Globalism in Public School Textbooks is Nothing New

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Ever since Donald Trump has been in office there has been an ongoing dialogue as to which is better for the country, globalism or nationalism. Actually, of the two, I’d rather have neither, as I think localism is a much better choice but since most folks don’t think that way anymore, I suppose nationalism is the lesser of the two evils.

However, even nationalism gets a bad rap in public school textbooks, and has for quite awhile now.  I pulled an article out of my files the other night from the old Borger News-Herald in Borger, Texas for August 23, 1973. The title of the article was Textbook Curtails National Liberty.

It dealt with the State Board of Education in California adopting a new series of social studies textbooks that was guaranteed to become controversial. It seems that the 1970s was a landmark decade for public schools across the country to start adopting material with a more pointed One World Government viewpoint. The title of the series was Land of the Free. 

A reporter for the Anaheim Bulletin spent three days going over these textbooks. He found that the books, designed for kindergarten through fourth grade “promoted the idea that they (the children) are ‘global citizens,’  and that the United States is an arm of a ‘world community’.”

The authors of these textbooks have noted that nationalism is a ‘cult” which seems to hinder the development of a “world consciousness.” It then becomes the task of the textbook to “bring international political arrangements fully into line and produce a world political mechanism that will promote the best interests of all peoples everywhere.”

The textbook producers seem to have a major  problem with the idea of a country considering itself to be a “sovereign nation.” They feel that the “doctrine of sovereignty of the nation has been the curse of the modern world.” Undoubtedly they thought the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was the ideal working model for the rest of  the world–surely not much national sovereignty in that arrangement.

You can see from this that the people that write your kid’s public school textbooks most definitely have a globalist agenda and if you are like me you find precious little to agree with in any of that.

No national sovereignty? So who runs the country? The United Nations? That would be a perfect start for One World Government–that’s what the United Nations is all about–telling every member country what it can and cannot do. Can you think of a more compelling reason to get the United States out of the United Nations? I can’t!

And with textbooks like those noted in this article, I can’t think of a more compelling reason to get your kids out of the public school system. The last thing they need to be reading is “social studies” texts promoting One World Government, at the fourth grade level or any level.

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