Is There A Pattern Here?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

When I was going through Dave McGowan’s series on the Lincoln assassination Why Everything You Think You Know About the Lincoln Assassination is Wrong I took note of Mr. McGowan’s commentary about the federal government’s seeming lack of interest in John Surratt after the government had hung his mother. McGowan even felt John Surratt may have been a Union operative posing as a Confederate operative and so that may have been why they never bothered him.

When he came back to this country he did go through a trial in a civil court that resulted in a hung jury, so he walked, and no one ever bothered him after that. Strange behavior from a government that is supposed to have believed you were a Confederate spy.

Yet we see some of this same behavior in regard to John Wilkes Booth’s attempts to kidnap Lincoln before some in his own Party finally decided he had to be done away with.

Steven Hager has noted on some  similar behavior regarding Booth’s kidnap attempts. In an article on October 9, 2014 he noted some facts about Louis Weichmann, who was a friend of John Surratt. He ended up moving into Mary Surratt’s boarding house.

Hager stated that “Weichmann worked as a clerk at the War Department of Prisons and sat next to Daniel H. L. Gleason. After arriving at the boarding house, he immediately began telling Gleason the house was a nest of illegal activities. Of course the possibility exists Weichmann was placed in the house as a confidential informant from the beginning…Gleason testified Weichmann informed him in March that ‘he was well-acquainted with some blockade runners, young fellows, not secessionists, who were out for money and excitement, who were currently involved in a new project that aroused his suspicion.’ This message wormed its way up the chain-of-command and it soon came back down Weichmann should join this project, whatever it was.” But here is the clincher to the whole episode. “But in 1911, Gleason unloaded his conscience and confessed the real story: The War Department was made aware of John Wilkes Booth’s plot to kidnap Lincoln weeks before the assassination.”

If that was the case, then why didn’t Stanton do something to stop Booth at that point? Another of those anomalies that routinely turn up in this whole situation. It’s full of them! Hager observed, again, quite accurately, that “Since Stanton controlled the secret police, the army, the telegraph and the entire Washington DC police force, his power was absolute and once he discovered this plot, Booth was obviously at his mercy. At any time, Stanton could have arrested Booth and hanged him for treason, standard treatment for a Confederate spook like Booth…Sol why wasn’t Booth arrested in March? Even stranger, Stanton suddenly demoted his chief detective (Baker) moving the head of the National Detective Police to Manhattan, leaving the NDP headless for the crucial few weeks the assassination plot unfolded.”

Hager continued: “Stanton’s specialty was manufacturing evidence, and he had an entire crew led by Sanford Conover (real name Charles Dunham) for this purpose, so guilt or innocence never got in the way of his agenda. It’s possible Dunham’s real employer, however, was the treacherous Jay Gould, soon to be the richest man on Wall Street.”

Hager also commented on how John Parker, the “guard” who deserted his post guarding Lincoln was never punished for that and returned to work at the White House the very next day. He also noted that Boston Corbett, the rather deranged soldier who is supposed to have shot Booth against orders, was never punished for that.

He felt this was inexplicable unless “…this is exactly what Stanton wanted:  an unguarded President and dead assassin to tell no tales.” Whether he got the “dead assassin” or not is, even today, an argument that is still up for grabs.

Hager said that: “In December 1869 Edwin Stanton died shortly after complaining of being haunted by Mary Surratt’s ghost. Caleb Cushing immediately claimed Stanton had slit his throat, same as his brother had done many years earlier, and there was a coverup in progress.” A  coverup in progress–my, what a surprise. The entire Lincoln assassination scenario was one gigantic coverup–and it still is today!

Lowdown Yankee Liars

by Al Benson  Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Many of you may not remember the Western movie Shane from way back in the 1950s. I saw it in my early teens and that was a long time ago! But I always remembered one scene from it. The hero, Shane, confronted a Yankee gunfighter who had just killed an Alabama man by goading him into a gunfight he could not possibly win and then shooting him in “self defense.”

When Shane confronts the Yankee gunfighter he says to him “I’ve heard about you.” The Yankee gunfighter then says “And what have you heard?” To which Shane replies “That you’re a lowdown Yankee liar.” At that point the gunfighter tries to fill his hand and Shane blows him away. A fitting ending for a Yankee liar!

Unfortunately in the mid-to-late 1800s there were many Yankee liars abroad in the land and some of their lies got people killed for things they didn’t do.

I mentioned a Mr. Sanford Conover in the last article. You may remember that name. Mr. Conover was a Yankee liar par excellence. Steven Hager has taken note of Mr. Conover’s fictional comments in an article on for February 8, 2015. He noted: “Secretary of War Edwin Stanton presided over a military tribunal investigating the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the first third of that trial documented horrific crimes fomented by the Confederate Secret Service, crimes of mass extermination involving arson, poisoning of public wells and distribution of smallpox-tainted blankets. The press covered the trial, but all coverage was subject to editing and censorship by Stanton. The North was easily whipped into a frenzy of paranoia…One problem. It was all lies.”

Steven Hager observed, accurately, that “A propaganda expert named Charles Dunham paid and coached the parade of witnesses,, all in an effort to help convict Jefferson Davis of killing Lincoln (Rabbit Hole #1). Few today realize that tribunal found Davis guilty. Or that it took a hundred years to uncover Dunham’s real name and the extent of his Civil War propaganda ops. During the trial he’d been known as Sanford Conover, just one of many aliases he employed. President Andrew Johnson had been a victim of the propaganda, and placed in a paranoid frenzy that left him easily manipulated. But after Mary Surratt was hanged, and Johnson discovered most of the tribunal had wanted her spared, he got angry with Stanton and eventually fired him. Stanton barricaded himself in his office and refused to step down, while his cohorts in Congress (Ben Wade and Thaddeus Stevens) launched an impeachment trial against Johnson, during which they presented evidence Johnson had been the mastermind behind Lincoln’s assassination (Rabbit Hole #2).”

Had Johnson not survived the impeachment, which he did by one vote, then Ben Wade would have become president. Try picturing Maxine Waters as president and you will have some idea of what Ben Wade would have been like!

A Congressional investigation was started by the House Judiciary Committee to investigate the trial–and its conclusions were already reached before they started. Mr. Hager referred to the Warren Commission Report in this context. And he noted a lone Democrat on the committee, Andy Rogers  who, during questioning, “broke down many of the witnesses in front of the press.” Of course, when they published their report, the committee  found no problems with the military tribunal and “…now that trial is considered gospel even though the official story is rife with fabrications. Historians base most research on newspaper articles, not realizing how manipulated the press was.”

Hager noted that “Most modern debate on Lincoln’s assassination has been centered on the relatively inconsequential level of involvement of Dr. Samuel Mudd and Mary Surratt, both of whom were certainly aware of the kidnapping plot, but neither of whom were involved in the murder.”

And, of course, it was in Stanton’s best interests that any real investigation into the plot be directed away from him and the others with whom he was in league. Trying to blame the Confederacy for it all was a great distraction away from those who were really involved and using paid professional liars like Conover to plant outrageous stories about Confederate atrocities was a great rabbit hole to try to get people off into. Has anything really changed in Washington today? Government operatives just spent over two years “investigating” Trump’s “Russian collusion” only to find out it didn’t really exist and that Mr. Mueller probably didn’t even author the report that bears his name. But did Mueller, for all his so-called investigation, touch on the real Russian collusion that went on between the Russians, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats? Well, not exactly. In fact that very real part of the Russian collusion was not ever referred to. “Nothing to see there, folks, so just move along.”

It seems that, in our day, some of our more radical members of Congress have been taking lessons from Edwin Stanton and his paid professional provocateurs and liars and “there is no new thing under the sun.”

If the Plan Works Out–Ben Wade For President!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have just recently read that now the FBI has become very concerned that “conspiracy theorists” might be influencing people not to accept the “authorized version” of national and historic events. One has to wonder what their plans are for those folks who refuse to accept the official government version of unfolding events.

Will it soon be verboten to believe anything other than the Warren Commission Report of the Kennedy assassination or that James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King Jr.? After all, a government always puts its “official” version of any event out there in the hopes that a gullible public will embrace it and look no further. To say that governments are corrupt and lie to their subjects would only be to state the very obvious.

I wonder if the new purview of the FBI will be to make sure everyone believes those fabrications the government releases to us as “truth.”

And  I wonder if this will include all those that refuse to believe the “authorized version” of events surrounding the Lincoln assassination. Though I hope I am wrong, I’d be willing, at this point, to believe it will because there are still lots of people today who have done serious homework and have found notable holes in the government’s official version of Lincoln’s demise. If their questions arise strongly and convincingly enough, then history books might have to be rewritten and the Establishment wants to avoid that, or anything that would lend credence to the idea that they lied to us about what really happened.

Years ago I saw a quote that said “Fear the government that fears your guns.” That is an accurate assessment, which I agree with. I also think we need to fear the government that fears our questions about national events–to the point where they appoint a government agency to check out people who won’t believe their version of what has happened.

In that vein, I have, of late, been reading a  series of articles by Steven Hager on about the Lincoln assassination and the results of it. Hager doesn’t totally agree with all the researchers I have quoted on this subject recently, but he doesn’t totally disagree either. For instance, he feels that it was Booth that was killed in Garrett’s tobacco barn, but he also believes that Mary Surratt was innocent of complicity in the Lincoln assassination. Like me, he believes she was aware of the plot to kidnap Lincoln, but not aware of the plot to assassinate him. And others believe the same. Establishment historians do not.

On October 7, 2014, Mr. Hager noted on his website the following: “You won’t find mention of Senator Benjamin Franklin Wade of Ohio in many Lincoln assassination books, an obvious oversight since he’s implicated in that plot through a letter discovered in Sanford Conover’s hotel room. (Sanford’s real name was Charles Dunham and he was a double agent super spook working for Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.) Conover ran the scandalous school for scoundrels that groomed the paid perjurers helping convict the designated patsies, a list that included Jefferson Davis and Mary Surratt.” In previous article I have noted Mr. Conover and his school for liars.

Mr. Hager continued: “Wade and Thaddeus Stevens were the real power in Washington, and Lincoln was just a useful tool. Wade engineered his buddy from Ohio (Edwin Stanton) as head of the War Department. Stanton became the key person in the assassination plot and cover-up. Lincoln was killed because he was vetoing Wade’s harsh plans for Reconstruction and wanted to go soft and easy on the South after the conflict was over. After becoming President, Andrew Johnson decided Lincoln had the right approach, so Stevens and Wade made moves to get rid of him, while slamming their reconstruction plans through Congress.” Part of their plan to get rid of Andrew Johnson was his impeachment, which failed by one single vote.

And Hager noted that: “It wasn’t so much Congress thought Johnson innocent, but may have  feared a reign-of-terror if Wade ascended to the throne, as he was President Pro Tempore and since there was no Vice President, that meant Wade would have become the 18th President if the impeachment had been successful. Never has a man plotted so deviously to take ultimate power in Washington, and he got close enough to taste it. The actual impeachment was sparked by an attempt by Johnson to fire Stanton. To keep the Lincoln assassination conspiracy under wraps, it was essential to maintain control of the War Department’s secret files on the subject.” And he stated: “Wade and Thaddeus Stevens were united on their great contempt for Lincoln, feelings not-so-secretly shared by Stanton, Salmon Chase and Charles Sumner. This is the cabal that ran Washington during the war.”

One place I disagree with most of these writers is their position that Lincoln wanted to “go soft” on the South. Admittedly, his reconstruction plan might not have been as radical as that of Wade, Sumner and Stevens, but what Lincoln was really interested in was the political patronage that would accrue to him if he got to choose all the officers to administer a reconstruction plan for the South.  You can bet the farm that the Radical Republicans had that in mind also and if Lincoln got to do his reconstruction plan then they and their plan would fade into the woodwork. And they did what they did to make sure that didn’t happen. So let’s don’t kid ourselves, the  poor South would have gotten stiffed either way, only with Lincoln’s plan it wouldn’t have been quite so apparent.

So, with Johnson’s impeachment falling short, Ben Wade was kept out of the White House, which was probably a blessing. And the War Department’s files on the Lincoln assassination remained away from prying eyes until 1938! Can you believe that? That’s the year I was born, and until that year, no prying eyes got to see the records and  files of Lincoln’s assassination. And even though others got to see those files that year, you can bet that they had been purged to take lots of incriminating stuff out. Even so, what was left was more than enough to start serious researchers asking questions–that remain unanswered even to this day.

More On the Republican Assassins of Lincoln

by Al Benson Jr.

Member Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Even more people have come up with info on what the Republican assassins of Lincoln were doing. I am putting whatever I find out there because I hope, at some point, to put it all into a booklet so interested folks can have it all in one place.

I recently came across a couple articles on that dealt with a couple of the Lincoln conspirators (and I am not referring to Booth’s band of misfits here).

I will quote from an article Mr. Hager posted on October 2, 2014. He noted: “Edwin M. Stanton secured a post as Secretary of War by feigning support for President Lincoln, while torpedoing the sitting Secretary. Stanton not-so-secretly detested Lincoln as the record shows he typically referred to Lincoln as either ape or gorilla…and since he had power to throw anyone in jail without charges while he reigned, few spoke against him while he was alive. According to the official story, however, Stanton caught (Thomas) Eckert telegraphing a message from General McClellan direct to Lincoln, a violation of the protocol.” Now this ticked Stanton off no end and he called Eckert in to have the riot act read to him in no uncertain terms. This was done in front of Lincoln (bad leadership policy) and Lincoln spoke up in Eckert’s defense. Hager reported that: “Suddenly, Stanton changed his attitude completely, promoting Eckert to major and reassigning him (and the telegraph lines) to his office, capturing complete control of all information from the front. Was this dressing down part of an act to gain control? If so, it would have been vintage Stanton, as he was famous for conspiratorial plots.” Hager felt there was “Evidence of Eckert being a highly trusted member of Stanton’s conspiracy against Lincoln…”

Lincoln had wanted Eckert to accompany him to Ford’s Theater on the night of the assassination. Not only did Eckert twice refuse this, but even Stanton refused it, saying Eckert had to stay late and work. The question has been raided–to work at what? And Hager noted: “For a major to rebuff his commander-in-chief twice is certainly a great insult and some hidden motivation must be considered.” I would agree with that assessment.

Interestingly, Eckert interviewed Lewis Powell, one of the alleged conspirators twice, once before the canvas hood was put over his head and once after that. The canvas hoods they put over the heads of the alleged conspirators have to be considered cruel and unusual punishment. But they served a purpose. None of these folks got to talk to anybody once that happened. Thus any info they might have had to pass along to anyone outside was short-circuited.

And Hager also observed that: “Whether Powell knew the plot reached into Lincoln’s own administration–or whether he thought he was acting on orders from Richmond–we’ll never know as there are no notes from the interrogations, and within weeks of wearing that padded canvas hood, Powell was showing severe mental decline, making future interrogations unnecessary…As the noose was slipped around his neck, seconds before his life was extinguished, Powell calmly spoke his final words: ‘They ain’t caught the half of us yet’.”

Kind of makes you wonder who he was referring to doesn’t it?

You have to realize that lots of written material, notes, or whatever, was destroyed or deliberately moved away from any possible public view, and who had the power to do all that except someone in the federal government?

Hager also noted that: “Thomas Eckert rose to become the head of Western Union, a post given him by the ruthless robber baron, Jay Gould, who made his fortune speculating on Civil War battles. It doesn’t take much imagination to guess this supreme post might have been a reward for services rendered.”

The Slippery Slope To Tyranny–And Trump Seems To Be On It!

by Al Benson Jr.

When Obama was in office the Second Amendment was under constant assault. The False Flag shootings were, so it seemed, happening every other week and Obama would have gutted the Second Amendment had he been able to get the votes in Congress.

Now it seems that, in the wake of these recent shootings, Congress is more than willing to give Obama what he wanted while he was in office, and it also seems that Donald Trump is willing to help them do that. We all thought the Second Amendment was safe, at least while Trump was in office. Guess we should have known better. For all his pro-Second Amendment rhetoric, Trump seems willing to start gnawing at the bones that will eventually render the Second Amendment null and void. All it took was a little pressure from the radical Leftists and he caved.

There should be a lesson for us here. There ain’t too many of the folks in Washington you can really trust, no matter what they say. In fact you can probably count those you can really trust on the fingers of one hand (and maybe have a finger or two left over).

Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote on on August 8th that “The Supreme Court has twice ruled in the past 11 years that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual pre-political liberty. That is the highest category of liberty recognized in the law. It is akin to the freedoms of thought, speech, and personality. That means that the court has recognized  that the framers did not bestow this right upon us. Rather, they recognized its preexistence as an extension of our natural human right to self-defense and they forbade government–state and federal–from infringing upon it.”

In regard to Red Flag laws, Judge Napolitano noted: “The president also offered his support for “red flag” laws. These horrific statutes permit police or courts to seize guns from those deemed dangerous. Red flag laws are unconstitutional…In America we do not punish a person or deprive anyone of liberty on the basis of a fear of what the person might do. When the Soviets used psychiatric testimony to predict criminal behavior, President Ronald Reagan condemned it. Now the president wants it here.” Apparently what was once good for the Communists is now good for us. These is a lesson for us there, too. Maybe we need to wake up and smell the coffee!

There was also an article on LewRockwell for 8/9, by Adam Palmer, and he noted, quite accurately, the following: “For those that believe Red Flag laws are ‘reasonable’ it is important to know that, once given power, those who receive it never give it back. Even more so, they use the power they have gained to eliminate any opposition to their rule. If Red Flag laws are put in place today, the “red flags” may be threatening language.  Tomorrow, they may be racism. Next week they may be political disagreements. In a month they may be any arguments at all. Next month, who knows? The goal posts are always moving…In a system of tyranny, the definition of dissent is always changing. And “…the people who are reporting your posts and pages on Facebook today will be the same people reporting  you to the police tomorrow.”

This is something that people, especially Christian people, need to be aware of and sensitive to. Christians, especially Christian and Southern patriots are now under attack as never before in our lifetime, and I am afraid the days ahead will not be pleasant.

It’s Really All About Taking The Guns

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I hate to break into my series on the Lincoln assassination, but these recent events need to be dealt with or else the Second Amendment as we know it will be dead.

We’ve, all of us by now, heard about the shootings in El Paso and in Ohio and we’ve all heard that it’s all about “white supremacy” period! No other explanation need apply–the Deep State and its minions have declared that white supremacists are responsible for all the shootings in this country as far back as we can remember and so there is no need for rational debate or questions. So let’s just get these Red Flag laws passed (as a first step) and start taking the guns as quick as we can get away with it. After all, we don’t need “no stinkin’ Second Amendment” we can trust the feds to do the right thing–can’t we? Don’t all answer at once now or the silence will be deafening!

Anyone who truly believes this drivel has to have a few screws loose, and they ain’t in his power lawn mower.

If gun control would make everyone safe, then Chicago should be the safest city in the entire country–but for some strange reason that the cultural Marxists never quite get around to explaining, it isn’t. Anyone who really thinks the crooks, criminals, perverts, and others who cause these problems will now do their patriotic duty and line up to turn in their weapons has to be a candidate for the looney bin or a Marxist college professor.

And as far as all these shootings being a glaring example of “white supremacy” there was an interesting article on by Colin Flaherty for July 30th. Mr. Flaherty noted: “Even before the final butcher’s bill was presented for the Sunday-night mass shooting in Gilroy, the blue checkers and talking heads were filling their platforms with fairy tales that most mass shooters are white. But in the two-week run-up to Gilroy, there were 36 other mass shootings from coast to coast–and 34 of those shooters were black. One was white and one Hispanic. These results echo a New York Times  story from 2016 that stated, much to the surprise and chagrin of the reporters, that whenever there are three or more victims of gunfire, 75 percent of the shooters in America are black. Today, that number looks a bit generous to black sensibilities.”

And should you wonder about all these shootings, Mr. Flaherty lists 34 of them in his article, along with a video showing that several of the shooters were, indeed, black. How many of these shootings did any of you even hear about unless you lived in the immediate area where they were done? Had they been committed by white supremacists every one of them would have been front page news nationwide and the media pundits would have screamed themselves hoarse howling for the destruction of the Second Amendment! But because the vast majority of the shooters were black, the media and those who finance it, decided you didn’t need to be aware of all of them. In fact the less you were aware of them the better off the Establishment would be.

And now, after the tragedies in El Paso and Ohio, we have all manner of politicians, even including Trump (and many “never-Trumper” politicos) all calling for “Red Flag” laws where guns are concerned. Do most people even know what Red Flag laws really are? Red Flag gun seizure laws blatantly violate the First, Second, and Fifth Amendments.

These laws, if they get enacted (which they probably will) are supposed to stop mass shooters before they have a chance to wreak havoc on society. So, anyone the “system” now deems dangerous can now, with a judge’s order, have their guns seized before they have committed a crime! In other words, they now become guilty until proven innocent. This turns the American justice system on its head! Who would have believed, with Trump in office, widely promoting the idea that our Second Amendment is safe, we would see it eviscerated during his presidency, with him apparently supporting the evisceration! If he continues in this vein, he can kiss 2020 goodbye! Let’s hope he wakes up and smells the coffee, because if he doesn’t, he’s gone! And there may well be civil war in the streets, which the Deep State crowd would dearly love!

We need to ask the Lord to intervene and work to change this situation because man, left to his own devices will really screw it up. I have stated in the past that our War of Northern Aggression was really our French Revolution, and it was. If we end up with the Second Amendment being trashed, it could well be our Russian Revolution–and we all know how that turned out!

Lincoln’s Republican Assassins

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Yes, you read the title of this article right. It seems like about once every decade or so a spate of books comes out blaming the Confederate Government for Lincoln’s assassination. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to stick, because they have to keep repeating it every few years, while information about the Republicans in back of the assassination seems to dwindle on the internet. But, then, Big Tech being what it is today, should we expect anything else?

Experts have noted that, unless Trump does something to go after the mind-numbing efforts of Big Tech, they will manage to shift enough votes around in 2020, without people even being aware of it, that they can steal the 2020 election for the Demoncrats. And Big Tech today is firmly entrenched on the political left, so you can bet they will do Trump no favors. They will do anti-establishment historians no favors either.

A couple times in this series of articles I have mentioned as a good source of material on the Lincoln assassination and related events. In going over material related to Lincoln and his assassination I have come across eleven articles on this blog so far dealing with some of this. Here is another researcher that has obviously done the homework.

Back on July 23, 2015, he had an article on his blog called Inner Workings of Republican Assassins. He made some informative observations. He noted: “There were two factions in the fledgling Republican Party: The Radical Republicans and the Moderate Republicans. The Radical Republicans were anti-slavery, some passionately so. The Moderate Republicans, aligned with Abraham Lincoln, wanted to preserve the Union. For them the issue of slavery was peripheral.” It also goes without saying that the Radicals were in bed with the political left, but, then, so was Lincoln. So whether he was a “moderate” or not, I guess, depends on how you define “moderate.” While not a communist, Lincoln definitely had a socialist worldview.

Ersjdamoo observed that “The Radicals had planned to kidnap Lincoln, hide him, then bring fake impeachment charges against him.” (Sound familiar?) He noted that “But when Lincoln was re-elected…the kidnap plot of the Radicals mutated: now the President, the Vice President (Andrew Johnson) and the Secretary of State (William Seward) were all  to be kidnapped and control of the Executive Branch of government was to be seized…The big crisis came when on April 6, 1865, at City Point (now Hopewell, Virginia), General Godfrey Weitzel was authorized by Abraham Lincoln to give permission to the ‘gentlemen who had acted as the Legislature of Virginia in support of the Rebellion’ to convene. Edwin Stanton greatly feared this would set a precedent for other of the Rebel legislatures to reconvene and be recognized. Stanton, subordinate to the President, countermanded  his boss’s order. Unless a Reconstruction plan including occupation by Union Army soldiers was implemented, Stanton, head of the War Department, would have been sidelined and his importance diminished in peacetime.” And there was all that political patronage. Who would have that? Lincoln or the Radicals?

According to researcher Ray Neff, who decoded some of Lafe Baker’s messages, Stanton, after he countermanded Lincoln’s order said to Major Thomas Eckert “If he (Lincoln) would know who rescinded his order–we will let Lucifer tell him. Be off, Tom, and see to the arrangements.” Sounds like Major Eckert, who Lincoln had requested to accompany him to the play at Ford’s Theater, was part of the plot. Of course Stanton couldn’t let Eckert go to the play with Lincoln. Eckert had all these “arrangements” to make and that would surely kill his evening (and Lincoln’s).

According to Neff’s work at the decoding of Baker’s messages, “There were at least eleven members of Congress involved in the plot, no less than twelve Army officers, three Navel officers, and at least twenty four civilians, of which one was the governor of a loyal state. Five were bankers of great repute, three nationally known newspapermen and eleven were industrialists of great repute and wealth.” If this information is all accurate, and I don’t doubt there is at least some truth in it, then it demonstrates that John Wilkes Booth and his happy little band were nothing but a handful of pawns in this game and could easily be sacrificed with no harm done to the big league players involved.

Ersjdamoo made a cogent observation when he said: “The inner workings of Republican assassins cause Abraham Lincoln to be murdered on April 14, 1865. However, one Edward Steers Jr. claims that the Confederate government, not a faction of the Republican Party, was behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The Steers theory however makes less sense than that of an intra-Republican Party coup d’etat. The Confederates killing the easy-going Lincoln would have meant for them a harsher Yankee government and even their leaders being hanged for treason. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln worked to the South’s disadvantage when tough Reconstruction policies were implemented. The benefit was not to the South but to Radical Republicans as well as to others.”

Do you begin to see how historical events are not always what we have been told they were? All you have to do is look at some events in our own day to realize that “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

Historians and “Scrubbed” Documentation

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Most readers will recall that I took note in the last article of a magazine published by a man named Ben Green, who published a periodical called “The People’s Weekly.

Historian Otto Eisenschiml noted that a copy of this publication, noting Edwin Stanton as among the proxy assassins of Lincoln, was found in a hollow space behind a mirror in an old building in Baltimore in 1948. In this particular issue, Green promised more juicy details in the next issue. And this is where it gets interesting.

Eisenschiml then noted that: “The next issue of The People’s Weekly  should have furnished the answer.” Right? Well, maybe! Eisenschiml then stated: “All I had to do was find one, and that should not have required a great effort in view of Green’s distribution of copies on such a princely scale. I sent letters to private collectors and libraries, including the Library of Congress and other public libraries. Replies came back, but the news was all bad. No one had the subsequent issue; only two other copies aside from mine, were available, one of February 29 and one of July 4, 1868. Neither contained any reference to Lincoln’s death. What happened to the 500,000 copies which Ben Green allegedly left at whatever places he might have chosen is a riddle. Did those who picked them up throw them away, as most people do with things they do not pay for? Half a million copies, though, is a sizable number, and may have covered several issues. It certainly is odd that only one copy of the May 2nd issue should have survived, and this one under conditions which are so grotesque that no fiction writer would have the courage to put them into a plot.”

Eisenschiml didn’t give up there. He made “strenuous attempts to find the evasive issue and with them what Green had had in mind for his promised revelations.” Eisenschiml got a researcher in Washington to poke through the files of contemporary papers to see if any of them had, by any chance, paid attention to the article in Green’s publication. He noted: “I corresponded with one historian who had made the lives of Duff and Ben Green his specialty. I looked for clues in Dalton, Georgia, the town where Green had resided in the hopes that old copies of the paper, memoranda, or a diary might turn up there. The results of these efforts added up to zero.” Eisenschiml made further attempts which I will not go into here, but nothing turned up anything  else. He concluded with: “As matters stand now, I find myself at the foot of a wall in a dead-end street” in regard to this matter.”

Seeing that Mr. Eisenschiml’s research had been done in the neighborhood of fifty years ago, I thought there might be a little something on today’s internet about Ben Green and his publication. There was a “little something” and that was about it. I found one article, in Wikipedia that mentioned Duff Green and his son, Ben, only in passing. No pertinent information on either.

I then came across a blog, posted on February 20, 2013 which noted, in the last paragraph of the article that: “In the summer of 1865, an un-named stenographer belonging to the ‘trial of the conspirators’ quietly offered the editor of The People’s Weekly his theory about the Lincoln assassination. He named Thaddeus Stevens, Stanton, Joseph Holt and Lafe Baker as the ones responsible for the assassination. There was also one more entry on this blog called Addenda to Lincoln’s Assassination  and that was posted on Nov. 24th 2012. Some of that I will try to get into in an upcoming article.

Other than on this one blog, I could not locate anything on the internet that really dealt with any of this. It was like all the info on Ben Green and his publication had, somehow, been scrubbed and maybe they happened to miss this one blog. If anyone is really interested in this, maybe you had better go in and bookmark the stuff on this guy’s blog dealing with Lincoln. He is the only one I am aware of at this point that has even mentioned The People’s Weekly.

For a publication that was supposed to have such wide circulation it is interesting that Eisenschiml could never find a copy of the issue in question, and Eisenschiml was not a sloppy researcher. I’ve read enough of him by now to know that he did the homework and pursued the leads he came across. He called himself a “historian without an armchair” because he chased his leads down, all across the country, wherever they took him. In the days before the internet, this is what you had to do.

My friend, Joe Canfield, (now deceased) who wrote the book exposing the truth about the Scofield Bible, The Incredible Scofield and His Book , did the same thing with his research as Eisenschiml did–he followed his leads literally all across the country to get the information he needed.

Lots of folks don’t begin to realize how difficult it was to do research before the internet. I did some of my research before the internet really got up and going and I had to visit libraries and go to book sales wherever I could to get what I needed. It was lots easier when I could start to use the internet, so I have done it both ways. In Eisenschiml’s day you did it the old fashioned way–you worked for it and you wore out shoe leather!

In 1916, an Edward V. Murphy, who was one of the court stenographers at the Lincoln conspiracy trial gave an interview to the New York Times in which he castigated the court for the way the conspiracy trial was conducted.

More about that as I am able to put it all together.