So Who Profits From Lincoln’s Death?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The title of this article is a logical question people today should be asking. Unfortunately most are not. They have believed the befuddlement fairy tales spun by those who have a vested interest in selling their “history” books and  peddling tales that blame the South for Lincoln’s death. As expected, they are being pointed in the wrong direction so they will never think to ask the right questions.

So who did profit from Lincoln’s death? Just a subtle hint here–it was not Jefferson Davis or the Confederate States of America, although they became the official scapegoats of the “spooks” who ran the trial of the Lincoln assassins (some of whom weren’t).

Steven Hager on noted on September 20, 2014 that Salmon P. Chase created the Republican Party. Here I would disagree with him. Arthur R. Thompson, in his book To The Victors Go The Myths And Monuments noted on page 220 that “The president of the National Reform Association was Lewis Ryckman from Brook Farm. The secretary of the NRA in 1848 was Alvan Bovay, who went on to form the Republican Party six years later.” Bovay probably had some help as doing what he did would involve more people than just himself, and Chase was probably one of those, but he was not the biggest spoke in the Republican wheel. In fact there were some very conspiratorial types, some of them from Europe, that were involved in all of this. Mr. Thompson’s book would be a good research tool. I would recommend it.

Hager noted that Chase, in the new Republican Party “…led its radical abolitionist wing, a cabal that took over the country when the South seceded.” He also observed that, “Yes, a small cabal of Radical Republicans fomented the Civil War and a possible reason some Northern banks funded their movement may have been a realization the Southern economy would eventually outpace the North due to the economic advantages of slavery. Cotton was King and it was growing cash in the South  much faster than anything the North could produce.” So the Northern banksters wanted to do away with slavery in the South, not for humane reasons, but so they could end up prostrating the South and make more money for themselves. So much for altruism!

And another interesting observation, one that Otto Eisenschiml also made in his book Why Was Lincoln Murdered? was, according to Hager: “The reason the Civil War had to last so long and be so bloody was so the North would embrace the abolitionist cause and allow this cabal to punish the South as a conquered nation afterwards.  Had General George McClellan simply been left alone, Richmond may have surrendered early, and the South welcomed back into Congress with slavery intact. For that reason, the Civil War was engineered to be long and bloody. McClellan never would have waged ‘total war’ on civilians like General Sherman did.”

So Stanton then sabotaged McClellan and got him out of his command so generals with more blood and gore in their makeup could have a chance at savaging the South, because that was really the name of the game, right from the beginning! When McClellan started to write his own autobiography he may have started to figure some of this out.

The Radical Republicans didn’t want Lincoln to put his plan for reconstruction into play because that would mean “…the cabal of Radical Republicans who’d been running the country (and looting it six-ways-to-Sunday) were about to lose power once the Southerners were restored to vote with the moderate Republicans. Instead of plundering the South for patronage, Bribes and booty, the Radicals were about to be left with the short end of the Congressional stick. And they knew it…The obvious solution was to get rid of Lincoln, who’d just been re-elected for another four years, and that’s exactly what happened.”

Hager also stated: “You’ve been told there was an aborted attempt on Vice President Johnson that night, as well as assassinations planned on General Ulysses S. Grant and Secretary of War Stanton. But those allegations were concocted by perjurers, some of whom had been paid to lay down testimony implicating Confederate President Jefferson Davis, the ultimate scapegoat. Forgotten today is the fact Davis was also convicted of the Lincoln assassination by Stanton’s illegal military tribunal, the same one that hanged poor Mary Surratt, but at the time, Davis was in Union custody in Virginia and he was eventually released without any trial. This because a trial would have opened even more wormholes in the tribunal’s parade of manufactured evidence, something exposed soon enough during Johnson’s impeachment hearings and the trial of Confederate spy John Surratt who was captured in Egypt. Surratt’s mother was a complete innocent in the murder plot,…”

Hager then makes a statement that should be obvious to those who have done the homework. He says The only people who benefited from Lincoln’s death were the leaders of his own party, who quickly reversed his pledge of forgiveness and began looting the South.” Actually, Lincoln wanted the patronage his brand of reconstruction would have engendered, and so he and the Radicals both wanted the same thing–but only one of them could have it–them or Lincoln. And they made sure they got it and not him.

Booth was not the originator of the conspiracy to kill Lincoln as we have all been informed he was. He was the Lee Harvey Oswald of the 1860s and he and those that aided him were the ultimate patsies, the expendables. Once they were all either hung, shot, (or possibly aided in escape to other places) no one bothered to look any further–and that was the idea. It still is today–“nothing to see there folks, so just move along.”

Thankfully, there has been a whole group of real researchers who have refused to “just move along” and they have given us the truth behind Lincoln’s assassination that the establishment toadies steadfastly, even today, refuse to bring to light.

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