An “Inside Job”?

by Al Benson Jr.

We are approaching the 18th anniversary of the infamous 911 event.

I can remember being at work when it happened, in Northern Illinois, and most folks there had radios on listening in shock to what was going on. I can recall saying to one of my supervisors, “This event is going to contribute to a massive loss of liberty for the American people.” He agreed.  And with the Patriot Act, (which I have been told was already prepared and ready to go when this happened) we have experienced a massive loss of liberty.

Now we have old folks being groped in airports and grandma can no longer take her toothpaste on the plane with her because it might be a terrorist weapon, and by now most of you know the drill, especially if you have to fly. We’ve only flown once since this insanity started. We flew out of Jackson, Mississippi. I have a pin in my hip because it was broken years ago and when I went through their scan thing that pin set it off, so naturally they wanted to give me the whole treatment.

I don’t know if it was my grouchy look or what, but the guy that dealt with me was pretty careful and probably did the least he could get by with doing and explained to me what he would do as we went along. Even at that, it is still an invasion of your privacy but because the feds are doing it it’s supposed to be okay. After all, with the misnamed Patriot Act, who has any privacy anymore? And if you still think you do, then I have a big bridge in the Arizona desert I’d love to sell  you at bargain rates!

I have a friend in another part of the South who just today sent me a website I would love to have folks go and check out. It is   It is a site that is operated by a group of architects and engineers that have done lots of research into what really happened to the buildings in New York on 911. Needless to say, what they have found does not square with what we have been told. This group also has a Facebook page. I checked that out, and also their website and they have some videos on there also.

I used the search engine Duck Duck Go to do this. You might try that search engine, as they claim they do not track what you look at, whereas we all know Google does.

These folks do not seem to be wacky conspiracy theorists–no green men from Mars or weekend rocket ships to Venus to get your teeth worked on, and nothing about Area 51.

They seem to look at the buildings that were destroyed from the position of architects and engineers and ask if it could really happen the way the feds tell us it did. And can you really blame folks for questioning the feds? They have lied to so many for so long about so much, from the Lincoln assassination to the Kennedy assassinations to the “weapons of mutual destruction”  in Iraq and so much more I can’t begin to recount it all.

But go in and check out the website of these engineers and architects and see what they have to say. It will be worth your time and effort.

2 thoughts on “An “Inside Job”?

  1. Al, Americans have a divided mind on this due to their years of Marxist brainwashing. They can’t be angry at muslims it is racist. They can’t believe there is an elite group that would do this to them and they can’t believe it can happen in ward cleaver America. Total delusion and denial. Plus, no plane debris at the pentagon.

  2. Bob,
    I agree. So much of what contemporary Americans believe is delusional. The Humanist seminaries we still refer to as public schools have done a marvelous job of brainwashing the public so most of them don’t know upside down from inside out–and think, in their abysmal ignorance that they are brilliant!

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