Let’s Talk about Flags

Posted on July 4, 2019
by Land & Livestock Interntional, Inc.

By Dr Jimmy T (Gunny) LaBaume, President & CEO at Land & Livestock International, Inc.

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you are aware of the Nike flag flap that got Colin Kaepernick’s panties in a wad. He objects to the original (Betsy Ross version) of the flag of these united States saying that it is racist. How could that be?
Well, this was the first uS flag and it represents, and is closely associated with, the “original” constitution. That would be the constitution prior to the War of Yankee Aggression and subsequent constitutional amendments. In other words, it was the uS flag before America died at Appomattox.

Is it racist? Well….yes. How? The best way to answer that question is to compare it to the flags of the Confederate States of America. Not one single flag associated in any way with the CSA ever flew over a slave ship. On the other hand, the Yankee flag(s), including the Betsy Ross, flew over slave ships for over 90 years. And who takes all the blame for slavery?

In the heat of all this debate, it is obvious that ignorance is abundant out there about the origin and the roll of the flag of the uSSA. It is our ignorance that allows us to take our children (5 days a week) down to the Mandatory Government Propaganda Camp where they learn to stand, place their hand over their heart and pledge allegiance to this flag. Should we be doing that? Well, let’s see….

The first thing you need to know about the Pledge of Allegiance is where it came from. It was written by a card carrying Socialist by the name of Bellamy back in  1892. He had been a Baptist preacher who had been kicked out of the Church for preaching that Jesus was a Socialist. He was also one of the early ones that advocated the use of the “public schools” as a means for “social change.”

Your teacher never told you that nor has your child’s teacher ever told him/her that either. Is there any wonder why we are constantly fighting for our lives against the likes of Bill and Hillary, Joe B, Bareback Obama, AOC, Nancy P, Chuck C, and on and on for another paragraph or two?

Let’s analyze the pledge line by line and see how it stands up to the truth:
I pledge allegiance to the flag… A flag is a piece of cloth. Saying that is the equivalent of worshiping a false idol. Blasphemy.

And to the Republic for which it stands… Republic? What republic? That died 150+ years ago. The day General Lee walked out of that courthouse was the day America died—from that day forward, the FedGov was to be the sole judge of the limits to its own power. Not surprisingly, it has since judged that there are NO limits to that power.

One nation… NOT! At the founding, the individual colonies were considered to be the “sovereigns” with freedom of association. All of the founding documents refer to it in the plural—“these” united (lower case) States and NOT THE (singular, only one centrally controlled sovereign) United (capital) States.

Did you know that before Appomattox there was no such thing as an American Citizen? Each individual was considered a “citizen” of the state in which he/she lived. So now do we understand what happened to our State’s rights and our individual geographic identities? Only a very small minority do.

Up until Dishonest Abe made it so, America was never intended to be “one nation.” The majority of Americans today confuse the words “patriotism” and “nationalism.” There is a very important distinction between the two. Patriotism is a healthy, moral-ethical love of one’s country, its land, its people their customs and traditions. It is not accompanied by any desire to initiate force or violence against anyone. Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee were patriots and men of high moral values and ethical principles. The Declaration of Independence, a secession document, and the Articles of Confederation are patriotic documents. Neither contains any suggestion for the initiation of force or violence against persons or their property against their will. I am a patriot.

On the other hand, nationalism is the immoral love of one’s government and usually involves a desire to aggress against or tyrannize others. Abraham Lincoln, Adolph Hitler (who took lessons from Lincoln), Lyndon Johnson, George W. Bush, Barrack Obama and Donald Trump were (are) nationalists. The Gettysburg Address, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Presidential War Powers Act the (intentionally misnamed) Patriot Act are nationalist documents. All imply aggression against persons and property—force and violence applied by one group against other groups. I am NOT a nationalist.

Under God… There is no problem with that except for the fact that it is a blatant lie and will probably not last much longer.

With liberty and justice for all… The biggest lie ever told. Just ask LaVoy Finicum’s family. Just ask the Hammonds. How about Ruby Ridge and Waco? How come the uSSA has the largest percentage of its citizens locked in steel cages—the highest incarceration rate in the world? And the great majority of them have never committed a real crime—one that involves the initiation of force or violence against another and/or his/her property.

I am a patriot. I am NOT a nationalist. Therefore, I cannot parrot the pledge. When placed in the situation, I stand, facing the flag, at the position of attention–heels together, thumbs along the seams of my trousers but I remain silent. To a military man, even the enemy deserves a certain kind of respect.

Options for Homeland Defense, Inc. (Protecting Liberty through Private Firearms Ownership)
“Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.” – Jeff Cooper
Call for a pizza, a cop, and an ambulance and see which one arrives first.

In Warren v. District of Columbia the court ruled, and the Supreme Court upheld, that “(T)he desire for condemnation cannot satisfy the need for a special relationship out of which a duty to specify persons arises.” Because the complaint did not allege a relationship “beyond that found in general police responses to crimes,” the court affirmed the dismissal of the complaint for failure to state a claim.

The bottom line is that your local police are not legally obligated to protect you, the average citizen. In addition to the Warren case, there are hundreds of court rulings which state that cops are not legally responsible for protecting individual citizens. For example, see Zelig v. County of Los Angeles.
The government can’t protect you as you saw on September 11, 2001 as well as during the Washington, DC area “sniper” rampage and the plethora of active shooter events that we have had since.

In fact, the government could very well be our greatest fear, due to its propensity to murder people because of their ideas (See Ruby Ridge, ID and Waco, TX).

A simple internet or youtube.com search of “the police state” or “police brutality” will reveal literally thousands of violent crimes (from assault to cold blooded murder) committed by the State’s costumed emissaries of officially sanctioned violence (aka The Police State) against harmless and innocent people.

So, who does that leave to protect you, your life, property and family? The one and only answer is: YOU It is your duty and personal responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones.
This responsibility is a natural right given to us by God as human beings and guaranteed to us as individuals by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Options for Homeland Defense, Inc. offers professional weapons and tactics training that will make the difference. Instructed by experienced combat veterans—guys that have “been there and done that.” It offers private instruction at its privately owned range and mobile training teams are available. All interactions are confidential and discrete.
Contact: You can contact us via email at editor@flyover-press.com or through any of the contact or email links on our Web Site at http://www.flyover-press.com

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