Anti-Confederate Christians And Socialists Aid Each Others Causes

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I read an interesting and thought provoking article on on March 29th by Larry L. Beane, a Lutheran pastor, called Which Side are You On?

This is a question that many Christians today need to begin to reflect on–are they Christian or are they socialist? Many try to be both. In my opinion I don’t think you can be both. They are antithetical to each other and if you attempt to be both you are a walking contradiction to yourself. It is the perfect example of doublemindedness.

Rev. Beane made his comments in the context of the removal of our Confederate monuments in New Orleans back in 2017. He noted that our Confederate monuments were under attack “rhetorically and physically–and eventually removed by the city government. To this day, they are hidden away in a shed in a city junkyard.” And all to feed the ambitions of a New Orleans mayor with presidential aspirations who couldn’t even be bothered to deal with the real problems in his own city.

Rev. Beane conducted prayer services at the monuments “imploring the Lord to spare us from violence.” He noted that peaceful supporters of keeping those monuments were being assaulted by Antifa thugs. Some of the folks from his own church were at the vigils to preserve the Confederate monuments. For this he was attacked by some in his own denomination who wanted him defrocked for even being there as they imputed “racist” motives to his attendance.

He spoke out about this and called them to account. He said: “My brethren who self-righteously went on the attack against me should be ashamed of themselves. By sitting on the sidelines, or in some cases, siding with the vandals and radicals, they were unwittingly helping to advance an anti-Christian agenda.”

He made the point that some Christians do end up supporting socialist radicals who are bent on cultural destruction simply so they can feel that they are opposing “racism.” Too many Christians fall into this trap. Because they fail to get a real grasp of the issues involved they often come down on the side of supporting some kind of socialist activity, not realizing that the socialists they so willingly support are every bit as “racist” as those so-called racists they claim to be opposed to. And often you are labeled a “racist” if you try to explain this to them because they don’t really want to hear it. Their minds have been made up by listening to the drivel spouted by the mainstream media and they refuse to be confronted with the real facts. Too much trouble! Just believe Walter Crankcase or Dan Rather-biased and don’t worry about the facts.

Rev. Beane asked some embarrassing questions. He said: “When things were very tense, when the police were ordered to stand down, when mobs were chanting and closing in and throwing bottles at peaceful people–where were the clergy? Where were the blessed peacemakers? Where were the pastors on the other side who supported the removal of the monuments? Where were the men with the moral authority to call for peace to prevail? I’ll tell you where they were: they were virtue signaling on social media from their comfy couches and plotting against those of us who were willing to get our hands dirty.” He’s right!

I watched some of the same situation during the Kanawha County textbook protest in West Virginia decades ago. There were Christian pastors there who should have gotten out and helped the protesters to protest the raunchy textbooks being force fed to public school kids. But they didn’t do that. They sat it out and said nothing, and some pastors were even in favor of those books. There was one  pastor there who, when I explained to him my opposition to communism and the left in general, he told me I was nuts! I visited his church one time–and one time only!

Rev. Beane asked this question: “When will people finally get it? When monuments to Lincoln and Washington are being torn down? When any historic remembrance prior to Year Zero has been thrown into the Memory Hole?” Because, in the final analysis, that’s what it’s really all about. If you totally destroy a people’s historic heritage and cultural memory they have nothing to go forward with, or to pass along to their children to enable them to go forward. “He who controls the past controls the future.”

What many Christians who are so obsessed with their opposition to “racism” fail to realize is that those who also claim to be against “racism” are also against the Christian culture and heritage of this country–particularly here in the South. How many of those men whose monuments have been so quickly torn down and removed were Christian men, whose devotion to God makes what often passes for Christianity today pale into insignificance?

No, sadly, many of those Christians who so blithely support socialism today just don’t get it. I wonder if they ever will. The old Confederacy, contrary to what you believe, was not full of evil racists anymore than any other part of the country that was just as “racist” but doesn’t get talked about because that wouldn’t fit the Deep State and media narrative of the destroyers of our culture.

Those Christians that support socialism and its agenda or that just want to sit out these battles that affect what they believe will end up paying for their costly errors in judgment some day. Problem is, they won’t like the price!


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