The Illuminists Continue To Destroy The South

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

As stated in the first installment of  this article, the Illuminists performed their evil deeds not  only in the French Revolution, but also in the 1848 Socialist revolts in Europe (and by extension in our own War of Northern Aggression through the efforts of the “Forty-Eighters” and others, even before them).

In  T.  C. Allen told us of their efforts in the South even before the War. He said: “Years before the War for Southern Independence, Illuminists had sent agents to the South  to take control of  key positions and to agitate for secession. These agents included John A. Quitman, John Slidell, and Albert Pike. Thus, Illuminists were behind the abolitionists and others in the North provoking the Southern States to secede and the provocateurs in the South advocating secession. Quitman, a New Yorker, moved to Mississippi and married into a prominent Southern family…Slidell, an agent of the Rothchilds, led the secessionist party in Louisiana. He was from New York and a Masonic protégé of Edward Livingston, Grand Master of New York. Livingston, who was President Jackson’s Secretary of State, was a coconspirator with Aaron Burr…Slidell’s second in command in Louisiana was Judah  P. Benjamin, a Jew.  Benjamin and Slidell were partners in the same law firm. Like Slidell, Benjamin was also an agent of the Rothschilds…Albert Pike moved from New York to Missouri in 1831 and then to Arkansas in 1833…” Does the same question occur to you as did to me as I read this? Seems we had lots of New York folks all of a sudden  pushing for secession in the South!

And then there was Judah Benjamin. Did anyone ever see a picture of Benjamin when he wasn’t smiling? I don’t think I ever have. Seems like every picture I’ve ever seen of him, he has almost a smirk on his face–like he knows something you don’t! Maybe it’s me, but I never trust a man who constantly smiles–and with his Rothschild connections, Benjamin obviously knew something most of his contemporaries in the South didn’t.

Allen noted also: “After the North had pushed the South  beyond any reasonable forbearance, the Southern States sought independence. The Northern States were determined to reduce them to provinces to be exploited for the benefit of the North–primarily the banking and industrial interest in the North. Finally, war broke out. To provoke a war, Lincoln sent a fleet to reinforce Fort Sumter. Lincoln was an agent of the Illuminists if not an Illuminist himself.  The Illuminists wanted war, and Lincoln gave it to them.” Now I can’t say definitely that Lincoln was an Illuminist or not. I know he had a socialist world view, which was in keeping with Illuminism. Donnie Kennedy and I in Lincoln’s Marxists noted his socialist world view, which was also in keeping with the views of Lincoln’s Forty-Eighter  buddies.

According to Allen, and I  don’t disagree with him, the Illuminists maneuvered North and South into a war that neither Northerners or Southerners really wanted. Allen said that “The Reconstruction Amendments, the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments, especially the last two, overturned much  of the original Constitution and reduced the States to administrative provinces subservient to the United States government. Perhaps more importantly in furthering the Illuminists’ goal was the precedence set by the imperial presidency of Lincoln during the war and by the Radical Republicans in Congress and the Johnson and Grant administrations during Reconstruction.” And even with Lincoln’s presidency, you had those like Stanton in the background who  ended up being much of the real power.

Allen has made an interesting observation here, and I think I tend to agree with him. He said: “Contrary to what many conspiratorial historians believe, the War for Southern Independence was not fought to split the United States into two or more countries….The objective, however, was not division, but the consolidation of power. True, the Illuminists wanted war, but they did not want war to divide the United States into multiple countries. They wanted war to destroy the United States Constitution and the sovereignty of the States. They wanted war to consolidate political power in the federal government (one government is easier to control than many, which is why the Illuminist want to consolidate all political power into a one world government) and to make the United States a great military power that they would control. All these goals they accomplished.”

All this does not mean that what the South fought for was wrong by any stretch of the imagination. Allen observed: “Southerners had fought to preserve the God-given inalienable rights and liberties of mankind embodied in the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights. They fought for the dispersal and decentralization of power as opposed to the illuminstic goal of the concentration of power  and centralization of power. The South had the highest concentration of anti-illuminists of any place in the world. The great Christian revival and conversions that occurred among the Confederate soldiers during the war accented this anti-Illuminism. The Illuminists had to destroy the South. Destroy her they did.”

Allen here says that: “How much involvement that the Radical Republicans had with Lincoln’s assassination may never be fully known. They certainly were not disappointed with his death.” Actually, there may be a bit more known now than when Allen wrote his article in 2009. Researchers Dave McGowan and Steven Hager, both of whom I have quoted in my Lincoln assassination articles wrote much of their material in 2014-15. And the man who writes did a lot of his writing about Lincoln’s assassination in 2012-2013.

Allen noted, in conclusion that: “Reconstruction formally ended in 1877, but efforts to reconstruct the South into the image of Illuminism continue to this day.” Mr. Allen, how right you are! And if more Southern folks don’t begin to awake from their Illuminist-induced slumber and start removing their kids from what passes for public schools then the Illuminists may well seize the day–and where will we be then? Worse, where will your kids and their kids be? You better give that some  serious thought.

2 thoughts on “The Illuminists Continue To Destroy The South

  1. I watched “Django Unchained” and when the Schultz character(the dentist) came out as a forty-eighter; it changed my perception of the film. I’d say it was a good example of one of these subverters at work. I’d suspect that it was a covert reliving of the Civil Rights triumph of the fifties and sixties rather than a re-creation of actual history. I was cheering for the Candy character at the end. I would also suspect that Beethoven is a symbol for the illuminist creed.

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