage. I know good folks that has happened to. Thankfully, in time, they realized what was happening to their grandchildren and sought sources of accurate history to help turn their grandchildren’s thinking around.

Now they are telling us the Betsy Ross flag and the “Don’t tread on me” flag are “racist.” In other words, anything they don’t like in America’s history is now “racist.” Does it ever occur to you that the people pushing all this “racist” crap are, themselves, the biggest racists of all. They claim all whites are racist. Anyone with a brain realizes that is bovine fertilizer. All that does is prove their racial animosity toward all white folks. So the white-haters are the real racists. Does it also occur to you (it should) that the people pushing and promoting all this racism have an agenda? It’s the old “divide and conquer” strategy. Easier to conquer your adversaries in detail, one at a time than all at once, so if you can get them to hate each other you can pick them off one at a time.

Just because we got Trump into office, don’t for a New York minute, thing the federal government is your friend now. There are people in the government that would deep six Trump in a millisecond if they could.

Let us never forget, the Deep State is committed to our destruction as a people. Our culture, heritage and history, particularly the Christian part of it, is something they want to totally obliterate. They are truly the sons of the Illuminists and the French Revolution. Bush 1 proved that when he let the cat out of the bag with his “New World Order” commentary several years ago.

So the culture killers are at work among us, and some of them occupy very high offices in Washington, and also in many of our state capitols. Don’t you ever wonder why so many Southern governors are in such  a heat to do away with Confederate monuments? Especially when 80% of the people in their states want them left alone? Such governors are part of the culture killing Deep State that wants us all gone and our culture forgotten–so they can then replace it with something the cultural Marxists will approve of.

“Those people” need to be resisted, by every lawful and legal means–before resisting their culture killing schemes is outlawed.

I realize lots of folks just won’t want to be bothered, but the day will come when they will stand before the Lord and He will ask them “what did you do to preserve the culture and heritage I gave you?” And what will their reply be then? Do you really think the Lord will care that you watched 4,000 reality shows but did nothing to pass your heritage on to your children? Something else maybe you need to think about!


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