The Leftists’ Paranoid Fear Of Southern Heritage

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Way back in 1988 (ancient history now) I had an article published in the National Educator dealing with the extreme efforts of the NAACP to have Confederate flags removed from the capitol buildings in several Southern states. This, just to let you all know, that attacks on Southern culture and heritage have been going on much longer than the last couple years.

Needless to say, this sort of Orwellian activity on the part of the NAACP and other anti-South organizations has continued and steadily increased unabated to this hour. The NAACP  has, for at least the past three decades, been on a prolonged feeding frenzy when it comes to anything Confederate, no matter how small or insignificant it might be.

The NAACP’s checkered history has been a wonderment to behold over the years. They’ve had problems with some of their people in high positions over the years, and during the early 1990s they seemed about to go under until some little leftist bird chirped in their ear about how attacking all things Confederate might just revive their sagging membership roles if the propaganda were presented in the right format. They were quick to pick up on this theme and have literally ridden it to death ever since. And I guess it must have put some long green in the coffers for them, as hard as they’ve pushed it. Here is a group, supposedly formed to help black folks, yet it had all white presidents until at least some time in the late 1960s. That tells you something right there.

An excellent expose of the NAACP can be found in the book Biographical Dictionary of the Left, Volume 1, by Francis X. Gannon. It was published by Western Islands back in 1969, so you might have to hunt around by now to find a copy of it. If it has been reprinted I am not aware of it.

Since the early 1990s I have read literally scores of articles dealing with the ongoing leftists agenda  of removing Confederate flags, monuments, and other symbols from government schools, public  buildings and parks and other places, and since 2015, this campaign from the Left, and other useful idiots as well, has literally reached a fever pitch. It’s like the world will end for those people unless they get every remembrance of anything Confederate removed before Trump’s attempt at a second term–something else they want to do away with!

I have taken note of this disgusting process and believe me, it’s enough to gag a maggot! It is a classic cultural Marxist exercise in ethnic cleansing.

Many people ignorantly think the federal government never really got into the education field until 1958, when Sputnik supposedly came along. They’ve not read their history. Of course if they attended government schools they were given precious little real history to read, so I suppose you can’t really blame them. If the truth were known, Washington got into public education, at least publicly, as early as 1862. At that time, the real American Revolution, the War of Northern Aggression, was going full blast and the Yankee Empire was not sure it was going to win.

According to an article in Chronicles magazine by author John Chodes several years ago, it was in this questionable atmosphere  that Congress jumped in where angels feared to tread, and passed the Morrill Act. This act just about amounted to direct federal aid for education. The stated objective of the act was to: “fund colleges that teach agriculture and the mechanic arts, via money raised through federal land-grant sales.” According to Mr. Chodes: “The true objective (of the act) was to bring the Northern perspective to the reconquered areas of the South, to teach the rebels’ children respect for national authority–to break their rebellious spirit forever.  The three R’s had absolutely nothing to do with this landmark bill.” Knowing that he who pays the piper calls the tune, is anyone really surprised?

Senator J. P. Wickersham said, in 1865, that the great majority of non-slave-holding whites in the South were “deplorably ignorant” and it was this ignorance  that helped rebel leaders to enlist so many of them in Confederate armies. Wickersham felt that as long as they remained “ignorant” they would remain the pawns of “political demagogues.” In other words, unless the Southern “poor white trash” were properly “educated” with the proper Northern perspective, they would continue to be swayed by such banal considerations as Christianity, states’ rights, constitutional government, and a whole host of other such “unenlightened” doctrines. So, if only you could give them a proper Northern education, they could then become the pawns of “enlightened” Yankee/Marxist demagogues.

Wickersham then went on to state that: “A republican form of government cannot long last without providing a system of free schools.” Read that one again folks, while you choke on it! Anyone gullible enough to swallow that brand of bovine fertilizer deserves the upset stomach he gets from it. The last thing any true republic needs is “free (government) schools” or “free education for all children in public schools” as that vaunted champion of humanity, Karl Marx, so succinctly stated in The Communist Manifesto. I hate to differ with such educational champions as Wickersham and Marx, but I don’t think the average Southerner was nearly as ignorant as these men try to make out.

Senator Morrill, in seeking to justify his authorship of the Morrill Act said: “The role of the national government is to mold the character of the American people.” Wrong, Senator!!! The “role” of the national government, or of any government at any level, is defined in Romans 13. If these politicians in the 1860s had such a statist mindset, do you wonder why we have such problems today? And some naïve people today still think that socialism in America didn’t rear its ugly head until FDR in the 1930s! As my daughter says “wake up and smell the coffee.” You are at least a 100 years off in your thinking.

Government schools will ever continue to pass off abolitionist fables to the unsuspecting as “history.” They dare not inform you of the Christian revivals that took place in the Confederate armies during the war. And they will never inform you about the Christian conviction and dedication of men like Lee, Jackson, Stuart, Davis, and many many others. All you will ever get from today’s “historians” (and I use that term quite loosely here) is tales about how these men were slave-owners and, therefore, all white supremacists. End of discussion!

But not to worry, both the leftist NAACP and the left-leaning government school system have plenty of other help in making sure the average American has no clue as to what Southern heritage and history were and are all about. One who has done yeoman duty in this coverup has been court historian James McPherson. Over the years McPherson has been a favorite of the political left, having been cited numerous times on the World Socialist Website, and having also admitted, quite proudly, that Abraham Lincoln championed the leaders of the 1848 socialist revolts in Europe, and those same socialists, in turn, supported his presidency. If you need more information in this area get a copy of Donnie Kennedy’s and my book Lincoln’s Marxists. After you read it, donate it to your local library so other folks can also learn.

If you don’t think the leftists have been on a mission to trash Southern culture then you obviously have not kept track of the perambulations of outfits like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Now we have to admit that the leftists are really the “up front” guys in this cultural genocide against the South. There are people in back of them that promote and finance their attacks on the South and its heritage, people that want us and our Southern culture destroyed every bit as much as the leftists do. Lots of those people reside in the Swamp in Washington and are denizens of the Deep State. Their vision of a New World Order has no  room in it for the preservation of Southern history, heritage and culture, particularly if any of that relates to Christianity. Shorn of all their sophistry, that’s where their attack on us and our heritage is really headed. In the final analysis, that’s what it’s all about.

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