It’s Really All About Taking The Guns

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I hate to break into my series on the Lincoln assassination, but these recent events need to be dealt with or else the Second Amendment as we know it will be dead.

We’ve, all of us by now, heard about the shootings in El Paso and in Ohio and we’ve all heard that it’s all about “white supremacy” period! No other explanation need apply–the Deep State and its minions have declared that white supremacists are responsible for all the shootings in this country as far back as we can remember and so there is no need for rational debate or questions. So let’s just get these Red Flag laws passed (as a first step) and start taking the guns as quick as we can get away with it. After all, we don’t need “no stinkin’ Second Amendment” we can trust the feds to do the right thing–can’t we? Don’t all answer at once now or the silence will be deafening!

Anyone who truly believes this drivel has to have a few screws loose, and they ain’t in his power lawn mower.

If gun control would make everyone safe, then Chicago should be the safest city in the entire country–but for some strange reason that the cultural Marxists never quite get around to explaining, it isn’t. Anyone who really thinks the crooks, criminals, perverts, and others who cause these problems will now do their patriotic duty and line up to turn in their weapons has to be a candidate for the looney bin or a Marxist college professor.

And as far as all these shootings being a glaring example of “white supremacy” there was an interesting article on by Colin Flaherty for July 30th. Mr. Flaherty noted: “Even before the final butcher’s bill was presented for the Sunday-night mass shooting in Gilroy, the blue checkers and talking heads were filling their platforms with fairy tales that most mass shooters are white. But in the two-week run-up to Gilroy, there were 36 other mass shootings from coast to coast–and 34 of those shooters were black. One was white and one Hispanic. These results echo a New York Times  story from 2016 that stated, much to the surprise and chagrin of the reporters, that whenever there are three or more victims of gunfire, 75 percent of the shooters in America are black. Today, that number looks a bit generous to black sensibilities.”

And should you wonder about all these shootings, Mr. Flaherty lists 34 of them in his article, along with a video showing that several of the shooters were, indeed, black. How many of these shootings did any of you even hear about unless you lived in the immediate area where they were done? Had they been committed by white supremacists every one of them would have been front page news nationwide and the media pundits would have screamed themselves hoarse howling for the destruction of the Second Amendment! But because the vast majority of the shooters were black, the media and those who finance it, decided you didn’t need to be aware of all of them. In fact the less you were aware of them the better off the Establishment would be.

And now, after the tragedies in El Paso and Ohio, we have all manner of politicians, even including Trump (and many “never-Trumper” politicos) all calling for “Red Flag” laws where guns are concerned. Do most people even know what Red Flag laws really are? Red Flag gun seizure laws blatantly violate the First, Second, and Fifth Amendments.

These laws, if they get enacted (which they probably will) are supposed to stop mass shooters before they have a chance to wreak havoc on society. So, anyone the “system” now deems dangerous can now, with a judge’s order, have their guns seized before they have committed a crime! In other words, they now become guilty until proven innocent. This turns the American justice system on its head! Who would have believed, with Trump in office, widely promoting the idea that our Second Amendment is safe, we would see it eviscerated during his presidency, with him apparently supporting the evisceration! If he continues in this vein, he can kiss 2020 goodbye! Let’s hope he wakes up and smells the coffee, because if he doesn’t, he’s gone! And there may well be civil war in the streets, which the Deep State crowd would dearly love!

We need to ask the Lord to intervene and work to change this situation because man, left to his own devices will really screw it up. I have stated in the past that our War of Northern Aggression was really our French Revolution, and it was. If we end up with the Second Amendment being trashed, it could well be our Russian Revolution–and we all know how that turned out!

7 thoughts on “It’s Really All About Taking The Guns

  1. It has always been about guns. Specifically an armed aware civilian culture and civilization. It is anathema to everything any and all self respecting tyrants see themselves, their aquisition of wealth and raw naked unlimited power.
    It is all about guns. Who has guns and who doesn’t have guns. Who controls the guns and who is controlled by the guns. What guns in whose hands holds the illusion of legitimacy over those who have guns whose power is derived from their legitimacy to using guns to protect and defend from the illegitimate.
    Guns are the ultimate in withdrawal of consent of those in power, both as a symbol and hard reality of the power of armed people who refuse to comply with those in power. Creates the most powerful weapon ever devised by man.
    Any tyrant worth a bucket of warm spit can not tolerate such power, also can never attain such power, because only those who are legitimate in their rightful liberty can attain such power.
    I think that right there is the root of the two great mortal sin, greed and especially envy.
    What tyrant would not be outraged, contemptuous, be consumed with hate for those who hold such power naturally?
    Would not they see such freemen as deplorable subjects? Implement strategies of divide and conquer, employ numerous proxies and useful dupes, to rip apart such a universal precept of a culture of Freemen who will never bend a knee of submit?

    Andrew Skousen sublimely called the birth and act of living rightful Liberty as The 5000 Year Leap. I think he was more succinct than he may have surmised.

    If we look at disarmament and the hoplophobes desperate efforts to physically take or property, the first thing our guns are, the second being it is strategy of emasculating rightfully armed Freemen by taking their physical symbol of being a citizen warrior. Of late I think they are implementing an all hands effort to outlaw us Freemen in order to then disarm us “easier”.
    What I think they miss, rather they are mostly incapable of maybe perceiving, the natural right to defend ones self using weapons is entirely independent of a man made law.

    As more Freemen each day grok this profound subtlety an interesting thing is becoming manifest: there is no such thing as “rights”, there is only power.
    As Mao essentially pointed out to the party, all political power grows from the barrel of the gun. The party and only the party must control that power. At all costs never shall the people possess such power.

    The power to hurt is extremely difficult for tyrants to implement, but once employed they create a pandora’s box, they change the dialectic in ways which create unintended consequences which eventually are too many to stop and to extreme to control.

    As Freemen, we enjoy a unique advantage, which is physical and symbolic simultaneously: we do not have to use our weapons with exuberance to benefit from the power we hold because we are armed and withdraw consent for tyrants, just the fact we are armed, that we will not comply, that we are indeed a threat physically, politically, philosophically, we hold the high ground. Most important, we hold vast territory, culturally, politically, generationally, historically. All that too must be wrested from us if we are to be enslaved. But even more so that power, we are a singularly unique plurality, there is nothing like us, and even if you are to kill us, we are still free, because we never submitted to your tyranny.
    And our Consent is akin to that. Rather our withdrawal of our consent. Consent is unlike anything else except I believe for unconditional Love. There is some profound similarities here. But Consent, it is something that can only be given, it can not be taken. Sure there are other forms of consent, but they are not the real McCoy that matters here, like tacit consent, though that is very important to our tyrants too.
    Thing with my Consent, I’ll use myself as the example what I’m driving at, you can tie me to a chair, torture me, beat me to the edge of death, take your gun and put it against my head and tell me if I refuse to consent to your power, you will blown my fuckin’ brains across the room.
    Know what?
    I still get to choose. I have choice. It is what it all condenses down to: choice. I still have to choose no matter what. I have that power.
    Multiply that by 100 Million American’s who refuse to comply, add in the rifles we own, gear, ammo, our will, our motive power, our Audacity to defy!

    It is a serious pickle for those who started all this. It has been from the beginning of these long centuries.
    And in all that time. All the uncountable wealth expended. All the manpower. The resources. The generations of people, who all desire to destroy us and who, what, we are, Freemen, they have been exceedingly poor at doing so.
    After all these 250 years, thru how many wars waged against us and our rightful power, how many false flag operations, how much dastardly despicable acts, all the corruption, crime, human trafficking, the wealth stolen, the rivers of blood and the mountains of bodies these scalawags have created in the name of something so evil no words can properly define what it is, we are still here. I still have my Rifle. There is no question I will defend and protect what matters most. I will never give my consent nor give up my guns.
    And…I Am Legion.

    There is an acronym for it: BFYTW

  2. I realize they are not truly concerned about mass murders. Their main concern is disarming honest Americans so they will have no armed opposition when they begin their plunder of the country–something they’d never have the guts to do if we were armed.

  3. Glad to see your post on this subject. I took the few minutes necessary to send email to both of my U,S. Senators and President Trump voicing my opposition to any new gun laws. I also sent a message to people I know and asked them to do likewise. I certainly hope all of your readers are contacting their Senators and the President on this important issue. Keep up the good work….

  4. I contacted senators and also signed a letter to President Trump put out boy the Gun Owners of America, I think it was. I would also urge everyone to contact their senators and urge them to take a stand against this.

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