Illuminism And The Destruction Of The South

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Recently I read an article on written back in July of 2009. It was a bit lengthy and I did not agree with parts of it, but on the whole, I felt Mr. Allen was pretty much on target. He looked at the Illuminist presence in the world and in this country. He noted the activities of one Giuseppe Mazzini, an Italian revolutionary who “…came to the United States and organized the Young America movement. The Young America society was modeled  after his Young Italy, a secret society whose objective was to overthrow the established governments of Italy and unite Italy under a republican government…He was a believer in violent revolution and a forefather of Communism. He organized the Revolution of 1848, whose purpose was to overthrow the monarchs of continental Europe and replace them with a communist state.”

He noted that, in our day, Illuminists are supporters of one world government and have a globalist world view. Among their numbers are Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, Communists, Council on Foreign Relations members and others, right down to certain groups of New Agers.

Mr. Allen mentions the Young America Movement, and he notes: “It was also active in the abolitionist movement. Mazzini became the godfather of the antislavery campaign. The abolitionists became front men for the Illuminists, who wanted to destroy the United States and their  Constitution.” And here is where they played both sides of the fence to do just that.

Allen stated: “Also involved in the founding of the Young America movement was Edwin DeLeon. DeLeon became an advisor to President Jefferson Davis and the chief propagandist of the Confederacy in Europe. While DeLeon led  the expansionist wing of the Young America, William Lloyd Garrison, a spiritualist, led the abolitionist wing.” Do you begin to see here what I am saying about them playing both sides of the fence?

And Allen noted: “Garrison was a leading abolitionist and a friend of Mazzini. Garrison published the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator which he started in 1831. Unnamed backers financed his paper, so it could be distributed free through the South. The abolitionist movement was in effect an undeclared war against the Southern States. (Until the War for Southern Independence,  most Americans viewed the United States as a ‘confederation of states associated under the provisions of a compact, the Constitution of the United States’.”

Interestingly,  many in the South had been working toward the elimination of slavery. There were abolitionist societies founded in the South, that had nothing whatever to do with Garrison and the radical abolitionists in the North. The groups in the South had worked to  try to eliminate all the agitation of slavery, but that agitation was exactly what the Illuminists wanted.  This agitation was to be used for “…the drive for total control of the economy of the United States. Lincoln knew that the war was over the economy and not slavery, so did most Southerners.” And Allen also observed that “Intelligent people of both sections  knew that technological advances would end slavery.” What the Illuminists and their flunkies hoped to do was to instigate a war before that happened, while they remained hidden behind the curtain in the background. They managed that thorny little problem.

Mr. Allen also noted the work of New England secessionists. You see, you can’t just say that secession is “that dirty S word” and blame it all on the South! And I’m not convinced that secession is all that bad anyway. He also stated that: “The abolitionist movement grew out of the Essex Junto in New England. (The Essex Movement was the New England secessionist movement that calumniated in the Hartford Convention of 1814.) Associated with the abolitionist movement were the pseudo religious cults of Unitarianism and Transcendentalism, which  were often called ‘the New England religion.’  Both sects reduce Jesus to a mere human albeit an extremely good man. They also rejected the bodily resurrection of Jesus from death. Transcendentalism was based on the Jewish Cabala. It invalidated the Bible by claiming that no final authority in any religious matter existed…Fervently worked the abolitionists to thwart the Southern emancipation movement. They wanted a destructive war against the South. Emancipation was irrelevant except as an excuse for war.”

Noted by Allen were those sterling individuals we have come to know as The Secret Six–the men who financed terrorist John Brown in his Harpers Ferry debacle. He noted some of their backgrounds. Thomas Wentworth Higginson was from “a leading New England banking family…Howe was from a wealthy banking family and husband of Julia Ward Howe…(Gerritt) Smith was the first to finance Brown. He was the son of John Jacob Astor’s business partner. Holding more than a million acres, he was the largest landowner in New York. Smith was also a financial backer of Mazzini.” So you can see the connections here. None of these folks were worried about where their next meal was coming from. They were the elite among the elite! The same holds true in our day. Many of those that continue to finance radical leftist projects and activities are literally swimming in cash. They are hardly Marx’s workers who have nothing to lose but their chains!

This is something people today can’t seem to fathom–how some of the richest folks around can continue to fund radical Marxist causes and groups. They can do it because they are some of the people responsible for promoting these leftist groups, and if the left finally finishes the rest of us off, they are not going to lose anything.

Many of the super-rich like the Rockefellers and their ilk are really kissin’ cousins to the radical left. They both want the same thing–to tear down the country and cut our throats.

More to come.

8 thoughts on “Illuminism And The Destruction Of The South

  1. Very hard to fathom all this, but I have no doubt it’s true. Amazing how relevant it is to today’s troubles.

  2. Roy,
    There is more to come in all this. Much of what we see going on in the world today is a replay of the same game plan the elites used in the 19th century. have you ever read a book called “The Rockefeller File” by Gary Allen, written back in the early 1970s? It may be on the internet and if so you can read it for free. It explains a lot of what has gone on in our day. Not dissimilar to what happened in the 1850s and 60s.

  3. He used to write for the John Birch Society. In 1972 he wrote “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” which, that year, sold 7 million copies–hot that it ever made the NYT best seller list. That one is on the internet also. A great introduction to what is going on today and who is doing it.

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