New Zealand False Flag

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Many might be tempted to think that with the end of the Obama Regime the day of the false flag had ended. We had so many of them while Obama was in office, all intended to promote gun control or some other noxious agenda, that it was a relief when he finally vacated the White House, even though he didn’t go nearly as far as some of us could have wished for.

But for us to think the day of the false flag operation was over would have been naïve in the extreme. New false flags are mostly now operated by some hidden division of the Deep State with the express purpose of trying to destabilize the Trump administration and/or its agenda.

Trump is almost like a man alone in Washington, trying to stave off the machinations of the Deep State while both Republicans and Demoncrats try daily to stab him in the political back  Trump is the first president for as long as I can remember that has not been in the pocket of the Deep State, Shadow Government, or whatever you care to call it and until he repents and becomes a member the attacks against him will only proliferate.

This mosque shooting in New Zealand is only the latest example. You have to wonder how shootings in a mosque in New Zealand can be blamed on Trump and our Second Amendment, yet that seems to be the scenario now being put forth. Somehow the radical Leftists and their media lap dogs seem to embrace the novel idea that, somehow, if we had more gun control in this country the shootings in New Zealand would, magically, not have happened–so it’s all our fault like everything else in the universe is. Connor Reid, on has noted that: “The narrative pushed by mainstream media and prominent social elite figures is the idea that an overwhelming percentage of white males are entitled nationalists seeking to harass and harm those who don’t look like them. This narrative is the most prevalent among white males who affiliate themselves with supporting President Trump. The media pounces on stories they can construe to exhibit ‘proof’ of the increasing problematic hatred that’s so rampant in the hearts of white Trump supporters.”

In other words, if you are white and a Trump supporter you are automatically racist. No two ways about it. You just couldn’t be anything else!

I looked at a photo of the New Zealand shooter. To tell you the truth, he reminded me of a younger version of John Brennan with his perpetual scowl.

Connor Reid had an interesting take on the shooter and, in retrospect, I don’t think he was all that far off. In fact, I think he nailed it. He said: “I am saying that the shooter employed sophisticated reverse psychology in order to create a desired political outcome…He knew his actions would result in stricter gun laws globally. He knew his actions would cause the media to pounce on Trump and fault the rampant spread of white nationalism for the atrocity. He knew his actions would perfectly fit the narrative the MSM and the elites are so desperately trying to push. White men are evil. Trump and his base are evil racists that have become too dangerous for public consumption….The shooter admits in his manifesto his motivation for committing a mass atrocity was to incite civil war among political parties…If you look at some of the shooter’s older (Facebook) posts you realize he didn’t work and spent his time traveling across the middle east and visiting countries such as Pakistan and North Korea. It seems rather unlikely someone with such an expressed hatred for Muslims would spend his entire adult life among them.”

So this guy didn’t work. How did he live? Who paid for the groceries–and the travel expenses for him to run around all over the middle east? You don’t do that for peanuts! Plane fare and hotels are expensive. So who was footing the bill? Probably someone, or group, that we will  never know about who paid this man handsomely enough so that he would act our their agenda when commanded to do so. People like this seldom operate alone.

I recall back when George Wallace got shot, back in 1972, which shooting took him out of the presidential race that year. One of the John Birch Society researchers, Alan Stang, I think it was, started tracking the man that shot Wallace to see what he could learn about him. Turned out he followed Wallace halfway across the country waiting for his chance to do him in. In the course of following Wallace around he stayed in some pretty swanky pads and ate in fancy restaurants and pretty much lived high off the hog–and he was unemployed at the time! So where did he get the big bucks to trail Wallace across the country? Nobody ever answered that question and outside of Alan Stang, I don’t think anybody bothered asking it.

Same situation with this New Zealand shooter. Whether you even want to think about it, though you  probably should, you have to wonder who springs for all the travel expenses for these turkeys so they can do what someone wants them to do?

If you were gullible enough to believe the Fake News Media you’d think people like this are all just “lone wolves” acting out some fantastic dream they’d had since they were four years old when someone tipped over their little red wagon! In the real world it doesn’t work that way. Someone pays the freight for all these shooters because they are fulfilling someone’s agenda.

So ask yourself who wants more gun control worldwide, and especially in this country? Who wants Trump removed from office? Who wants his administration destabilized and all whites branded as racists? Figure out some of that and you are half way toward figuring out who pays the tab for it all.

3 thoughts on “New Zealand False Flag

  1. That’s a perfect description of what they give us and we are supposed to believe it. Lots of us don’t anymore and haven’t for a long time. I’ve watched the mainstream media for almost five decades now and to say they are outright liars would be charitable.

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