Abolitionists and Illuminists Campaigning for One World Government

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

In the most recent article we made some connections between abolitionists and Illuminists (Illuminati), between William Lloyd Garrison, the Northern radical abolitionist (as opposed to sensible Southern abolitionists) and Giuseppi Mazzini the Illuminist.

Arthur Thompson notes in his To the Victors Go the Myths and Monuments on page 187 that: “A popular opinion in the early 1800s was that the abolitionists were agents of England, and there were a few that viewed them as an extension of the Illuminati. The masthead of the Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison’s newspaper, reinforced this latter idea. The initial slogan of the paper was: ‘Our Country is the world–Our Countrymen are Mankind’.” Whatever one might think, the radical abolitionists had an ongoing vision for an agenda that went well beyond the slavery issue. Another issue Garrison was big on was “Women’s rights.”

Mr. Thompson noted a trip to England by Garrison in 1833. He said: “William Lloyd Garrison’s publicized first visit to England in 1833 coincided with the last triumphant state of British abolition; there he made some disparaging remarks against his country in general, not just about the issue of slavery. Someone had to organize this visit to England. You did not just get off the boat and start planning your speeches. Politically motivated organizations set them up by what were called lyceums, which were associations for discussion and instruction by lectures and other means. These organizations gave weight to the idea of British interference in American politics. These lyceums were copies of the Illuminist organizations on the European continent.”

The connection has been made between Mazzini, an Illuminist, and Garrison, an abolitionist. Thomas Coley Allen, whose work I quoted in a previous article, made this connection. Looking for a little more confirmation of what he said, I came across (on the internet) a book by Enrico Dal Lago called William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini: Abolition, Democracy, and Radical Reform (Conflicting Worlds: New Dimensions of the American Civil War) published in 2013. That’s quite a mouthful of title for one book.

The brief review given about the book noted: “The two meetings Garrison and Mazzini had, in 1846 and in 1867, served to reinforce their sense that they somehow worked together toward the achievement of liberty not just in the United States and Italy, but also in the Atlantic Euro-American world as a whole…” You have to understand, from a “review” like this, that “liberty” does not mean the same thing to us that it meant to them. In fact, to the doctrinaire Leftist, to be a liberator means that you are “One who seeks to destroy or radically change some phase of Western society.” That definition comes from A Communese-English Dictionary, written by Professor Roy Colby. That definition pretty well fits William Lloyd Garrison the radical abolitionist.

Now ask yourself, in all your reading about abolitionists in our history over the years, where did you ever read that they had anything to do with Illuminist radicals from Europe??? I’m willing to bet you never did, and until recently, neither did I. All of which goes to show that the abolitionist movement in this country had some really interesting European links and was really about lots more than just  slavery in our South.

And now, to throw a little gas on the fire, I will include this quote from https://www.quora.com under the title Are all secret societies related to the Illuminati? Is the Mafia part of the Illuminati? The article notes, in part, “Mazzini, who was Albert Pike’s ‘partner in crime’ called himself a freemason, just as Albert Pike did…Mazzini was part of the Carbonari, a secret society in Italy…He also founded the group ‘Young Italy” (political agitators, thugs and terrorists). Mazzini was responsible for starting the Scottish Rite in Italy, just as Albert Pike was responsible for corrupting it in America.” I’m not going to deal with the Mafia part of this question as it doesn’t really fit in with what I’ve been dealing with.

Thomas Coley Allen wrote: “Years before the War for Southern Independence, Illuminists had sent agents to the South to take control of key positions and to agitate for secession these agents included John A. Quitman, John Slidell and Albert Pike.” Although you hear the names of the above three mentioned in connection to the South, Mr. Allen claims all three originally came from New York. Actually, Pike grew up in Massachusetts. So the question must be asked–who were these three really out to help?

Please understand now, I am not questioning the validity of Southern secession. I am questioning whose ultimate agenda these men were promoting. I think there is a lot of history out there that even conservative and patriotic historians have not had access to, and of course the Marxist historians just ignore it, or lie about it anyway. I think we have lots of history to learn yet and I don’t think we will be overly enamored of much of it.

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