The Consummate Marxist

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The first time I ever heard of Joseph Weydemeyer was back in 1978. A good friend and mentor who was a pastor and who followed history closely sent me a picture from the Communist newspaper, the Daily World. It was an old photograph of well-known Marxist Joseph Weydemeyer in his Yankee uniform. The short commentary with the photo listed some of Weydemeyer’s Marxist accomplishments as well as his being an “officer in the Union army.” That information in the Communist newspaper was my introduction to the fact that there had been communists and socialists that had infiltrated the ranks of Mr. Lincoln’s armies. I was later to find out they had infiltrated with Mr. Lincoln’s blessing.

What passes for “history” education in the Humanist seminaries we still call public schools had never prepared me for that fact and I doubt that the vast majority of youngsters even in this day have the remotest clue that Lincoln welcomes communists and socialists into his military or that the Republican Party of that day was full of them also.

My first thought back in 1978 when I read that was “What’s the communist doing in the Union army?” Little did I know back then! I had no clue that Weydemeyer was far from being the only communist there. It was a decade before I came up with any great amount of information about this and when I finally did, what I found was the beginning of the book that Donnie Kennedy and I co-authored, Lincoln’s Marxists.
There had been a couple books written about some of this way back in the 1950s but they were pretty much out of print by the time I came along. So Donnie and I had to do lots of digging for information about this, and about the people called “the Forty-Eighters” who were the socialist and communist revolutionaries that sought to make shipwreck of Europe in 1848. It turned out that when the couldn’t do that to Europe after the good old college try, they came over here. They, unfortunately, had more success here than they did in Europe. The research for the book took us a little over two years.

Since Weydemeyer was the earliest Marxist I’d learned about I thought an article about him might be worthwhile because it would demonstrate how dedicated to the principles of Marxism those people really were (and still are). Our book noted of Weydemeyer that “Some of Weydemeyer’s more notable accomplishments in New York were the publication of Marx’s Communist Manifesto, assisting in organizing the New York Communist Club, and publishing a German-language newspaper, Die Revolution. Moving to St. Louis, Missouri in 1860, Weydemeyer soon thereafter offered his service to the darling of the Forty-Eighters, Maj. Gen. John C. Fremont, when war broke out.” All of these activities would have taken lots of time and effort. Weydemeyer was into Marxism for the long haul. He wasn’t just tinkering around like so many do. He was actively into promoting Marxist change for America. But, then, most of the Forty-Eighters who came over here before the War of Northern Aggression were, and Weydemeyer was willing to do “whatever it took to get the coon.”

The Communist Club that Weydemeyer helped organize had as one of its main goals what it called “nationalizing the means of production.” What this amounted to, shorn of all the Marxist sophistry was the abolition of all private property and taking that property and claiming its true ownership in the name of “the people.” Doing this is supposed to automatically create heaven on earth for everyone–if you are naive enough to believe the Marxist doublespeak. Actually all it really does is create a lot of extremely well-off Marxist dictators while ordinary people go begging. Stealing private property is forbidden in the biblical commandments.

There is another book out there, if you can still locate copies of it, called Joseph Weydemeyer: Pioneer of American Socialism written by Karl Obermann and published back in 1947 by International Publishers, which was the outfit controlled by the Communist Party in this country.

According to “As the country moved toward a civil war, German Americans played in important part in the emergence of the Republican Party, so did Weydemeyer, who was one of the men who drew the German community toward the Republicans and the antislavery cause…While doing his military duty, he distributed copies of the Inaugural Address of the International Workingmen’s Association, exchanged letters with Engels on military and political issues, contributed to local papers…”

So, as you can see, Joseph Weydemeyer was the consummate Marxist of the mid-19th century, both in Europe and in this country. Unfortunately, there were a lot more like him out there, doing what he did in this country and this country is much the worse off for them having been here. So those people that try to tell you that we never had a communist problem in this country until FDR came along in the 1930s are just about 100 years off the mark.

Another book you might want to check out that showed we had a communist problem before Roosevelt is one by Benjamin Gitlow called The Whole Of Their Lives which deals with Communist activity in this country starting around the time of the First World War. Gitlow had been a Communist and broke with them and wrote this book telling what they were doing in this country in the early 1900s. The title of this book gives you some idea of the life of Weydemeyer in the 1800s, even though it has nothing to do with him personally. Communists literally gave “the whole of their lives” in service to their failed Humanist deity in their efforts to enslave the world–all in the name of “freedom”–freedom for them and slavery for the rest of us.

When I look today at some of these would-be socialists this country’s electorate has just foisted on Congress, I think they must surely be the biggest “useful idiots” the Deep State could possibly hope for.

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