The Outworking of the Theology of Political Correctness

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Many think that the theory of political correctness, and the outworking of that theory, also known as cultural Marxism, is a godless theory, based solely on economic determinism the way classic Marxism is supposed to be. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In truth, political correctness contains a theology peopled by a whole host of would-be deities, all seeking to dethrone the God of Scripture so they can “ascend on high” and take His place, at which point they will fight among themselves over which of them is the most qualified to usurp His throne. They all have certain theological premises in common for all their differences.

They all agree that Jesus is not the Christ, the Son of the Living God. They may disagree over who He really is but they are unanimous in their declaration that He is not who the Bible says He is. This should be obvious from the outworking of their theology.

They are totally opposed to any kind of Christian education. They claim it promotes “hate.” They claim Christian schools are “hate factories” and they would shut them all down if they could find a way to do it. They even have some “useful idiots” in Congress spouting this foolishness. They have not found a way to shut them down yet, but not to worry, they are busy at work on that problem, and if you think they aren’t then you are deluding yourself. Do they have a problem with Muslim schools? Heavens no! Muslim schools are Meccas of love and diversity.

True Christian education will expose political correctness for the cultural fraud it really is, and they just can’t have that because telling the truth promotes “hatred” don’t you know. Well, it least it promotes hatred of political correctness for the simple reason that political correctness is a fraud.

True Christian education will counteract the idolatry so prevalent in our day. It will expose the false theology of Luciferians like Saul Alinsky that seek to replace God’s Commandments with their own “rules for radicals.” In fact, it seems that, shorn of all the Marxist sophistry, those that accuse Christians of being hateful just might be the real haters in the woodpile. They claim Christians are intolerant, while their total intolerance for anything even remotely Christian is really over the top.

There is no give and take, no live and let live, with the politically correct. It has to be their way or the highway and if you don’t like their way and refuse to go along they will seek to get Congress to pass a law that will force you to go along with it. That is the real outworking of their theology. It is a theology of compulsion.

The politically correct have a zero tolerance for anyone’s ideas but their own. They cannot abide someone with a different viewpoint. That person must be crushed!  All worldviews but their own are either “sexist” or “racist” or otherwise intolerant. If you think differently than they do then you must have a problem because everyone that matters knows the politically correct are always right in all their thought processes. Just ask them. They will tell you. The thought that they could be wrong has never once occurred to them.

Take, for instance, their view of the 2016 presidential election. Hillary should have won and Trump lost because that’s what was supposed to happen. When even vote fraud couldn’t bring about the desired result they realized they would need an extraordinary event to change the result of the election so Hillary could assume her rightful place on the presidential throne. After all, when the wrong thing happens in an election, any election, then the politically correct are completely justified in cheating, fraud, lying, or whatever it takes to reverse the election so the right person gets to where she rightfully should have been.

After all, everyone knows Hillary’s years of devoted (to herself) service to the country entitled her to be president. The fact that the public spurned her effort has nothing whatever to do with it. How often does it need to be said–She’s entitled to whatever she wants and us miserable deplorables who didn’t want to live under her brand of collectivism just don’t matter. We are not important–Hillary, the tin goddess of political correctness is ALL!

And so the politically correct have a plan. Whether it’s legal or not, who cares? It involves impeaching or getting rid of both Trump and Pence so that Comrade Pelosi, the next in line, can get into the office of president, and when she does, she will dutifully (if she knows what’s good for her) appoint Hillary as vice (in more ways than one) president. After which Pelosi will, again dutifully, resign as president and Saint Hillary will assume the reins of power to which she was more than entitled when that usurper, Trump, beat her out. If you look at it, it has to be this way–otherwise Robert Mueller has just wasted over two years investigating the “Russian collusion delusion.” As far as Hillary and the Uranium One debacle, don’t even give that a thought. After all, Mueller hasn’t, nor does he intend to. That’s off limits! And the politically correct media will guarantee that it will stay off limits.

So you can begin to see how the theology of the politically correct is worked out here.

Can’t have those hateful Christians and patriots going around telling people the truth about all this. If enough people listened to them it might still mess things up, so in the name of “liberal love” the Christians and patriotic conservatives  really have to be silenced. Silencing them is really an act of “love” while letting them loose out there to tell the world what’s going on is an act of hate and so it has to be stopped.

Now make sure you’ve got your theological terms straight here. Love is really hate. Truth is really falsehood. Good is really evil. Light is really darkness, and sweet is really bitter. This is how theology works in politically correct circles.

And unless Mr. Trump decides to fight back, this is where we will all end up. Delightful thought isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “The Outworking of the Theology of Political Correctness

  1. I suspect the unproven theory of ‘species evolution’ by Charles Darwin was a move to challenge the almost universal belief in Christianity and creation. And we see today the result of that anti-christian movement. Which is to say, believers of species evolution treat it as their religion. However, the recent study of DNA has virtually destroyed evolutionist’s religion of “Species Evolution”…

  2. You are correct–evolution was meant to challenge the Christian belief in the creation account in the Bible. Given what’s gone on in the schools in the past several decades they seem to have done a pretty good job of it.

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