“Yankee Empire”

A book review by Al Benson Jr.

Well, the Kennedy Brothers have done it again! Their latest book, complements of Shotwell Publishing in Columbia, South Carolina is Yankee Empire. The title is self-explanatory and demonstrates that the Yankees, both yesterday and today were and are not satisfied with their own country–they want as many countries as they can control. In other words they want a world empire, undoubtedly to be the seat of the New World Order. Their quest for empire began with their conquest of the Confederate States of America and with that conquest they set a pattern for how they would henceforth attack and eventually control any country they set their sights on.

The Kennedy’s explain how they did this, not only in the South, but also in Cuba, Hawaii, the Philippines and how, since the end of the 19th century, they have done it all over the world.

When you look at how they did it you see a definite pattern to their conquests. I have never seen anyone else explain it quite the way the Kennedy Brothers do, but what they say makes sense.

On page 17, they start to explain: “After the conquest of the Confederate States, a new system of government, both in the Southern States and the federal government was imposed upon the South. These post-war governments which were imposed upon the South, both federal and state, were created not with the consent of the governed but by the compulsion of the occupying imperialistic power–the victorious Yankee Empire. These “new” governments were, both then and now, illegitimate governments. All governments exercising power in the South, subsequent to the conquest of the Confederate States of America, were and still are illegitimate.

The Kennedys noted that apologists for the Yankee position argue that the Southern States were not “true democracies” because they didn’t allows blacks, free or slave, to vote. They conveniently ignore the fact that the United States was in the exact same position–their blacks, free and slave, couldn’t vote either.

After the War was over the Yankee Empire installed puppet governments in each Southern State and then withdrew, leaving these illegitimate puppet governments to control the conquered Southern territory. The Yankee Empire then followed this same scenario in the places they started taking over at the end of the 19th century. By the early 1900s the U.S. had had troops in Cuba, the Philippines, Hawaii, China, and Panama and even though the troops eventually left, the Empire maintained invisible control. Over the years the U.S. has stuck its nose into just about all the Central American countries as well as several in the Middle East. All you have to do to see that the U.S. is indeed a world empire is to check today to see how many countries we have troops stationed in. Last time I checked it was well over a hundred!

On pages 52 and 53 they note the parallels between the conquest of the Confederate States and the Kingdom of Hawaii. They note that “In the case of Hawaii, the United States used two excuses to invade and conquer the Kingdom of Hawaii: protect American property and protect the ‘rights’ of Americans. Another technique to hide the raw fact of invasion and conquest is to demonize the invaded people as backward, barbarian, and subhuman. The Yankee invader of Hawaii had honed his skills in demonizing the people to be subjugated during the War for Southern Independence.. In 1862, upon the floor of the United States House of Representatives, Ohio Congressman Clement L. Vallandigham noted how radicals in the North had ‘taught the people of the North and West not only to hate but to despise’ Southerners. This ‘teaching’ of hate and/or loathing of a soon-to-be-invaded and conquered people is always indispensable in paving the way for one people to psychologically prepare themselves to engage in immoral or criminal acts against ‘the others,’ those who do not deserve the usual respect given to normal people.” You have to admit, in today’s cultural Marxist society, this is more and more the way Southerners and their history and culture are being treated by the “enlightened” Yankee/Marxists of our day.

The Kennedys observe, accurately, on page 66, that “As harsh as it may sound, Imperial America was born with the death of the Confederate States of America. With the death of REAL States’ Rights, the federal government became an authority unto itself–just like all other empires.” This is where it has been ever since. They accurately describe the new “American” mindset as “a merger of Yankee commercial/financial nationalism and Yankee secularized religion that produced a new Manifest Destiny–as God’s elect–the Yankee Empire would reconstruct the world.” Yankee preachers felt that “the free North…must one day carry liberty all over the world…We are its divinely appointed representatives and defenders…Our influence will renew and unite the world.” Sounds like these people were even ahead of George Bush in the promotion of a “New World Order” only they just didn’t call it that yet.

On pages 114-118 they deal with “reconstruction” both active and passive. They describe active reconstruction as what went on while the Yankee troops were down here for twelves years, part of which was the “divide and conquer” strategy they used to divide blacks and whites into opposing groups–the old Marxist class struggle technique. They describe passive reconstruction as what “…was enforced by puppet state governments–the leaders of which knew that if they did anything that appeared to be an attempt to reassert the South’s right of self-determination–the Yankee Empire would re-impose Active Reconstruction.” In reference to these puppet governments, they again asserted, on page 122, that “Because these governments violate the principle of ‘consent of the governed,’ they were and still are illegitimate governments.” Another thing they note is that empires (and those who run them) have “no spiritual connection to the land.” This is something that separates the rulers of empire from most of those they have conquered. I’ve lived in the South, both in West Virginia, Louisiana, and briefly in Oklahoma, long enough to realize that Southern folks have a feel for their land and their place on it that exists in few other places, except maybe still some places in the far West.

The Kennedys go on to detail cultural differences between North and South, and they are notable. This I can vouch for personally. Having grown up in the North, but having spent considerable time as an adult in the South and West, I have seen the cultural differences firsthand, which is one reason we now live in the South.
On pages 134-135 they note:: “During the debates in the various states over the possible ratification of the proposed constitution, many notable Southerners warned their countrymen about the dangers associated with joining a union with people in the North (New England and New York, especially Wall Street) who had radically different economic and social interests than the people of the South.”

We realize that no real empire can tolerate a republican form of government where its citizens have any kind of a vote that really makes any difference. Therefore, once the United States turned toward the path of empire the old norms had to be done away with, but they retained the forms, however the real substance was eaten out. Even some Northern folks realized this. On page 163 the Kennedys note the commentary of a citizen of Philadelphia, one William B. Reed who warned that “…if the United States were successful in its war against the South it would result in ‘some new form of consolidated government, alien to our habits and education.’..Many in the North recognized that Lincoln and his cronies were actively engaged in an illegal (unconstitutional) destruction of America’s original Republic of Republics.”

On page 181 the difference between abolitionists is noted. There were abolitionists who sincerely wanted to do away with slavery but they realized with such a momentous issue you had to find a rational way to do it and they worked toward that. Then there were the radical abolitionists of the William Lloyd Garrison and John Brown stripes who wanted the slavery issue settled immediately if not sooner and they were willing to countenance any and all actions, no matter how bloody, to get the slaves freed yesterday! The Kennedys observe that “According to radical abolitionist propaganda, the massacre of all white men, women, and children in the South was justifiable if the end result was the abolition of slavery.” You have to wonder if these modern “hate whitey” types are really nothing more than modern abolitionists who seek to abolish the white race.

There are several chapter in this book that detail what the Yankee Empire did to the South after the War. Chapter 10 notes “Yankee Empire plunders a conquered South. Chapter 11 deals with the “occupation of a once free people, and chapter 12 goes into something we today are too familiar with–“Cultural genocide–the destruction of a proud heritage.” This chapter takes us from the cultural genocide of the 19th century right up until and including today. On page 283 it is stated that: “Yankee efforts to slander the South are not new. The Empire’s prior and ongoing efforts to slander its first victim are necessary for the Yankee Empire’s survival. The ongoing campaign of anti-South bigotry must be maintained IF the Yankee Empire is to maintain its facade of legitimacy! Worldwide recognition of the truth about the War for Southern Independence would destroy the Yankee Empire.” Think about that for awhile!…The Yankee Empire’s campaign of cultural genocide is not new, it did not develop in our lifetime or in response to the horrific act of a lone, crazed gunman in Charleston, South Carolina who had no direct or indirect connection to the Southern Heritage Movement. The Yankee Empire’s campaign of anti-South cultural genocide is a permanent part of its continuing efforts to pacify rising generations of Southerners…Every empire must dehumanize the people of the invaded nation. This is made easy in modern America in which the mainline media, educational institutions and political parties are all supporters of the Yankee Empire…For instance, they constantly imply that any Southerner flying a Confederate flag is an evil racist and/or a neo-Nazi.” Most who will read this know what the drill is by now.

The title of chapter 15 is “The will to be free?” and it is posed as a question rather than a statement. Page 323 states: “While there are certainly a fair number of Southerners who would vote to form a separate Southern Republic, their percentage out of the total population would be less than a majority. Several recent polls have demonstrated that a significant minority of American, including those living in non-Southern states, still believe that a state has the right to secede from the United States and form an independent country.” I have to say that, overall, the percentage of people that feel this way is stronger now than it was when I was younger. People that used to laugh at the idea of secession years ago are not laughing now.

There is much more in this latest book of the Kennedy Brothers than I can’t deal with here. All I have done is to hit some of the high spots. This is a book that needs to be read, and not lightly. There needs to be sober reflection on what the Kennedys have put together in this book. It will not all be fun reading, and some of it will make you angry. If so, that’s good! That means you still have the capacity to get mad when you read about evils and injustices that have been committed against Southern folk. At that point, you need to ask the Lord what your response to that should be.

6 thoughts on ““Yankee Empire”

  1. Al;
    I carefully read your review of the Kennedy brother’s book “Yankee Empire” and enjoyed it greatly. However I must confess that I have never lived anywhere else but in the South and neither has my father nor mother’s families. My mother’s Bell family arrived in Virginia in 1645 and my father’s Barrs family arrived in North Carolina in 1750. Both families worked their way gradually south to Florida and Georgia. My Bell ancestors settled in north central Florida in 1838 while Florida was still a Spanish property and my Barrs family arrived in Florida in 1869 and established Barrsville in south Columbia County, FL. Plus, I have done much reading, researching and writing on the Truth Of American History since I was about 19 years old and am today 79 years old so I know a great deal about period document of the colonies, nation and north and south adversarial relationship based on period documents, not Marxist revisionist documents, textbooks and so called history books and articles… Al Barrs, Jr. TRUE AMERICAN HISTORY

  2. Al,
    I can comment about both sides of it as I have lived in both North and South. Given the choice, my wife and I have chosen to live in the South, which much more fits our worldview and temperament than does the North. I grew up amongst the Yankees and so experience their worldview firsthand, a less than thrilling experience as a youngster!

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  4. It would be preferable to take the entire country back and not have to cross into another country as if going into Canada and Mexico, where self defense is not allowed. The commie trash North and South and West would certainly ban such.

    The difference being their Nazis would stop us at their ‘nation state’ lines and check our cars/trucks for weapons.

    It would be better to hunt them to extinction but I fear we lack the men for such a necessary venture.

    My answer to ‘Molon Labe’: http://www.freekentucky.com/my-answer-to-molon-labe/

    Feel free to share, if you have the courage.

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