From Young America To The Bolshevik Revolution

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The blog has had many insightful articles on it over the years. I recall reading one from February 17, 2013 which dealt, in part, with a group called Young America. Ersjdamoo noted that “Historian Yonatan Eyal argues that the 1840s and 1850s were the heyday of the  faction of young Democrats that called itself ‘Young America.’ Led by Stephen Douglas, James K Polk and Franklin Pierce, and New York financier August Belmont, this faction broke  with the agrarian and strict constructionist orthodoxies of the past and embraced commerce, technology, regulation, reform, and internationalism.” Anyone familiar with the history of that time realizes that this was not a good mix, that this group was embracing new “orthodoxies” that would not bode well for the American Republic.

He also observed that “Author Charles Higham describes the ‘Young America’ movement as akin to the later ‘Hitler Youth.’ (Higham, Charles, Murdering Mr. Lincoln, Beverly Hills, New Millenium Press, 2004)” and he continued: “”Albert Pike, notorious Master Mason, employed George Mazzini, leader of Grand Orient Freemasonry. Mazzini sent lieutenant Adriano Lemmi and the Hungarian Masonic Magyar Louis Kossuth to the U.S. where they formed ‘Young America’ lodges…”

So it would seem that this Young America group had some help from European revolutionaries even before our War of Northern Aggression.

One might be tempted to dismiss all this, but then we find Arthur Thompson in his book In the Shadows of the Deep State dealing with this same situation. Mr. Thompson says: “More often than not, the agenda of the Illuminists in America was to make their initiatives appear to be American and patriotic. Young America played a vital role in this charade and many of their initiatives ultimately evolved into the modern neoconservative movement. YA played a vital role in American politics before the Civil War, both in the North and the South and there are very few histories that bring this out.” I have to agree with Mr. Thompson’s assessment here. Over  the years I have read quite a bit of American history (or what passes for it) and I never heard of this Young America group until I read about it in Mr. Thompson’s book To the Victors Go the Myths and Monuments. Now he deals with it again in his new book on the Deep State.

Further Thompson observes: “There was a major shift in the direction of the  American Foreign Service ambassadors under the presidency of Franklin Pierce. At that time, members of Young America were appointed to many important posts overseas. Since then the State Department has been more on the side of the New World Order than the Constitution and independence of the American people…This shift created a great deal of animosity toward our country due to the interference of American diplomats in promoting or supporting changes in European governments, even to the point of supporting communist or Carbonari revolutionaries.”

You can see from all this that American meddling around the world started a long time before we were told it did. It started long before the War of Northern Aggression. This country has been acting as a major player in the New World Order plan since the late 1840s and early 50s! Let that fact sink in a bit. George Bush’s New World Order scheme has been around for a long, long time. It is not new. It is quite old, a major part of antiquity. If you want to trace its origins all the way back you will end up with the Tower of Babel mentioned in Genesis in the Bible. The   New World Order is one attempt by sinful men to replace God.

But, for our purposes here, all this is a background  to explain why certain personalities in America helped the communists to take over in Russia.

Regarding the Bolshevik Revolution, Art Thompson notes: “The facts surrounding the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia are not well known. Most of the information contained in the history books is, as stated, mythology–mythology propagated  both by Russian propaganda entities and the American media and school texts. The short story is that the revolution was helped by Germany, Britain, and America…In  the case of Britain and America, this help was provided by individuals who wanted a combination of things, including an inroad into the economy of Russia, and by others who simply wanted to communize a major power.”

And here we begin to see where the major players show up.  Thompson tells us that “One of the key figures in the revolution was Leon Trotsky, a resident in America at the time of the fall of the czar.  He was given $20,000,000 by a banker by the name of Jacob Schiff to help the communists under Vladimir Lenin’s leadership carry the day. On the way to Petrograd, the ship carrying Trotsky and other communist revolutionaries put into Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and there Trotsky and his entourage were arrested. He was traveling on an American passport that was issued through the Wilson White House.” Grasp that little fact if you will. The Wilson White House granted this communist revolutionary a passport. What does that tell you about the Wilson administration?

To be continued.

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