Oh That Nasty Confederate Shooter In New Zealand!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, you almost had to figure it–that in some way the convoluted wanderings of the leftist mentality would find some way to blame the Confederate Flag for the mosque shootings in New Zealand. Come on now, admit it, you knew it had to happen at some point. You just know that you can blame the Confederate Flag for all of man’s problems going back to the fall into original sin in the Book of Genesis. You say that there were no Confederate Flags back in those days–makes no difference–they are responsible for the fall anyway. When Adam sinned he knew there would be a Confederate Flag somewhere down the road in the future and he sinned in anticipation of that event! Sound far fetched? Ask any Democratic Socialist and they will tell you how much sense it makes. They won’t believe anything much about the Book of Genesis–but they will believe this because they have been programmed to think that way.

Why do I write this? I just got a communication from my good friend, Donnie Kennedy, who is  Chief of Heritage Operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Donnie wrote, in part: “In case you have not heard, and as a way to get you ready for the coming assault, the man who committed the hideous attack in New Zealand has been associated with the Confederate Flag. According to an investigative reporter in New Zealand, the shooter, Brenton Tarrant, was a member of a rifle club in New Zealand in which there were displayed ‘Confederate flags on the walls.'”

See, that shows you right there, the shootings were the fault of the Confederate Flag. Don’t you think that, at the very least, they should mobilize a campaign to get all the Confederate flags removed from New Zealand, and maybe even from Australia, where Tarrant is supposed to originally be from? I mean, it’s the very least they can do, right?

Responsible people who tracked where Tarrant went have noted, as I wrote in an earlier article about this, that he spent most of his adult life traveling in the areas between Pakistan and North Korea and that he didn’t work. Up to this point, there is no record of him visiting the Southern part of the United States.

Donnie has noted: “Nevertheless, several United States news outlets in Chicago, Washington, New York, and of course the Huffington Post have taken advantage of this slight connection to reinforce in the minds of their readers the neo-Marxist narrative of the Confederate Flag as an emblem of hate. As far as I can determine, at this time there is no photo of Tarrant holding or standing close to a Confederate Flag but that will not stop our enemies  from pushing their hate-filled narrative.” At least, as of this writing, there have been no photos posted of the Confederate flags hanging on the walls of Tarran’t’s rifle club. So you have to wonder.

We will have to keep an eye out in the days to come–to see what “evidence” gets manufactured to show that Tarrant was some sort of racist “neo-Confederate” that hated everyone that wasn’t lily-white.

Of course the people promoting this line of belief may not even worry about  producing any “evidence” of what they claim. After all, we seem to have reached an age where the accusation is all that really matters and those that hurl the accusation seem to feel that this is all they need to do. They realize a bought-and-paid-for media will back them up, no matter how ludicrous their claims and so they may have gotten to where “we don’t need no stinkin’ evidence.” Guilty until proven innocent! That seems to be the mode of operation in the Amerika of today.

So get ready for what may well be coming down the  pike in this situation because you have to realize that the cultural Marxists out to destroy our culture will not hesitate to use any situation, even from overseas, to throw mud upon our flags, history and culture. So get ready to exercise a little pushback because I think we are going to need to do that.

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