The “New World Order” Ain’t New Folks

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I can recall back when George Bush the First was President, he gave a speech that was pure propaganda. He waxed eloquent about how we now had a chance to push forward what he labeled as a “New World Order.” This was supposed to end up being, according to Comrade Bush, one great step forward for mankind, probably the greatest step forward in the history of humanity.

As Bush pontificated about how wonderful this new golden age would be, he forgot to tell us (on purpose) that what he was  pushing was really nothing more than the failed communism of the 18th and 19th centuries. It hadn’t worked back then, but he informed us that, somehow, with a little update, it would work wonderfully in our day.

I suppose some folks nowadays would get angry at me if I mentioned that what Bush was trying to sell us was one big pile of Texas cow chips he fervently hoped we would step right  into the middle of.

Arthur Thompson, author of To The Victors Go The Myths And Monuments, wrote a book, published  just last year (2018) called In The Shadows of the Deep State. He notes that it is “A century of  Council on Foreign Relations scheming for World Government.” A pretty apt description for the CFR, because that is exactly what this organization has been doing since 1921–scheming for the United States to become part, just one cog, in the plan for One World Government.

Mr. Thompson, who is quite a historian, takes this all the way back to the Illuminati and the French Revolution. He states, on page 26 that: “One of the key organizations run by perhaps the most important member of the Illuminati in Revolutionary France, Nicholas Bonneville, was the Cercle Social, or Social Circle. It served as an activist think tank regarding how to subvert any society and promote Illuminism.”

If you think the name Bonneville  sounds vaguely familiar, it is because Bonneville had a son that was an officer in the US Army back in the early 1800s. While in the army this man traveled all over the West on various assignments for we are not quite sure who. The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah are named after him.

Thompson also observed that “Illuminism has two main tenets that have influenced both their existence  and that of those who can trace their origin to them: Te elimination of God and the building of a one-world government—to be run by them. There are many issues that come to bear to achieve these goals, but they all distill down to these two. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels referred to the Social Circle in their book The Holy Family, published in February 1845, three years prior to The Communist Manifesto: The revolutionary movement which began in 1789 in the Cercle Social … gave rise to the communist idea … re-introduced in France after the Revolution of 1830… This … is the idea of the new world order.”

And Thompson continued: “That is the Communist idea of a New World Order. This was not a new concept in 1845, but demonstrated that communism came out of the Cercle Social of Revolutionary France and tells us a great deal about the beginnings of a communist movement and the idea of a New World Order.”

So what good old Bush One tried to give us was an idea right out of the French Revolution. Note that there is some background here to show that the idea of communism did not originate with Karl Marx. It was in vogue before the League of the Just hired him, as a hack writer, to  put their agenda into what we now call The Communist Manifesto. It wasn’t original with him. In fact the first edition of it never even had his name on it. That came later, when it became convenient for the Illuminists to peg Marx for us as the originator, knowing that few folks would ever dig back past Marx to find out where he got it.

Mr. Thompson also notes the connections between Horace Greeley, Abraham Lincoln and Karl Marx on pages 22-23.

Thompson also tells us that: “Out of the Cercle Social came a number of movements that coalesced into what became known as National Socialism (Nazism) and communism… The differences between Nazism and communism were very subtle, with the primary differences being which method is best to use to subvert any particular country and who should lead these movements–one group wanting to rule vs. another leadership team… In essence, the same force spawned both movements and there is considerable evidence that this force was controlling both at the same time behind the scenes.”

Thompson stated that both Marx and Engels  said the New World Order was a communist idea. And “It is also a socialist idea as well, since all socialists look to Karl Marx as their patriarch and claim to spring from the mind of Marx.” (Even though none of this was original with Marx).

In the next article, Lord willing, we will get into the Council on Foreign Relations, its origins and what it has been doing since 1921 to subvert this country.

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