They Are Shutting Trump Down

by Al Benson Jr.

The political Left, the Deep State, the so-called news media are all working to shut President Trump down–and after a constant three year battle, it is starting to look as if they might be doing just that.

Arthur Thompson, in his revelatory book In the Shadows of the Deep State notes on page 268 that: “Due to the domestic war against Trump within what has become known as the Swamp, our intelligence services and the Justice Department have come into question among a large part of the American people regarding the lack of political neutrality and the apparent move by upper echelon personnel to scuttle Donald Trump’s candidacy and then his presidency.”

I am not sure if Mr. Trump realizes the full import of what those people are and have been doing to him. I think he has some grasp by not total grasp of how these people really hate his guts and want him gone–no matter what price they have to pay to do that.

Unfortunately, in some instances, I think Trump unwittingly helps those who plot his destruction. Case in point, the former head of the CIA, John Brennan–a despicable creature if ever there was one. Here is a man who voted for the Communist Party candidate for president in 1976, yet four years later, he is in the CIA and under Obama ends up the head of that organization. So does that tell us the political Left controls the CIA? What do you think?

Trump supposedly pulled Brennan’s security clearance, something he should have done at the start of his administration, but didn’t. Supposedly he did it later on, but I read awhile back that Brennan, who is now in the private sector, still has that clearance, which means he can still go in and read certain government documents he should no longer have access to, but still does. So what happened here? Did those that were supposed to pull Brennan’s security clearance just not bother? Or did they just forget–conveniently?  This is one situation Trump needed to follow up on and it seems he didn’t.

Then there is the “Justice” Department–so-called. When William Barr got in there we were told the mess there would be straightened out. At the risk of being a bit previous, I have one comment–don’t hold your breath waiting!

Barr has already gone over some of the problems caused by former FBI director, James Comey, who has already lied to Congress and been caught at it. He has decided that what he has seen so far is something he will not indict Comey for. So Comey has broken the law–but he gets a free pass. If you or I did what he did we’d be in the slammer, but because Comey is an integral part of the Swamp (Deep State) he automatically gets a pass. You watch, the same thing will happen with Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One deal with Putin.

We have a two-tiered system of “justice” in this country–one set of rules for us deplorables and another set for the Swamp Creatures (the elites) who commit crimes far above what the ordinary con man could ever devise–and they never  pay for their crimes. I realize that,  at some point, God will judge them for their crimes, and there is no escape for them from that Judgment. But I would like to see some of them, at least, pay for their sins in this life. So far, Trump has yet to really deal with this issue.

And now he is talking about letting some government agency, along with the psychiatrists decide who  should be able to own firearms in this country. Do we really want government spooks and doctors to decide who can exercise our Second Amendment rights and who can’t? Once that happens you can kiss your Second Amendment rights goodbye–and all the rest as well–because the Second Amendment is the linchpin that holds up the rest of them.

Trump, who is supposed to be a supporter of the Second Amendment should realize this, but apparently he does not seem to. Wouldn’t it be ironic if, during the regime of Obama, we had been able to retain our gun rights (and Obama was a big gun grabber) and we ended up losing those rights during the administration of Trump, who supposedly supports the Second Amendment? You think the Deep State denizens of our Washington Swamp wouldn’t laugh about that all the way to the (Federal Reserve) bank?

I don’t think Trump fully grasps the situation he is in and if he continues in that vein, it will be his undoing–and that of the country as well.


3 thoughts on “They Are Shutting Trump Down

  1. In a very real sense I completely agree with your assessment of the situation we are faced with in this country. If anyone today is not very, very disturbed about what is going on in Washington and in fact across the entire USA they are simply unable to think clearly or else they are a Democrat. However I must say I do not know the name of any other individual in this country who would even attempt what Trump has done. Trump has a lot of people in the Republican party who are working against him just as hard as they possibly can. There seems to be something else going on in the Republican party, at least 15 members of congress are retiring , that seems like a lot to be retiring at one time. I really enjoy reading your post , KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  2. David,
    I know Trump did several good things and the alternative to him was just unthinkable. And he also has many in his own party that might as well be socialist Democrats, as they really are in all but name. Still, there are some things Trump should have done to insure that he would have a fighting chance to implement his agenda, and many of them he has not done. I thin, to some degree, he basked in his own glory and did not work to take proper measures against those who would cut his throat, and I think, bit by bit, they have worn him down.

  3. Do we really want government spooks and doctors to decide who can exercise our Second Amendment rights and who can’t?

    (And, DO WE U.S. Citizens want “government spooks and doctors who we don’t know or have any choice” in selecting, and unknown to very, very few of WE U.S. Citizens, making decisions for all the other Constitutional Articles and Bill of Rights of individual Citizens Amendments for us?

    I say NO! If one Article or Amendment is given over to spooks and doctors our Government will delegate all other Constitutional Articles and Bill of Rights Amendments to other spooks that will at some time not have the best interest of we U.S. citizens at heart and essentially rule our nation. We have seen that behavior big time in the two terms of life-long communist Barack H. Obama–and look what shape our Nation is in today…

    What does Trump think our U.S. Supreme and Federal Courts are for? Delegate to unknown spooks and doctors and our Constitution and Bill of Rights won’t be worth a plug nickel. We will have no need or use for Federal Courts…or our U.S. Supreme Court–they will not have a role in deciding what the interpretation of cases are according to our Constitution…

    Bill of Rights Amendments are rights and powers of individual U.S. Citizens NOT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT! The U.S. Supreme and Inferior courts system was created by our Founders to “interpret our Constitution and Bill of Rights, not Government! Our Founders intended that Government not infringe on any of our ten Amendments!!! Read ’em and weep!

    Since the mid-1800s we have allowed Government to usurp we citizen’s rights and powers! Are going to just sit back and allow suppressive Governments slowly transform our republican form of government into a one party tyrannical autocratic government as Obama declared he was going to do?

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